My Birthday is Gonna Rock!

Received my birthday present from ettusais! It's my eye zone massaging essence, Hyper eye make up off (my first time using this) , lippie and Eyebrow pencil sharperner.On Tuesday, my good friend N went with me for a behind the scenes look at the set up of F1 Rocks at Fort Canning.
Still a work in progress.. but it's going to be such a mega event!
They took 4 days to build the main stage with an 80tonne crane! And the event is scheduled to be broadcasted in 147 countries with an anticipated 30 million worldwide audience.
Everyone is hard at work even through the night to get the F1 rocks venue up and running!And backstage... the dressing rooms. This is a standard dressing room... blah...And Beyonce's dressing room... apparently, she demands the same exact set up, furniture, scent, water, etc everywhere she performs. Of course, it's not all done yet here... lol.
And this is the lounge connected to all the dressing rooms... where the stars and their entourage can booze up and mingle.N. actually can't make it for the concert on the 25th... so I was wondering if I should invite a boy (man) to go with me. But who do I ask??? What will it mean??? Would it be comfortable if I don't know my date THAT well?? Dating is confusing! And as luck would have it, my best friend F is back in SG now... so I decided to take her with me instead! Yay! It's going to be so much fun.
So... my fav ettusais products.... tickets to F1 rocks on the eve of my birthday with my Bestfriend..... and to top it all off... ...You're looking at one of the two Sony Vaio W brand ambassadors! Click here for full results.

About month ago, post break-up, I thought this was going to be the worst birthday of my life... but now it's turning out to be one of the bests! Surround yourself with those who love you, do the things that make you feel alive!

I'm sure there's someone out there for me. But for now... Singlehood Rocks!


  1. Congrats girl!

  2. Anonymous10:56 pm

    I just broke up with my man today. What's in front of me is really dark and i'm afraid. Yet i know that leaving him will make me happier because he have stop putting in effort in us...I've had umpteen breakups. Holly, are u tired of loving someone?


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