Easy Party Tricks

For people like me who can't tell a joke to save their lives, or have no real impressive talent ... just learn a few simple party tricks to entertain.

Watch and try it yourself! I picked the 2 easiest ones first... maybe will teach you a few more if you like it :)

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  1. hey holly..i just curious are u staying back wif mark? if yes then im really happy for you..how's thing wif mark by the way??

  2. we're together but i don't live with him.

    all my stuff tht was at his house are still in a couple of huge suitcases in my pink room. I never moved my stuff back after we got back together.

    we still spend a lot of time together and i sleep over a few nights a week.

    but have not taken the next step of moving my stuff in. I'm almost afraid to do so.. u know.. like jinx it. cannot bear to have to move everything out again FOR THE SECOND TIME ... in case it fails :S

    Not sure when I'll know that the time is right. But we're taking it slow.

  3. Anonymous9:57 pm

    long time since u make a video. show us more tricks lah.

    how about those magic tricks?

  4. Anonymous6:32 am

    whats up with the british accent??? i dunno man..can't u speak normally like the rest of us. u like that very hard to find boyfriend one leh.


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