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Short is the way to go in 2009! Finally, we've gotten rid of the long gown prom trend and embraced showing some leg. Paying attention to detail is the key to dress up a mini frock, so go for pretty bows or fun ruffles and you MUST accessorise!

Look at my JC prom night a decade ago!!! Everyone in dowdy long gowns (except tht one girl in the middle.. but still... GREYYY!!!??). Guess which girl is me??

(I'm the third girl from the right, in the boring black halter) In hindsight... I shouldn't have gotten that black dress tailored.. and should have turned up in a hot pink tube dress. But it wasn't the trend then I guess... it never crossed any of our minds.

I've been getting loads of emails from sec school/JC girls regarding prom dresses, and make up for that big night. So I've consolidated everything (sorry if you never got a reply personally), and come up with a whole post to prepare you for your prom!

Click on any of the pics for more info on getting that particular item.

Holly Jean's Prom Dress Choices for 2009

The Classic Little Black Dress
Every girl needs a little black dress... in fact, I have several. I love tube dresses, and satin makes the dress more formal.[Obi waist strapless dress $39 ]

The Lace Dress
Last year was all about beading and (cheap looking) plastic gems sewn on to the neckline of dresses. Thank god that's out now... YUCK! But this year lace has taken hold as the most popular embellishment. LOVE IT! Lace is sexy and flirty.
[Laceback dress $27.90 ][Lace toga $25 ]

Stand Out In Colour
Color will always stand out in a crowd of black dresses. If you want to make a statement, wear a bold colour. [Racy pink party dress $29.90 ]

If you're not confident in carrying out a complete dose of colour, try choosing a dress with bright coloured details (like a bow or a waistband).
[Black & Red Prom Dress P-5742 $119]

The Red Carpet Look
If you want a touch of glamour to your night, go with a celebrity-inspired dress. Personally, I like White. White is elegant, chic and glamorous. If you have a healthy tan, white will make you glow. (Goes well with delicate [NOT CHUNKY PLEASE] gold accessories and shoes!)[Jodie Sequin Dress $56]

Cotton roses trendy and feminine. Get's nice on a belt, in your hair, or even around your wrist as a corsage. Ribbon/bow accessories are pretty too! Go to Bugis Village/Far East to get them.
If you're going for a less cutesy and more elegant look, then forget the ribbons and roses... get gold accessories instead.

Your Face
Please don't go to your prom with a nice dress and accessories but with no make up on. You will regret it because you will look shitty and there will be pictures to remind you of it. I regret not using more colour on my face for my prom. I think back then, I didn't even pencil in my eyebrows!!!

But you, can learn from my mistakes :)

A great look now is with light metallic eyes. If you're all about gold, glam, and glitz, get a hold of some iridescent powders and blend them on your eyelid. Or use a metallic eyeliner, like ettusais' Pencil Eye Glitter. It’s all about having fun experimenting with metallic color!
Note: Focus on one feature. Don't go metallic over your whole face! But I think that's common sense right...

Rocker Chick
No more emo looks pleaseeeee! If you like dark eyes, and want to go over the top with your black eyeliner, then go for a smoky eye rocker chick look. Just make sure your smoky eyes have an edgy black dress and rebellious attitude to match; otherwise, you'll be clashing styles.

When I first tried to get a smokey eye look, I made the mistake of using only black eye shadow. Looked like I got punched. The trick is, to use 3 shades.. from light brown for the whole lid, then a dark brown and lastly a little bit of black. Blend Blend Blend.

I've actually shot 4 make up instructional videos with MyFatPocket a while ago... but they're not done with editing. Will update you as soon as you can view them (before the prom hopefully! Otherwise you can use them as Christmas party looks)
So exciting... wish I had a prom to go to :(

Good news is... I've got a few Christmas wardrobe sponsorships coming in... yay! Will show you all that in December. And I have a cocktail thing to attend tomorrow evening, and a Christmas party on the 9th of Dec, and another party when I am in Perth next week. Can't wait to add more events... love dressing up... love the Holiday Season!!

Note: [Although there are many product recommendations in this post, it is not an Advertorial. I wasn't paid to list any of the products here]


  1. Dear Holly, even though everyone's dressed like that in the photo, it's still such nostalgic memories! I recognise a few of the people in the photo. Didn't go to that same prom cause after I purchased the ticket, I didn't have enough $ to buy a nice dress. Sad right?

    Anyway, great tips! Have always enjoyed reading your blog.


  2. Hey Y...

    :( u made me sad. but if it's any consolation.. u didn't miss much la.

    our TPJC bashes were much more fun than the actual prom night.

    :) Congrats on the beautiful baby. I only figured out who you were after goin through the blog pics from the link u left.

  3. misha1:09 am

    where are those dresses from? they are so nice. misha.

  4. misha1:17 am

    ooh sorry, clicked the picture, thanks :)

  5. Anonymous2:28 am

    Hey Holly! may i know which collection is your dress from the prev post from? can't seem to find it at FashionPod. Thanks a lot! :)

  6. I cant remember which fashion pod collection it's from.

    but i do know it's called - Adriot Plum -$25.

    maybe just email them and ask.. cos I looked through their collections again for u and cldn't spot it!

  7. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Hey Holly! Your prom prep post is so similar to Joanne Peh's! But nevertheless, great tips from both of you!(:

  8. Is it?

    No leh. After ur comment I went to google and check out joanne peh's blog.

    She recommend ruffles, sequins and low back!

    Err.. a bit off lor... sequins is yesteryear. Lace is In this time round.

    And she does not did make up looks and no links to the actual dresses u can buy from local sites.

    FTW Holly! Thank You.

    Offtopic- Ur own prom dress look very boring hor.

  9. Anonymous9:29 am

    Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!


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