A Note From The Future

Don't be frightened. It's just me, Holly Jean! It's 31st December 2040. I am 60 now.

I just wanted to leave you a note from the future.

Dear Holly Jean,

Having had the benefit of hindsight, here's what I want you to know.

Life. Stop worrying about not knowing what you want to do with your life. There are lots of people your age who don't have a clue either. Relax, in due time you'll figure it out.

Don't listen to all the negativity.

(By the way, you have gorgeous children who have grown up to be good people)

Love. No one's perfect, let him be imperfect. If it's meant to be, it really will be.

The road you're on is going to be a bumpy one. Sometimes you're up. Sometimes you're down. It's ok.

And do not be afraid to take risks. Do not be afraid of obstacles. I promise you that one day, every problem you're facing right now will feel so insignificant.

Friendship. Be careful of who you let into your life. Don't neglect your true friends. They will always be there for you when others seem to go missing in times of need. Keep in touch with those friends in every little way you can.

Lastly, life is sweet. Don't you forget that. Be happy and smile more often. You will find that as you grow older, each year passes more quickly than the last. Cherish every moment.

Have a Happy New Year! Enjoy the romantic Sky Dining on the Flyer tonight (even though you paid too much for it. lol! sucker!).


P/S- The human race doesn't get wiped out in 2012. And that climate change thing people have been going on about is bullshit too.


  1. Anonymous7:43 pm

    wow thats great advice hj! Love it, will have to remind myself that!
    How did u do that pic? Was it photoshopped frm ur pic cos the eyes are similar.

  2. Anonymous9:37 pm

    think you're a tad too optimistic about how you'll look at 60.

  3. Anonymous10:14 pm

    How did you do that picture?

  4. How do u know the climate change thing is bullshit?

  5. Anonymous12:44 am

    tis is by far, the sweetest entry i've ever read in your blog. very encouraging and motivating. happy new year to you!

  6. by far the most creative new year post I have read today :)
    Happy New Year HJ!! xx

  7. I used http://morph.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/Transformer/ just upload ur pic and they age it for u.

    uncannily enough... I look exactly like my mother, who is 57 now.

    it also can masculinse (or feminise if ur a man) your pic and my result looked exactly like my BRO!!! freaky.

  8. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Hopelessly optimistic.

    And, why oh why do you need to role-play yourself at 60 to make basic, obvious points. Like chilling out about relationships, and stop being such a bunny-boiler with your bfs.

  9. Anonymous5:19 pm

    interesting idea for a post but the points made are a bit obvious and rushed. a lot more could have been made of his concept than saying boring stuff like choose your friends wisely

  10. I totally agree with 2 things

    The climate change thing is BS to the core. Everyone predicted that the world would end when the clock struck 12 on the 1st of January 2000. Look where we are now? With3G handphones and GPS technology slowly being embedded in every device

    Secondly it's really true that as you get older, each passing year feels faster. I mean I'm only 16. But from primary 5 to Sec 4, I've honestly felt the accelerating pace of my years.

    Thanks holly jean. You rock my world. Some day when I'm 25 I still hope to be reading your insightful posts =D

  11. Anonymous7:25 pm

    @ James

    huh? you honestly think climate change can be compared to nostrodamas' nutty prediction that the world would end in the year 2k??

    piece of advice - stay in school

  12. Anonymous9:50 pm

    A handful of scientists, who have pushed flawed theories on global warming for decades, now have changed their stance to "CLIMATE CHANGE".. because it's been proven that the earth isn't WARMING.

  13. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Holly, it's insanely shallow of you to say that "that climate change thing people have been going on about is bullshit" cos if you've read the news, you would have known that the drastic changes in our environment and weather are negatively impacting many species and subsequently our living space. For instance, some polar bears drown because of the dwindling ice mass and that was something never heard of before and the empire penguins in the south now have to travel extra distance to hunt for food and often many died along the way cos the weather changes have impacted their food sources.

    And you say that this is bullshit? Are you so obsessed with your own little world with what to wear next that you have no awareness of what's going on around the world? It might just be a passing remarks but it seriously is a slap on the faces on those who're trying to conserve the environment and reduce our carbon footprints to stop the damaging effects from the adverse climate change.

    And since I'm at it, maybe you should also stop gushing about how you love foie gras and how you don't care about the immense cruelty that comes with it. Cos there are other people who care. If you wanna eat it, do it and shut your trap and not blog about it and glamorize it and all.

    I'm sidetracking but anyway, the bottomline is, the climate change is NOT bullshit but what you said and just blogged about are. So perhaps time to get out of your shallow little world....

  14. anon10.23pm - next blog post I'll talk about climate change.. cos it's way too long a discussion to put in a comment box here.

    Regarding foie gras and my immense love for it... I burst out laughing when I read "If you wanna eat it, do it and shut your trap and not blog about it and glamorize it and all."

    Yes I will eat it. And If I want to talk about how good it tastes.. I WILL.

    If you don't want to know about it, then don't read. Not as if I'm twisting your arm and shouting in your ear how much I love it and that you should love it too.

    Who are you to tell me to SHUT MY TRAP... on my own blog (!) ... what nerve.

  15. Anonymous12:17 am

    good comeback, i smiled at that. kudos!!

  16. Anonymous3:23 am

    anon10.23pm is totally ignorant about the world. Taking in everything that so-called scientists published without evaluating/filtering out what's true and what's not. And still act like he/she knows best about climate change. -___-'''

  17. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Anon 10.23. If I were you I wouldn't take the rants here too seriously, really. I come to this blog whenever I need some cheap thrills but for better wittier contents there are loads better out there. You know, just like sometimes you feel like reading the Daily Mails or some cheap tabloids precisely because you don't really expect intelligent contents in there but just some opinionated entertainments and you read them for a laugh.


  18. To Lee...

    wowee. Thank you for sharing that bit of advice.

    And what about your superb English? Where do we go to learn to be as eloquent as you?

    I think we should ALL start adding "S" to words in our sentences too. Makes us sound so credible and intelligent.

    *rolls eyes*

  19. Anonymous4:01 pm

    I feel that picking at one's grammar is a cheap shot. And not as if his grammar is that bad.So snobbish.

  20. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Hi x,
    Wowee. Thank you. I didn't even know that my English was that superb and that it made me sound extremely intelligent to you. Did I intimidate you. Oh, and if you could suggest to me where to add my s's here that'd be great.

  21. Anonymous6:14 pm

    aww guys chill and relax...but yes, taking a dig @ someone's english is plain rude and really below the belt lowness and honestly theres barely anything wrong with his english.

  22. entertainments
    the daily mails

    nuff said.

  23. Anonymous7:15 pm


    Entertainment is indeed singular and true, it's the Daily Mail not Daily Mails...but the word "content" can be plural though, so Lee is actually correct on that...

    just so you know...and since when is this about discussing grammar?

  24. Miss speller7:55 pm

    funny , bit like the millenium bug was gonna destoy the world , global warming is also gonna destroy us - must kill all the cows !!

    I think its very helpful to be cynical - after all there is a whole industry now dependant on there being an environmental threat ,and be sure they will do all they can to select the science that will perpetuate their business interests.

    Funny how they stopped talking about global warming and switched to the much less challegeable " climate change " when the science didn"t support the first title !

  25. Hey give her a break, she is 60 in the pic for the future, how else is she supposed to look???

  26. Anonymous12:43 am

    Hello X,

    Just got to read your reply. You asked, "entertainments"?

    Here's your answer.

    What is the plural of 'entertainment'?
    - There are two answers: "entertainment" and "entertainments". How can that be?
    "Entertainment" can be an abstract noun, where it has no plural form, just like "happiness" and "fun".
    It can also have a more concrete form, where it refers to a particular offering, like a show, a concert or in my case, a piece of writing, hence it is countable.

    So what, you're going to shoot anyone who turns Daily Mail into countable noun just because I can't be bothered to write Nokia phones and wrote it instead as Nokias or instead of Mac computers I just refer to them as Macs?

    Ah, maybe you should read the book Hypnerotomachia where the author basically made up words. Lucky he wasn't shot by you.



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