Perfect Mascaras

Received a package from Ettusais...

It said...

Baby doll?

Sexy Lady?

Pretty Girl?

What's your PERFECT look for today?Take a chance. Throw the ettusais dice.And in my package... 2 new mascaras, a mirror and an ettusais dice! Cute! So if I'm ever undecided about the look I want to pull off for the day, I can just roll the dice :) haha.

With the Seperate Mascara(Perfect) and Perfect Multi Mascara, the possibilities are endless because these 2 new mascaras from ettusais bring you maximum versatility in the way you want to look. Because I just had my eyelash extensions done, I could not try out the new mascaras (!!!!). But I really wanted to see how good they were... so I did a mini eye make over on my friend B.

The Separate Mascara (Perfect) is for natural looking lashes.
I love that the wand is like a very fine comb(Number 1 in pic) because this will allow you to spread the mascara evenly onto every lash.

By the way, I use this on my bottom lashes! The fine comb makes it easy to apply on even the finest lashes.

Then there is the Perfect Multi Mascara which has fuzzy fibres so it will add va va voom volume and length to your lashes for an all out dolly look.

B's lashes are very fine and not that long. So she was skeptical about how well the mascara would work on her. Tadah! Just look at the before after pics! I used the Perfect Multi Mascara on her, and no other make up. It makes such a difference doesn't it! It really adds so much volume and intensity to the lashes. Love it!

The secret in not only in the tiny fuzzy fibres in the mascara, but also the applicator! It's a double action applicator. (See Number 2 in pic above) One side a coil, the other side comb. The coil helps to apply the mascara onto the lashes and the comb helps to comb the mascara through, separating each and every single lash!

This is a party or night out mascara! Or if like me, you love long lashes, then it can be your everyday mascara :) I'm going to use this religiously when I take my extensions off to give my real lashes a rest. Plus, the mascaras from ettusais hae jojobar oil so it will help condition and strengthen my lashes.

They are available at all ettusais counters at $39 each.

But for today, one lucky reader will get it free! All you have to do is go to and find the answer to this question-

How Many Items Are There In The Mascara Section?

Send your Name, Mailing Address & Answer to . I will randomly pick one correct entry on 18th Sept 2359hrs. [Only one entry per person please]


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