Club Ettusais Membership!

Club ettusais PERKS:
- A stamp on your card with every $10 spent. 20 Stamps will get you a $10 voucher and free membership renewal for another year.

- Invites to events and a special ettusais birthday party on your birthday month. (With special gifts for you!)

- Newsletters and special updates.
- Limited Edition ettusais items! ettusais always has fabulous gifts with purchase for everyone... but on top of that, club ettusais members are entitled to limited edition items which non members cannot get. For instance, this month, ettusais members can get the Day Protect Powder and limited edition case (metallic pink!!!) with a minimum purchase of only $60.
My favourite special limited edition ettusais item is my Duck luggage. In fact, it's the very first thing that drew me to ettusais in the first place. I was shopping at Bugis Junction when the pink duck luggage at the ettusais counter caught my eye.

I purchased about $100 worth of products from the counter just to get the free duck luggage. (I also got free membership). I never intended to use the products really... but after trying the first product which was the blusher... I was hooked! And I was even more pleased that I loved the rest of the products I purchased that day too. Who would have thought that one day, some months down the road, I'd eventually be an ettusais brand ambassador!! I'm sure you've seen the luggage on my blog a few times already... it's been my trusted travel companion for the past 1 year plus! I'm always very happy to pull it off the conveyor belt at the airport. :) Hope they'll come up with more gifts with similar designs to match my luggage... like a train case/hard make up case, or a soft gym bag.... or cute little yellow duck luggage locks! *dream*

Go check out their stuff at their website or pop down to your nearest ettusais counter...

Only For My Readers!~~ When you sign up for your membership, mention to the staff that you're a reader of Holly Jean and you'll get a special beauty freebie! :)

ettusais Counters:Isetan Scotts 68361281/ Isetan Orchard 67351809/ Isetan Tampines 67891139\BHG Bugis 63347188/ BHG Bishan 62588698
Metro Paragon 67352236/ Metro Woodlands 68911127

Update: It's been almost a month since I've been using the White Shooter Dual Effect. I love that it's a light liquid that's absorbed so quickly by my skin... leaving a dewy fresh layer of protection on me throughout the day. Skin looks clearer too!


  1. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Bought the 2 products of White Shooter Dual Effect but did not get to sign up as a member. How to apply for the membership?

  2. Did you keep the receipt? Which outlet did u go to? You shld be entitled to the membership. (and the free beauty gift when you mention my name!)

    Go back there and ask them!!!

  3. Anonymous10:28 am

    Guess I should but I had thrown the receipt away. I went to the Tampines outlet.

  4. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Thee effect of White Shooter Dual Effect clearly shows in your last photo. Lookin" good !

  5. Anonymous4:40 pm

    The last photo is beautiful. Looks like a participant in america's top models...


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