Just Cooking

Did anyone go to Zouk Out?? I didn't this year. Didn't feel like it... maybe I'm getting old.

Instead, I cooked us a steak dinner. (turned out ok.. yay!) And we watched an Al Pacino movie - 88 minutes. Not a bad film. (Watched the Hangover last week, and that was more entertaining... about 4 guys partying in Vegas, and then waking up the next morning in trouble... and not remembering what had happened.... hilarious! ... and disturbingly enough, very relatable. Lol. ) Then this morning, I did my laps in the pool *clap**clap**clap* and did a quick fry up breakfast.
OK .. got to get out of the house now.. we're getting a bit stir crazy!
Oh... my bro says THANK YOU for all the emails/entries regarding his Casting Call! He'll be selecting shortly. And all the rest he'll save in his database cos he might need you for future productions ( or his friends might), so if you haven't done so already but want to email him your pic/stats, go ahead.
AND.. don't forget Spiderider's Mega Online Talent Search that's still on.