I Just Turned 29


F1 concert was fab! Pics at the end of this post.

Just dropped my best friend off. She's flying back to Indonesia in a few hours.
I've actually gotten used to having my good friends far away from me. Alwyn works in Denmark, and Farizan (F) works in Indonesia and married an Indonesian. But this was the first time where after I hugged F goodbye in the cab, and dropped her off... I cried.

Not like a bawling baby and alarming the taxi driver or anything dramatic like that. But I'm just very sad.

Yeah... it's only Indonesia.. 2 hours away. But having her around for the last 2 weeks has helped tremendously in coping with my break up.
And now I'm alone again.

It makes me literally grab at my heart and scream.... Why?! Why me?! Why can't things go right for me at least once in my life? 

Such is life. I've just got to accept that it just wasn't meant to be.
Fort Canning was jam packed with people. All in party mood.Farizan and I only arrived at 8 plus, and snaked our way to the front. We missed the first few acts, but it's ok... I only like No Doubt.All the pretty accessories on Farizan and I tonight were from Janth Avenue. :)And of course... the highlight of the night.. Gwen Stefanie!All my pics are crap... but her abs... are to die for.Then some time in between.. Patrick (guy in the pic) interviewed me. Can't remember what I said. Must have been embarrassing rubbish judging from my super-wide smile. I CANNOT DRINK ALCOHOL IT KILLS MY BRAIN. Happy times :)

Porta-looooooooooooos. Nice. Real NICE.


All in all... a great event. I enjoyed myself. Now if you will excuse me, I have to cry myself to sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day. It has to be.




  1. Anonymous2:47 am

    Happy Birthday! You really are shrinking babe...You chin is way too sharp...

    29 years...we fall, we learn, we live...that's life..

    I read more to Mark's comment on "nearly making it".

  2. Rogue062:51 am

    Happy Birthday =)

  3. Socky aka Pearlin2:56 am

    Happie birthday! =D

    hope u hav fun ^^

  4. Holly Jean!!! Happy birthday.
    and babe... you look loony in that pic with Patrick. haha.
    Have a goood weekend :)

  5. Anonymous3:25 am

    Hi Holly,

    First off, Happy Birthday!

    I guess that's life. Things happen for a reason.

    Actually, I'm in a almost same plight as you.

    My former white guy went back to his hometown FOR GOOD. We dated for abt 1 year. He initiated the break up though, before he left, he gave me all his furniture. Yes, his furniture(sound weird though), he could have sell his furniture off but he did not. He had been staying in SG for 10 years. In the end, things did not turn out well( career, relationships,etc...) and he went back to his country for good.

    It's been 2 months since he had gone back but we had been contacting each other via msn, hp, email..etc.
    He gave me his UK number to keep in touch. He even told me in future if i need any money URGENTLY, he will remit money to me to tide the crisis over. (I'm working btw). He told me though we did not work out well, he still cares alot for me.(my well-being)He wants to make sure i was well taken care of even though he is not by my side anymore.That's why he mentioned if there's any trouble, he will still be there for me.

    It was my birthday yesterday and he wished me happy birthday through texting and told me he sent me my birthday presents from the UK.

    I was shocked that he went through this extent to send me my birthday presents from overseas.

    Even though, he had done all these extents but that doesn't mean he will come back to me. So you can imagine how i feel deep inside.

    I could say I'm moving on but i'm not ready to date or accept any guys at the very moment now. As everyone keep saying, no one know what future holds, personally, i'm not sure whether i should continue being friends with my ex as i still love my ex alot.

    Sharing with you my personal drama to show you that you are not alone.

    Sound cliche, but time do heals all wounds. How long, we do not know. It varies to individuals.

  6. Anonymous3:38 am


    I understand that by shipping the furniture to his hometown would cost him a bomb thus he is giving them away but he gave all to me.

    He told me to fly to the UK and visit him and he sponsored the round trip but I did not go in the end as i was coupled up with work and also not ready to see him YET, though I have been wanting to go to the UK as I ever mentioned to him before.

    Perhaps he feel guilty about ditching me or he's just being friendly,too over friendly, i would say.

  7. Happy bday holly~ xD
    (ps. ur looking kinda of skinny in ur pics holly...not very nice~ >.<)

  8. Hey there. Only got to know about ur blog a couple of weeks ago. Happy Birthday! =P

  9. Happy Birthday Holly! Stay strong and optimistic.

  10. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Happy Birthday!
    And you might have felt a bit outa place...but it looks like you had fun. I hope to be following your blog when you turn 30!
    I had my 30th in August and it was a lovely party i had with close friends...was much better than previous birthdays...I am shure your 30th will be the same.

    O lol I am a caucasian male and straight (you dont need to be gay to find your girly talk facinating!)
    I follow your blog all the way from South-Africa from about the time you me your X.

    I just want to tell you i think you have a facinating well ballanced mind...so dont let negative things that happen to you damped that beautifull spirit you have!
    And to all the people comenting on your weight...bugger off!
    Ones body shape is constantly in flux...and no living body ever stays constantly in the same shape...and woman generally lose a bit of weight when their single (from my experience).

    After countless failed relationships I am also single but living my life and loving it.I dont intend on settling for Miss right now but rather Miss right. The more we have to offer the harder it gets to find someone(dont know why thats so lol)

    So Holly just know your a fantastic person.
    And although I'm following anonymously I love your blog!

    Have a fantastic year and may you be blesses with laughter,love,health,prosperity,sunshine,peace and happiness in abundance.

  11. Thank you all for sharing, and being supportive.

    Some comments make me smile, some others make me cry (but in a good way...) very touched,

    The day is almost over. I have dinner with mom dad and godpa in a while. a while ago, I was looking forward to it. Now... I think it's going to be hard... to put up a happy front.

    I don't want them to worry about me. I love them too much for that.

    Will update you on how it goes.


  12. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Happy Birthday, babe! You're doing fine and well, the Chinese has a saying which has a very positive spin, "If the old doesn't leave, the new will not appear."

    All the best! And you look really fabulous for a 29 year old! :P

  13. Anonymous12:18 am

    Holly, don't be melodramatic about the meal with your family.

    You're just a normal girl, with normal issues. Nothing to write home about (like a serious illness or something).

    Be thankful for what you have.

    Generally speaking, you have been dealt a very nice hand of cards in life.. you're smart and pretty, for starters. So don't sound like a winge.

    Everyone has ups and downs, and break ups are a normal part of everyday life. Pretending you're on the edge of a breakdown, and that you're gonna put on a 'happy front' to keep your family from the horrid thruth of your dire predicament (!!), just sounds like a spoilt girl feeling sorry for herself.

  14. hope ur dinner went perfectly~ xD

  15. Anonymous2:45 pm

    sad eh almost made it. like 4d, 3 numbers still not enough to win

  16. Celestina10:01 am

    Life is always full of ups & downs. Sunshine is not always tere all the time. However i deeply believe ea obstacle shld make us stronger, so HJ u hv to be stronger ok?!

    I knw the hurts & tears jus doesnt seems to go away fast enough. But hey, u goto move on! U r indeed loosing too much weight gal. Brace up, sometings in life u jus hv to let go.. some 1 better wil come along. Trust me : )

  17. Anonymous10:12 pm

    U are very cute in ur super wide smile

  18. Anonymous10:45 pm

    some nice reading here. It totally bring back memories... BTW, do you think gwen went commando that night?


  19. yep.. probably did.

    but no undies is no big deal... i think... not as if she's prancing around like freaking lady Gaga

  20. Anonymous2:50 am

    ^^ Well... she's 40 and a mother of two. But yeah, you got a point. ;)



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