The Dual Effect

First... check out my new shelving unit (bought from Ikea)!I've just put it up in my bathroom especially for all my ettusais products! I love it! Love looking at it.. so well organised... and it's like my own in-house ettusais counter! And the newest gems in my collection - White Shooter Dual Effect and White Serum Dual Effect.
The White Shooter Dual Effect($43, Refill $38) is a moisturiser. I use this as an alternative to step 4 (Aqua Shooter) in my skin care routine.

As a sun bunny... it's important to keep my skin hydrated. When skin lacks moisture, blemishes form easily and a dry complexion always looks dull.

I've been using it for 2 weeks already and I can see that my complexion is brighter, lighter and feels smoother.

And this is not just an ordinary moisturiser. The White Shooter Dual Effect gives my skin the moisture it craves, and it lightens blemishes and imperfections! That's why it's called the Dual Effect!
I pump 2 times into a cotton pad and apply it in a circular motion to my entire face. It's so light that its absorbed into my skin very quickly, and yet it's moisturising enough to keep my skin supple the whole day. No sticky feeling.

And the White Serum Dual Effect($54) is the buddy product! It gives your skin the same goodness as the White Shooter... only more concentrated, working double time to heal and prevent blemishes.
I use this with my night routine... whenever I have blemishes (but thank goodness they don't happen often!). Just dab a little on areas which have imperfections. This product has a hyper sealing effect that retains the effective ingredients in my skin so it can work concentrate on the imperfection and work on it quickly!
I love that the product has a neat nozzle, I just squeeze a bit directly onto a spot... go to bed, and the next day it's lighter! Making my skin tone more even.

Loveeeee my new ettusais shelf... and new Dual Effect products!

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  1. Anonymous10:03 am


    How much did you bought from Ikea?
    Its nice!

  2. dunnoe the exact price... abt 40plus if i remember correctly.. at the section where they bathroom storage. the sides can shut like cupboard doors, and the outside is full mirror.

  3. Lovely...I should go down to ikea to find shelving like yours for my millions of beads & charms :)

  4. Anonymous5:00 am

    you pasted the ettusais word on the shelving unit? it looks real!

  5. Yes! I cut it out from an ettusais paper carrier bag! :) *beaming*

  6. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Where do you get your colored contact lenses from?

  7. some blogshop online.. more than a year ago. but sale of lenses not allowed in Sg based blogshops anymore.

    am on lookout for blogshop tht will sponsor more lenses for me!

  8. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Lenses are bad for your eyes. Try not to use em too often. =]

  9. contact lenses bad for my eyes?!
    Don't use them often??
    if i don't use them... how will I see?!


  10. hi holly,

    is Aqua Shooter EXTRA (moisturising) suitable for combi skin? i have oily t-zone but my cheeks usually have this tight sensation even though they shines, so not sure which one is more suitable for me.

  11. I'd opt for the moisturising one. :)

    really find the one for oily skin much too dry and "tight" on me

  12. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Contacts are not bad for your eyes. Contacts do not prevent your eyes from getting less oxygen, the only way that happens so is if you wear your contacts to bed. Other than that, it is normal because when you blink, it helps bring oxygen in.

    I can assure you contacts are good for your eyes. Scientific studies have also showed that contacts are well better than glasses are. Wearing contacts will help slow down your vision, on the other hand glasses more likely will increase the degree of your prescription.

    The good thing about contacts is, they don't give you tan lines around your nose and stuff. They slow down your vision like I have mentioned earlier. They make you look better and make you feel better (if you are tired of glasses). You don't have to worry being in the rain, as opposed to having glasses, they do get wet.

    So Hooray to contacts! :)


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