Seventh Heaven

I was having a good nap this afternoon. Even Bailey was out cold. Look... haha.But I had to cut my nap short because I promised to meet my good old friend Jason at his latest venture.... Seventh Heaven.
I wore my new floral dress from FashionPod. So feminine chic. And yes, I have lost weight over the past week, I look very boney. :(

Nothing a bit of rich and flavourful ice cream can't fix! Seventh Heaven is near Spottiswood... and although they have a nice dine-in area, they also cater for events (within the premises and away).
They make all their own ice-creams and come up with new creations all the time. So if you're having a party, you can customise your ice-cream to any flavour/colour. Imagine having a Fushia Birthday Party with bright pink ice cream!!!
Here is the menu. All sorts! Bailey's Irish cream, Whisky, Green Tea flavoured ice cream... and they also have your classics like Vanilla. I highly recommend the Peanut Butter ice cream (yummmm) and the Lychee Martini ice cream ( how cool is that!).
It's at Raeburn Park (behind the old railway)... pop down for a delightful treat!
P/S- PINT'S DAY Enjoy 17% off all pints (takeaway) every Thursday
Ok I'm done here! Full of ice cream... am heading back home now. Hope traffic is kind to me.
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  1. Anonymous11:02 am

    Hi Holly,

    A few questions for you:

    (1) I would like to buy the Sony Vaio W. May I check with you if it comes with anti-virus program and Microsoft Office Applications? Or you have to buy it separately to load it yourself?

    (2) You are blessed with dry skin. Honestly, I'd rather have dry skin than oily skin. At least you have control over your skin. Do you go for regular facial to keep your skin that good?

    (3) I have recently discovered some lines on my neck and they are really unsightly. I wonder if you could recommend some gels meant for the neck which aren't too oily and expensive.

  2. Anonymous2:50 pm

    way too skinny for fancy...

  3. anon 11.02 - The Vaio W comes with 60-Day Trial Version of Microsoft® Office Professional 2007

    Roxio Easy Media Creator, Adobe® Reader® 9

    McAfee PC SecurityCenter 30-day Free Trial

    2- I don't do facials but I do stick to a strict regime of cleansing and toning and moisturising twice a day. and NEVER sleep with make up.

    3- I always exxtend my moisturiser down to my neck and chest. once lines form, its very difficultto get rid of. prevent them from getting worse! Keep moisturised. ALso can try the emolient supplizer (small green tub) from ettusais.. i use it for neck and drier parts of my face.

  4. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Baily is so cute!

  5. yeah haha. I'm very tickled by the fact that he has outgrown his colourful hutch/house but is soo attached to it.

    Doesn't matter to him that his whole body won't fit in it anymore, he'll nicely slot in as much of his body as he can and then nap.


  6. Anonymous8:28 pm

    That's even more cute!!!

    Bunnies are remarkable.. even as they age, they still retain their charm. My bunny is already coming to 9 years old but is still such a gem!


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