Your Hair Questions Answered

Sorry to keep you waiting :)

Here are the rest of your Hair questions answered by Horii from Komachi The Haircult. (Continuation of Ask Holly Jean- The Hair Special)

1. I have natural frizzy hair. Any hair products or treatment can i use? So that my hair looks more straight? Loreal Anti frizzy hair doesn't work for me. ;p

For easy maintenance, I will recommend to get a natural rebonding done. Otherwise, you can try Urban Tribe Sliker (S$ 28) to tame down the frizziness. For temporary relief, you may consider using a flat iron to style the hair before heading out.

2. What temperature best recommended for hair straightener?

There isn’t a “RIGHT” temperature so to speak. But the hotter the flat iron, the faster you can see results, and hair ends up smoother,silkier and shinier than at a lower temperature. Always try to put on some form of protection to protect your hair from the heat. Generally for home use, about between 80 to 120 degrees is sufficient.

3. Where can i buy mini hair straightener?

Horri doesn't advise mini hair straighteners because they do not provide the professional results. They are more of a novelty than a professional tool and take a much more longer time to get your hair styled.

4. Hi, I'd like to know where can you purchase the Simply Zen stimulating shampoo, and a question: Is swimming bad for your hair, if it is, what can one do to protect your hair against the chlorine?

Simply Zen Stimulating Shampoo is available at Komachi.

Due to the chemicals in the swimming pools and salts in the sea, swimming tends to render hair drier. You can apply a Protective Spray or Oil to the hair before swimming. After swimming, use good shampoos that can help to remove chlorine and sea salts from the hair. Also, be sure to condition hair well after a swim and do regular treatments to keep hair hydrated and conditioned.

5. Do u know where I can do cornrows, aka braids, in Singapore? And can I wash my hair if its done?

At Komachi, we provide professional braiding service and if you want to attempt cornrows, you may seek the experts from It's Hairy. Washing is not advisable and you may want to consider dry washing them till you are ready to take them down.