Mixed Martial Arts: The next HOT thing in SG!

As most of you would know, I finished my personal training sessions with Jonathan a couple of weeks ago... and I've gone back to my regular swimming routine and my own (now only weekly though) gym session but I've been itching to do something new... like a dance class (was thinking of Lindy Hop), or boxing, or yoga.

So I was looking through youtube for instructional videos and I came across this video on Mixed Martial Arts.

And the first thing I thought was - man that's a cool looking gym! And surprise surprise, at the end of the video, I saw an SPH logo... so I googled Evolve and believe it or not, the #1 MMA academy in Asia is right here in Singapore! It's called Evolve Mixed Martial Arts.

In fact there's 2, one in Raffles Place and the other in Dhoby Ghaut. (It looks like they are adding more locations too) I've never noticed these gyms there before, have you???
I'm quite hyped about it though.... I'll get myself a cute kit. Paint my toe nails (what? Cannot have pretty feet for class is it?!). Learn a few impressive moves. Get into even better shape, lose weight, get mentally stronger, and learn how to kick some butt! :) Woot, woot!

They have classes for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Street Self Defense, Fitness Training, Boxing, and Submission Grappling. I read that MMA is a blend of the best martial arts so you can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour! OMG!

I've checked out their website.. they have an impressive list of very qualified instructors. They're world champions from all over ... many from Brazil and USA... but this one caught my eye... Hello Sir!!
Hot right???!!! Hmm.. I wonder if Evolve will hook me up with an introductory Muay Thai lesson with him... lol.. I'd make a video for you girls to drool. haha :)
The cool thing about Evolve is that it has premium state-of-the-art, modern and sleek facilities. They are open 7 days a week from 630am to 1030pm with classes all day which is great for me since I don't have a fixed schedule for work... I can pop in for a class any morning, afternoon, night that I'm free.
Of course, I'll only be in it for the training and not fighting/sparring. They have programmes for complete beginners like ME and advance competitors. They even have classes for kids so I'm sure that with qualified instructors it's going to be super safe.

You can check Evolve out here - CLICK
Let me know what you think.... I'm still excited.

They didn't state the memberhsip fees on the site...but I'll call them soon for a free Trial Class. Woot!!!


  1. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Wow - looks pretty cool! But I'm not fit enough...

  2. jenny1:16 am

    hello sir, indeed! that instructor is yummy! thank you for introducing yet another interesting thing into my life! i will go check evolve and let you know how it goes...

  3. Krystal9:20 am

    Muay Thai/Boxing/Martial Arts is the very in-thing now!

    Can you let us know what are the rates like? If its reasonable, i might join.

    Thanks Holly!

  4. HI Jenny- I'm travelling this weekend. so will ring them when I'm back.

    if you happen to check them out before I do.. do update us!

    Krystal- yeah will update u on rates and how the class goes

  5. Anonymous10:42 am

    How much do the classes cost? and do you get one-on-one lessons? Were you sponsored to do the classes?

  6. Anonymous1:26 pm

    this looks fun, but i am still not sure what is mma exactly?

  7. I don't know the costs yet. have not called them.

    but I came across it, and I'm quite interested... would love to hear if anyone tried them b4 or are currently with them.

    nope, have not been sponsored classes... YET .. lol... will see what I can do when I call them next week.

    From their website, I understand tht there are one-on-one lessons too.

    MMA- is a mix of all the martial arts techniques. to me, it means freestyle type martial arts?? which suits me I think... cos I hate rigidity

  8. this...sucks3:40 pm

    really pissed when i read this fan letter from one of kaykay's fans. she was praising kk for her open bitchiness on the s factor show and everyone should learn to be openly mean instead of ACTING nice. this fan doesnt have manners. just like kk herself.

    "Sherine and Holly –why bother to write bitchy things in your blog? For who to read? If u fucktards have anything to say, say it on the show (EVERYONE’S LISTENING!), if u want it to be a secret, then keep it in your head, don’t write it on a public blog!"

    the full link is here:http://www.clicknetwork.tv/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=43

  9. Anonymous3:49 pm

    I'm pretty sure Holly won't be bothered about that crap :)

  10. this...sucks4:30 pm

    hope so. urgh. this fan letter should be labelled as 'D-I-S-G-R-A-C-E'. hahaha but it's funny that kk doens't find it so. she's so proud of it.

  11. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Although MMA might be new in SG, the sport has been around for awhile, like the Mundials in Brasil, or the UFC in the States, or PRIDE FC in Japan. Look them up if you like. Ask them (Evolve) if there is seperate fees for striking & grappling or is it all inclusive. Ask about the BJJ instructor(s) lineage (Gracie Barra or Machado, etc. The Gracie family founded BJJ about 70 years ago. BJJ & submission grappling are pretty much the same. Holly, for you I would suggest some Muay Thai with BJJ. That would give you 8 points (fists, elbows, knees, & kicks) from stand-up & a ground game. What a BADASS! For some inspiration also google Felicia Oh, she's 1 of my heroes & I'm a guy.


    Crazy Rubber Guarding Monkey.

    P.S. Holly did you ever try the Gluteal/Hamstring program I emailed you back in May of this year? You never replied back with how you went with it or you never used it.

  12. Angie6:54 pm

    the gym looks neat! thanks for the tip, holly! any idea how many females are there? by the way i just saw something on starsports the other week about mma and they mentioned evolve too.

  13. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Holly is the best! Ignore all the negative stuff. There are always people who hate on others. Holly, you are making a positive impact on women like me. So keep writing away! And yes, I will take up your recommendation and try something new like MMA!

  14. Anonymous11:45 pm

    i just checked out the website and saw the instructors list. as jenny says, they are yummy! all of them look very dateable - heehee (i can say these things freely when its anonymous ;) who wouldn't want a hunk to be your knight in shining armor?

  15. To: Crazy Rubber Guarding Monkey.

    Yessss! I did get your email months ago... I'm sorry for the super late reply...

    I never managed to do the glut programme you sent me... hence my ass is still the same.

    I'm such a lazy cow. :)

  16. jenny1:09 am

    i just went to their complimentary free trial class today! i didn't sign up yet as i would like to take the weekend to think it over. loads of fun and it wiped me out. holly, you were right - it is a great workout!!! by the way, i also found a helpful blog post by evolve.


  17. jenny9:59 pm

    i signed up! i've been a member for 6 days now and I LOVE IT!!! it's a totally cool gym and super fun. and holly is right...the instructors are...hmmm, how shall we say?...va-va-vooommm! lol ;)

  18. tht's great to hear Jenny!

  19. tabitha2:33 am

    hi ladies, any feedback on this gym? i want to find a new thing to do and martial arts seems very "charlie angels!" before i go down there for an intro class, can anyone tell me if it is worth going to? thank you!

  20. Hi Tabitha...

    why don't u just go down for the trial lesson... it's free...

    I haven't had the time to go get my free intro lesson yet. argh!

    A few readers actually did go down to try it out... some are members now... I hope they see this... so they'll pop back into this old post and comment on how the gym is.

  21. jenny1:16 pm

    Hi Tabitha!

    Its Jenny here. I've been a student at Evolve for a few weeks now and I love it. The instructors are fantastic (and a few of them are real eye-candy too! :) Flirt, flirt, wink, wink. Lol! Coming from someone who has no sports background or anything, I can tell you that the workouts are very fun - lots of adrenaline. I've already lost 4 kilos after a few weeks. I hope this helps you!


  22. tabitha12:03 am

    hi holly and jenny

    i just wanted to let you know that i joined evolve last week! took a couple class and LOVE it :) i joined the one at far east square even though it was a little more expensive than the other one. the facilities at the far east square one are great - much better than the one at the pomo mall. its going to be my new year resolutions thing! i will keep you ladies posted on the progress!



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