Christmas Gifts!

Citrusox® is a home-grown socks brand in Singapore. Citrusox® retails socks at its flagship stores in Bishan Junction 8 and Choa Chu Kang Lot One. It has the largest variety of trendy footwear in Singapore and brings in fashionable footwear from other countries at very affordable prices.Citrusox® make great christmas gifts for any age. Everyone needs socks! But not only is it practical and thoughtful... but Citrusox® has such a wide range of socks/tights/leggings that you'll find something for every personality.Cute cartoon socks, to heart prints, bows, butterflies, stripes... polka dots... there's a design for every taste.They have a huge range of styles- Tights, stockings and leggings, arm socks, arm shapers that massages and tone the upper arms (!), ankle socks, Toe socks, anti-bacterial socks for preventing odour, Non-slip socks, Slimming socks for toning thighs and calves, handphone socks for preventing scratches on your mobile devices, etc.

I've been trying out various pairs of socks from them... and they are so comfortable... excellent quality and unique designs at such affordable prices. Here are my favourite Citrusox®!

Rainbow Knee Highs. Look at what a pretty package you can create with just 6 pairs of colourful socks.

Sweet Ribbon Knee Highs Sporty/soccer Girl Knee highs.
I absolutely love their knee high socks... but they do have a whole range of cute short socks too!
Price Range: Cute socks 4 pairs for $11. Knee Length $12.90 - $14.90. Korea leggings are $29.90/pair. Lace and coloured stockings $15.90/pair.

Citrusox® Store Locations

For the FULL RANGE, visit:
Bishan Junction 8 #01-28
Tel: 63534864
(** There's a Midnight SALE at Bishan Junction 8- tonight! 19th Dec, 7pm-11pm)

- Choa Chu Kang Lot One #02-K5
Tel / Fax: 6893 8004

Pushcart Locations (only until 31st dec 2009)

- Bugis JunctionLevel 1 (in front of M1)
- ION Orchard Basement 4

Happy Shopping Everybody! :)


  1. Hey Holly Jean,

    I like you Soccer Sporty Style... looks sexy and elegance.

  2. Anonymous12:23 am

    hi holly, i like the colourful knee length best!! works great for xmas & events like halloween!! thanks for sharing

  3. Anonymous3:50 am

    Did you perhaps put on some weight? You looked so good before when you were skinnier.

  4. Jessie7:46 am

    Big ass! Hehehehhhh

  5. Anonymous7:57 am

    why do gals think its so nice to reveal their ass or attempt/try hard to look 'provocative'? Sometimes it just looks desperate and skanky.

  6. Anonymous2:28 pm

    I agree, sometimes it's more classy to not try too, if you have a saggy ass, revealing your saggy butt cheeks is probably the last thing you'd like to do!

  7. Anonymous2:31 pm

    OMG, put that saggy butt cheeks away really, your butt actually ends mid-thigh!

  8. i have the rainbow socks too! really cute!

  9. ok.. nice try.

    if you're going to leave multiple comments, next time use a different computer, so I won't know it's the same person.. and might actually feel bad.

    Anyway... there are plenty things wrong with me. My arse is not one of them.


  10. Anonymous12:38 am

    what's wrong with you?

    Holly is NOT fat at all, hello?!

  11. Anonymous3:21 am

    Shes not fat for sure. Btw im anonymous 7:57 - not sure about the other msgs but i sure did not create multiple msgs here.

  12. Anonymous9:40 am

    anon2.28 and anon 2.31 are the same

  13. Anonymous9:53 am

    There is nothing wrong with your bum indeed. Bums come in all shapes and sizes but then I have to agree that the picture's not classy at's got the "trying to hard" element so it looks kinda cheap

  14. Anonymous10:29 am

    come on people, it's HJ's intention to be provocative. some people equates being provocative with being interesting. lol. i know i sound so mean.

  15. Anonymous2:37 pm

    wow ... love the ass, more pics of your ass and tits would be nice ... more life to the blog ... should increase the number of visitors too ....

  16. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Anon 2:37 - and what? make it into some soft porn web? Aint there enough already?

    But yes, desperate pics like that'll attract this kind of attention. Very pornish though mild.

  17. sorry holly but the buttcheeks photo really came off as trashy :/ although Anon didnt really have to express it in SUCH a manner.

  18. changed the soccer socks photo... this one better?? or are haters going to say my thighs are flabby or something now.


    can't please everybody... only myself :)

  19. Holly Jean,

    I prefer the previous Soccer Socks...

  20. Anonymous7:19 am

    Hey Holly, thanks for the new pic! Loveeee it, super cute and yes sexy! Xo

  21. HJ's always sexy :)

  22. Anonymous6:31 pm

    act cute sox, act cute hairband, suitable only for 12 year olds.

  23. Anonymous8:21 am

    hahahahaha... Thats funny. Sorry couldnt resist laughing. Ditto about the hairband!

  24. Anonymous8:54 pm

    You pleased me! :) i like the little blue socks. I bet you have pretty feet/ toes. Do you have long toes? Your beautiful.


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