The New Sony Vaio X series! World's Lightest Laptop!

OK... here's the video review of INQ mini 3G mobile that was shot last Monday. ------------------
And...and... and... I attended the launch of the new Sony Vaio X on Thursday. And oh boy is it something to shout about!
Crafted for extreme mobility... the Vaio X series is thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air! Who would have thought that possible...! The new VAIO X is 0.55 inches thick while the MacBook Air is 0.76 inches thick.
Pencil thin... and weighs 680grams! It uses the Atom processor with Windows 7 operating system. 120 GB hard disk drive (HDD), 2 GB RAM.

It will be available end October... wait for it... wait for it... :)
Meanwhile... stuff from HappyBurgers arrived! Show you pics when I wear the dress in a few days.
For now... goodnight!


Kuen said…
Actually Dell has one coming soon that's real thin, its rumoured to be thinner than the Iphone. Just take a look at this!
Holly Jean said…
wow... thinner than the iphone. that's really something!

But at 4 pounds, it's considerably heavier than the vaio X though... I guess it's because the Vaio X design team took weight and not just thiness into consideration and made the Vaio X out of expensive but extremely lightweight and strong - carbon fiber.

Macbook air is abt 3 pounds. And the vaio W is 1.6 pounds.

Plus, Vaio X is cheaper than the MacBook Air or Dell Adamo though by how much...(?) we have to wait for it to be in the market in a couple of wks.

Anonymous said…
hey u got ur lashes back????
Kuen said…
U can always depend on the guys at Sony to come out with quality products, in weight and aesthetic and not to mention price haha.

Atom is a good processor in its own league. I always drool at their Vaio P Series but i simple can't afford that thing and it's simply just not pocket friendly, financially i mean heh. So are u gonna get the Vaio X to play to play with?
Kuen said…
Hey i just took a peep at the Gold coated one. Sleek!! And running 12hrs on full brightness IS VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! But it cost $1,300 USD :X
Anonymous said…
the guy in the interview calls you "Holy"??!!! oh gosh...

plus what is with the pink bra underneath the yellow t-shirt?
Anonymous said…
Did you do your lashes at the place I emailed you?
How did it go for you?
Holly Jean said…
anon 3.22 - holy? oh.. shit.. didn;t notice really. haha.

anon 9.34 - no not yet.... those are just stick on falsies.
Elle Zhang said…
I'm new here and you're really pretty!