What's The Worst Pain You've Ever Felt?

The question - What's The Worst Pain You've Ever Felt? - came up on the beach the other day.

Everyone loves hearing (and telling) stories of pain.. stories about stubbed toes and broken bones...
But I can't really say that I've ever been in any significant physical pain.

Whether this means I'm blessed, or haven't really lived life, or have a high pain threshold... I don't know... but I have never been in such pain that I'd label it THE WORST I've had.

Yes, my tattoo was painful for the first half hour of the needle piercing the skin on my shoulder blade... but it was bearable.. not like I was screaming and crying or anything... and after the first half hour, the area started to go numb anyway.

My impacted widsom tooth caused me a fever, and swollen jaw while I was in Krabi. But I took a couple of dodgy looking THAI (!!) painkillers and still managed to spend the rest of the holiday canoeing and island hopping even though my tooth kept throbbing.

Those experiences were not so much painful.. but more of a discomfort. I've never had kind of pain that literally makes you go crazy if it doesn't stop, or the kind of pain that brings you to tears. I should be happy that I've never broke my nose, or was a man and got kicked in the balls by Andre The Giant... right? But somehow I feel impoverished.

What about you? What's the worst physical pain you've ever felt?


  1. Hardly Drink Water Dude11:39 am

    Worst pain was when I had UTI ( urine infection) it was like peeing fireballs!

  2. I think the worst physical pain I ever experienced was the break up I had with my ex bf. I know it's more like emotional, but the first few months were so unbearable, my heart felt so weak and I had to fight my tears all the time each time I see couples on the street or hear love songs and etc. I didnt want to eat and basically, my life was a mess. Other than that, maybe it was the tattoo I had on my right shoulder. When the artist did the lining part, it was just so horrible. but it's worth it now!

  3. Extracting wisdom teeth - that was bad. Now: having 6 teeth extracted, which 2 were buried adult canines in the gums under the upper lips! See pic in my FB profile.

    My entire face's so swollen now - yikes.

    And yep, my tattoo which went on for 3hours was still bearable. I can't imagine how Amanda did hers though!

  4. yowch!! I hate the dentist :(

    agree tht one decent size tattoo is bearable.
    Amanda is mad, tht's why. lol

  5. Anonymous6:16 pm

    I think that emotional pain is the worst pain you can experience.

    My worst physical pain was when I sliced my palm accidentally with a pen knife.

    It kept bleeding and I could not open my palm properly for weeks! Was so scared that the wound split open again.


  6. Interesting post. The worst pain I felt was childbirth pains. It was tidal in nature, it comes and then goes away, but long and continous. The cramping pains started from 3 am previous day to 7 pm in the evening when I finally delivered my baby.

    But nature has it such that once you behold that delivered crying helpless babe in your arms, you'll just think it's all worth it. :)

  7. Anonymous10:12 pm

    the worst pain was right after i had my knee surgery done . i couldnt feel my operated leg from hip down at all after the surgery. i went into depression after that, but it was only through my own determination i pulled through cause i wanted to recover n become a pilot one day.

  8. Anonymous2:43 am

    When I broke my toe today for the 2nd time this year.

  9. Lelica8:00 am

    Down with a gastric pain for continous 24 hrs is the most unbearable physical pain.. almost have to crawl whenever i need to get off from bed. That was the pain which i cannot forget my entire life. So do take care of health.. =)

  10. @JL u sliced ur palm!!!??? My god. of all places.

    @DancingDory yes... I think many mothers wld agree tht childbirth ranks within the top few of most painful experiences.

    @anon10.12 good for you. did ur dream finally come true?

    @Swiedebie How do u break a toe??did u break the exact same toe? if u break it once does tht mean its weaker/more prone to breaking again?

  11. Anonymous2:38 pm

    i felt the worse heart pain when my gynae told me I have PCOs and i can't get pregnant as easy as other ppl. It's tearing my heart out !

  12. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Arthritis and osteoporosis at the age of early 30s.

    Enuff Said!

  13. I have arthritis that swells up both my feet so much that i can't walk or wear shoes follow by fever that never subside. Then in the attempt to treat my arthritis, i went to a acupuncturist that left one needle on my heels and i unknowingly wore my socks over it. It's one pain after another haha.

  14. Anonymous11:23 pm

    i once had an infection down south too and it was like what Hardly Drink Water Dude described, "peeling fireballs"..but not as painful as getting tattooed on my ribcage and hip bone.maybe i just have a low threshold for pain!

  15. The pain u feel today is the strength u feel tomorrow


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