I'm a Star Blogger Today :)

Have you watched Blog Tv? It airs every Thursday at 9.15pm.
Last week they discussed Miss World Singapore Ris Low's atrocious english and lack of brains. The poor girl... she's been getting so much negative publicity. However, I watched her interview video and it was very very bad.

Anyway, this week they're discussing Plastic Surgery. And I was asked to write a short post on it as a Star Blogger.

You can read it here.
I had a nice day today. I was out with my best friend F. She's back in SG until the day after my birthday. :) I've not been so happy for weeks! Definitely cheered me up and made my day.


  1. glad things are getting better for u holly~ =] all the best ya?

    tk care too~ xD

  2. I m glad that you are having a good time =D keep it up! i spent 700 today shopping >_< i had a good time too, but my wallet did not.

  3. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Holly Jean..where does your part of your name 'Arazoo' come from. It does not sound chinese.

  4. "Aroozoo" comes from the Portuguese surname "Araújo", which is a "toponimic", i.e. a surname after a land's name. The so called "lands of Araújo" were split between what is now Galicia (North-West of Spain) and the North of Portugal.

    There are several variations of the Araújo. In Galicia the surname became Arauxo and Araujo; and in Asia it became Aroozoo and Aroozo.

    There is also a Spanish surname: Arauzo or Araúzo, which is also a "toponimic" but from a different region from Spain. Therefore, although similar, they actually constitute a totally different family.


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