Who is this Moron?

You know what?

I don't mind criticism and negative comments. But when one person floods my tagboard with insults... AND pretends that each one is from a different person by keying in different nicknames... it's downright childish and moronic.

I've recently over the last few weeks gotten a slew of hate mails, and negative comments.. (usually I get the odd few, which is fine... but to suddenly get like flooded... bit odd).

So I tracked the I.P addresses on my tag board.. and surprise surprise... they're all from one person! Now, I don't filter any comments or tags simply because they are negative about me... I respect your freedom of speech. But I will pry and dig into it when I smell a fat rat.

And this moron even made a comment that I was pretending to be the nickname "Stranger" and giving positive comments to myself. I hate that he/she is trying to poison the minds of my readers, make them think that I am deceptive when I'm not.

Here's the printscreen. Click to enlarge.
anyway... Ass, What?!, Stranger2, Leg, Golddigger are all the same person. IP

How do I find out exactly who this idiot is? Do I have to cross reference IP to all other comments in the past and see if I can figure out who it is based on any matches? So much work.

And more importantly, WHY would someone invest this much energy into hating me or my blog? I really cannot understand it.... unless perhaps I find out who exactly this person is. If it were a dark alley and I know I would not get caught, I'd jab my stiletto heel in you eye.

Can someone with more techie knowledge help me?

OK, enough ranting for now. Don't forget the INQ launch Sunday!


  1. Anonymous11:41 pm




    to scope down the location before further actions.

  2. thnx.

    Columbia??? is this thing accurate? Why in the world would someone in Columbia hate me??

    I got to think... is there anyone who could hate me, that's prob ffrom Sg but is travelling at the moment,.... hmmmmm

  3. Anonymous12:03 am

    hmmm... I doubt it's a columbian. Why would someone in South America use very SG phrases like "angmohs" and "SPGing"...

    definitely a singaporean who is overseas now or holiday.

    anyway this IP location usually 50% accurate only. so maybe not columbia but close by.

  4. Anonymous11:46 am

    I don't know. Columbia seems a little.. out there. I don't think Singaporeans go to the land od druglords often. Maybe try another server check thing

  5. Hey Darling,

    That person might be using a "Hide Proxy" and "Hide IP" softwares which enables them to hide their IP and use other IPs/proxies from other countries.

    I've got the same problem with my blog previously too and I've learnt how to overcome them.

    Do email me or add me on YM if you'll like to :)

    Anyway, be strong and patient. This happens everytime when your blog starts getting famous sweets :)

    Anyways I love your blog!

  6. www.projecthoneypot.org/ip_190.102.206.48

    This is an address that has been (mis)used previously. It's definitely a front (proxy) for a local user who hates your guts.

  7. thnx for tht wayne k!


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