Another Best Friend's Wedding

Sarah...went to the same sec school as me... and then we went to Tampines Junior College and we both took Tae Kwon Do as a CCA for 2 years. Then she went to NTU while I went to NUS.

She was my neighbour for many many years, before she moved out about 5 years ago. We had countless Clubbing and Partying adventures... and misadventures together growing up.

Our clubbing adventures date back to a time when there was a drink called Tequila Pop (!) where you have to put a coaster on top of the glass and bang it down on the bar before drinking (OMG!).... and places like SPARKS ( remember?? it was an ah beng techno club in NgeeAnn City).. we were very young... like 17 years old... and we even had free membership there.

...then China Black ( The old venom, at Pacific Plaza).... every Wednesday night would be reserved for Mambo at Zouk.... and then our latest haunt before we phased out our heavy partying days was Mohd Sultan... club hopping from Mdm Wongs... to Newsroom... to Edens... to .. I can't remember.

We spent a good chunk of our formative years together. Shared many tears with her... as well as much laughter.

And last week... she got married. :)
Note to self: White Satin adds a lot of bulk.Their wedding was at CHIJMES. The Christmas season is a very beautiful time to get married.
First dance as husband and wife.
Her THIRD outfit for the evening! But I like the wedding gown best.
Congratulations Sarah! Am so happy for you. *hugs*


  1. Anonymous6:29 pm

    your white dress is nice. which shop is it from?

  2. oh.. thts a cheap 20plus dollar dress i got from THIS FASHION years ago.

    must be damn old cos I have not shopped at This Fashion in years.

    But i think its only the second time I'm wearing it.

  3. Anonymous6:52 am

    Hi Holly , may i know where you got your beautiful black pumps/heels from?
    Thank you! You look gorgeous! :)

  4. My God..woman! How did u manage to see my small black shoes from a tiny pic with a huge Xmas tree taking up most of the pic?!

    BUt those are my fav heels very comfy. Bought them early this year. at Bugis - posted abt it here -

  5. mabok1:31 am


    Those years were very cherished moments of my live I must say. It added so much colour and I live to tell so much of it to others (in a very excited and proud manner too!)

    And before we know it, we are like old friends ald.

    Take care and keep in touch my dearest friend.


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