HORROR: After Effects of Eyelash Extensions

Over the last 6 months or so... I've had eyelash extensions. Loved the pretty fluttery lashes... I even got so accustomed to them I could swim with them on... no problems or discomfort.

But I always had the nagging voice in my head telling me that the extensions are no good for my real lashes... and just like women who had Hair extensions for a long time, and found that when they finally took them off, they lost a lot of real hair (For example, Victoria Beckham!)... I worried that when I finally took my eyelash extensions off, I'd lose a lot of my real lashes.

This is me on my way to get the extensions off. Also the last time you will see me with eyelash extensions.

And the results? Well.. when I said I was afraid I'd lose "A LOT"of my eyelashes... that was an understatement!

Horrific. This is a close up of my eye now. I'm not wearing ANY make up at all by the way. The pink on my eyelid is not eyeshadow. As horrific as this looks to me now ( I look so odd... without any eyelashes. even my bottom lashes are longer than my upper eyelashes now)... I'm confident that they will grow back in a couple of weeks.

My verdict? If you want long lashes for a night out, just take the damn time to stick on falsies. You pay a heavy heavy price for eyelash extensions.

I dunnoe.. maybe in 2 weeks when they grow back.. I would have forgotten about this shocker, and painful ordeal and jump back on the barbie doll lashes bandwagon. ( Though G has mentioned that he doesn't like the lash extensions)

Or maybe I'm doomed to roam the earth for the rest of my life with bald Martian eyelids! haha.. I laugh, but I'm actually a bit worried. Any of you girls did eyelash extensions and the eyelashes permanently didn't grow back????

I apologise for that disgusting picture of my bald and sore eyelid. But I think that since so many girls keep emailing asking me where I get my eyelashes done, I should show them what happens after the pretty extensions come off too! :(
on a happy note... here's a pic of my birthday cake last Saturday. Yes.. still within the Holly Jean Birthday cake tradition... it had to be a white wedding cake. Almond sugee inside (like all Grago/Eurasian wedding cakes!) and 2 layers of soft icing on outside. The inner one is a light peppermint icing, and the outside crust is white wedding cake icing. Yummy!
Oooh. and the pretty necklace I wore today was from Janth Avenue.


  1. hey Holly!

    I had eyelash extensions before too.. had them on for about 2 months.. took them out becos Im just too laxy to have them refill every other 3 weeks.. n of cos the novelty of "long luscious lashes" wore off too...

    n YES! to my horror.. most of my lashes were removed together with my falsies..i realised whats left are the super short ones...

    BUT, not to worry.. i later realised that our lashes drops out every 30 days (the 'old) ones) and new ones will grow.. so, i believed that those that dropped with my falsies are the "old lashes"

    1 month after, my lashes are all back again n now, i'm addicted to this product called "Fibrewig" from japan!..

    mayb u can try similar products.. :)

  2. Glamorous Genevieve2:11 pm

    eew... my mil, step mil and sisters-in-laws all did eyelash extensions in June when I was there for one of the sister's wedding.

    I thought it looked sooo amazing and was sooo tempted to get my own.

    Can you not just leave them on until they drop off naturally on their own? maybe then because the glue would have worn off a bit ... then it wun affect the eyelashes as much?

    1. Anonymous2:15 pm

      I let mine fall out on their own and my lashes fell out with them.. i think it's better to just stay away

  3. Anonymous3:51 pm

    hey just curious, where ya got the cake from? ;)

  4. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Hey, nice yummy cake you have there! Yummilicious! lol.

    Anyway, i believe that eyelashes are the same as our hair. If it drop, it will grow back. Don't worry, you won't have bald eyelids forever.

    Yes, i heard if remove hair extensions, your real hair will come out together with the hair extension, so in theory, beauty come with a price for that, hair extension, eyelashes extension...etc

    Off the track, you look nice with your hair tie all the way back. You have nice feature, not many people can carry the look well . Not for me, i look like a nun when i tie my hair all the way back. lol.

  5. pearly5:08 pm

    I had extensions on... for all of one week. Loved the look, hated that I couldn't wash my face properly or rub my eyes when I wake up in the morning! Mascara lasts but a few hours on me (oily lids) so it's only for special occassions. Still haven't figured out how to use falsies yet! =P

    Anyway... have you heard of Talika Lipocils? Do try it if you can get your hands on one. They helped my lashes grow slightly thicker and longer (about 2-3mm?). Good enough to look nice when I curl them!

  6. Hey holly,

    I had my eyelash extended, and i took it out 2 days after i had it on. It was unbearably uncomfortable. Just a few lash came off with it, but the process of taking it off was long and tormenting cos the glue is still strong.

    i kinda regretted to having it done in the first place. i still prefer falsies like what you've suggested ;). they work just as well.=)

  7. Hi Lu.

    Thanks for the confirmation about the regrowth!

    yeah, will go back to using mascarra now :) ettusais has a new one with fibres too :)

    Glam Gen,

    no, u cant just leave on till they fall off on their own.. cos it'll look damn ugly... crooked and gaps after a month. so have to remove and re do. which I have beem doin every month for the last half year.

    anon 3.51 - cake is from this lady which does all the cakes for our eurasian weddings, and christmas. I can give u her no. if you email me :) but it's a bit costly (but worth it!) it's $40 a kilo, (i think regular shops like sweet secrets is 20 plus a kilo??) and my cake was 2 kgs.

    but I have it every year. no regrets each time.

    anon 4.09
    yeah some ppl have said i look nice with hair swept back off face... yet some others disagree and think a fringe looks better. I'm not too sure myself.


    yeah for the FIRST TIME IN 6 months... i could rub my whole face while washing! oh the joy!



    OMG. i can imagine your pain!

  8. Anonymous9:06 pm

    G..G...G...goodbye M

  9. OMG HOLLY!!! Now i am afraid i will have 'bald' eyelashes too :( I am thinking of removing all of them when most of them are abt to drop (a few dropped already) but really looks good to have them!!
    Anw takecare and see u ard! :)

  10. I did have eyelash extension once before the hype started here in SG, got mine done in BKK. And when I took them off once my "eyelashes" have "gaps" between them, I was quite bald too! But it only took me a month or so to recover. So don't worry holly!

  11. Pst pst if you want to grow your lashes faster get some Castor oil and rub a tiny bit where the lashes are supposed to grow ;D It's an old soviet union recipe for lovely lashes ;) Just have to be careful not to let the Castor oil into the eye, because it stings like mad.

  12. wow.. that's really scary!

    well, Jean try using mavala eye lotion. It helps to strengthen your eyelashes to grow fast as well as strong.

  13. I done eyelash extension previously too. I totally regret doing it even until now it's like half a year since i took it off. It look very bald at first, i wanted to cry upon seeing my eyes hahaha. however it grew back aft 2-3mths but it's quite thin compare to my original lashes. And i doubt it will stil grow anymore =/

    But i think canmake eyelash essence do help the growing of my lashes. you could try them ;)

  14. Holly!
    I'm so sorry about your eyelashes!! Grrr... it makes me so sad & frustrated at the same time when people get eyelash extensions that aren't applied properly.

    If eyelash extensions are applied with the utmost care & expertise they will be carefully applied ONE-to-ONE, not using extensions which are too heavy for your natural lashes.

    Question... when you were wearing your extensions, could you brush through them with a mascara wand without any snagging? If not, that's a good sign they were not applied 1-to-1.

    My clients have never had to have their extensions removed because they just thin out over time as the natural lashes shed.

    Bottom line, if your lashes are thinner, missing gaps, or worse (baldness?!) after wearing lash extensions, you didn't get a quality set.

    Ladies, make sure to go to someone that has a really, really good reputation. Expertly applied eyelash extensions do not ruin your natural lashes but they do cost more. Find yourself an eyelash artist!

  15. Anonymous5:44 pm

    There is this salon which offers eyelashes extensions where they glue the extensions to the eyelids itself and not eyelashes.
    In this way, your eyelashes will not be affected at all.
    So excited about it and I am trying them tomorrow!

  16. WHAT? WHere???

    do let me know how it goes. thanks!!!

  17. Anonymous10:07 am

    Hi Holly,

    May i know how they actually removed the extensions?

    I just had my extensions done. Of coz worried like mad as well.. that my eyes will go bald..

    Just curious how they actually remove them?

    Mind to share?



  18. If this is the first month.. don't worry.

    I've been replacing them month after month for at least half a year now.

    ANd everytime they take it off to replace with a new set, i notice my real lashes getting more sparse.

    They use a solvent to dissolve the glue then with a stick tht looks like a cotton bud... they will twirl the lash extensions off. Sometimes there's a tugging feeling on your real lashes when they do this :(

    my last removal was particularly bad. this China girl (never had her before). so rough.

    1. kelly3:24 pm

      I just got them for the first time and they are starting to fall out on my left eye only, I'm super nervous about the end result! should I wait and let them fall out naturally? or should I go get them removed? Hopefully I still have natural lashes when the extensions are gone :/

    2. It won't be so bad for the first time.

      I had them on for very very Long, as soon as I remove one set I wld replace with a New set immediately. No rest in between sets.

      U can wait . Or u can go get them removed. Both are ok. Just be Super gentle

  19. Anonymous6:34 pm

    sounds like its better to let them fall off on their own?
    i used to do it occasionally, (do once,let them fall off, let the lashes rest a month or two, then repeat)
    they'll start to go crooked, thats true, but you can just nudge them back into place, when its really starting to fall off use an eye makeup remover on a cotton bud(that has oil) to dissolve the remaining glue.

    PS they also sell those solvents on the internet, so maybe its better to buy a bottle and remove them yourself than to go to someone who doesnt care if she yanks all your lashes off!

    good luck.. im sure they'll grow back!

  20. Anonymous10:10 pm

    I went for eyelashes extensions today (where they stick it onto your eyelids instead of eyelashes) and realized that unless you have symmetrical eyelids (which I don't), it may look a little weird since they stick it on the eyelids.
    But from the side, it looks really nice and no different from the conventional eyelashes extensions.

  21. babe! Can email me more info? like where this place is, what's the cost, how long it should last?

    do they glue it lash by lash onto the eyelid, or in clumps or one strip?

  22. Anonymous1:09 am

    What's your email? :)
    I'll email you the details.

  23. hollyjean69@hotmail.com

    excited now! :) cos I am addicted to extensions.. so if these don't destroy real lashes... we have a miracle!

  24. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Emailed you :)

  25. Anonymous7:35 am

    Have your eyelashes grown back yet?

  26. Yes! :D eyelashes have grown back

  27. Anonymous10:36 am

    hi i'm very much interested in this too!! (Sticking the extensions on eyelids instead) can pls pls email me @ iszzzi@hotmail.com?


  28. hey Fel, this is an old post so I'm not sure if she'll read your comment an emai you.

    but she did update me (thru email) quite some time back to say that gluing it on the eye lid wasn't any better. When she had them removed, she lost a lot of lashes too.


    I had eye lash extensions for the past 6 months and took them off today as I got blepharitis on one of my eyelids! a part of my eyelid was red and swollen so i thought i'd take a break from the extensions but I also felt horrified as my lashes look shorter and really thinned out...similar to what fake nails will do to your nails...

  30. took abt 4 months to grow back but its still not as thick or long as they used to be naturally

  31. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Hey Holly,

    Did you get the extensions applied one by one or all together? Were they individual lashes?

  32. Sometimes i did the individual ( one lash by one lash), and sometimes the 3 strands in a clump (had nicer effect).

    Anyway... update...for those reading it now... 3 years have passed since this post. And my lashes are ok... not bad... pretty much grew back. But I feel it's still not as thick/long as they were before (before starting extensions).

  33. Anonymous4:39 pm

    i just took mine out and im freaking out

    1. Anonymous4:47 am

      I hear u sister... I could cry with my peach fuss

  34. Anonymous4:46 am

    I had been wearing extentions for 6 months and they started to bother my eye's and now I have peach fuss left for eyelashes. I hope they grow back ok... and that my own lashes don't take too long to grow back.. ugh. Mine were done in Salon and removed in the same salon, that assure me that they do not damage your own lashes... well they did.

  35. You should try 3D Fiber lashes from Younique cosmetics! It is $29 and it is all natural and won't damage your lashes! check them out here: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/lauralee

    The 3D Fiber Lashes provide a 300% increase to your lashes that looks completely natural. The transplanting gel which contains green tea collagen (which is full of antioxidants) provides volume and natural shine to your lashes. Natural Propolis which gives the transplant gel the sticky component comes from bees. It is known to have natural healing benefit and antibacterial properties...plus contain vitamins and minerals. Brazilian Palm Glue also helps with the stickiness and natural black iron oxide adds the black pigment color to this gel. The Natural Fibers are taken from the dried green tea plant which is also full of antioxidants. Not only will they keep your lashes healthy, they wash off easily and will not damage your existing lashes.

  36. I just had my eyelash extensions removed and all my lashes fell out. What do I do?

  37. Anonymous9:43 am

    I've had semi permanent eyelashes for over two years now and I have noticed my real lashes grow sparser and sparser too. I'm really scared about having them removed as they are going to look naked. I was thinking of wearing strip leaders lashes daily until they grow back, but I really hope they do grow back! Even my eyelash extensionist told me I need a break from them. If I stop though I'll stop for good as it was a huge mistake!

  38. Anonymous10:00 pm

    , I also had eyelash extensions until last week. I ended up with a painful corneal abrasion and blephitis, I had to consult an eye specialist and have the lahes removed, I mow have no lashes left, I bought false eyelashes to use but decided to not bother with them and gove my very sore pink eyes a break, I am gutted as when I look in the mirror I don't look like me anymore, really piggy eyed, be careful with your treatments, I now look worse than I did before x

  39. Well, I had a funny after-effect from extensions. Now my lashes on one eye all direct inward toward my nose. My theory is that I sleep on my right side and when I had the extensions, they began to move toward my nose too (one of many reasons I took them off). I think that because of the length and the ability to pull my own lashes with the extension, sleeping on my side put enough pressure to start redirecting my lash growth. It's been at least 9 months since I had them and I still have this problem which did not exist at all before. I don't know how to fix this either. :(


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