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Ok, in today's Ask Holly Jean section, I've actually got a professional who will answer the questions from my readers (and myself) regarding hair.

Horii Takao is from Komachi The HairCult.
1. Who should go for hair treatments? How often?
Anybody who has dry hair, or hair that has been damaged by chemical works. For example, hair that is frequently colored or hair that has been permed. But if the problem arises from a problematic scalp, then you shoudl opt for a scalp treatment. Be sure to consult your stylist first and if the problem is serious, you may want to consider visiting a trichologist.

2. Is it normal for long hair to fall a lot? What can I do to manage hair fall?
Yes, the longer the hair, the more stress is applied on the roots. Rather than wait till you have a serious hair loss problem, you can try several preventive measures. Use an anti hair loss shampoo once or twice a week to clarify the scalp of impurities. Invest in a bottle of anti hair loss tonic and use it on a daily or alternate day basis to provide nutrients to the scalp thus strengthening the roots, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Recommendations: Simply Zen Stimulating Shampoo (250ml) S$ 22, Simply Zen Stimulating Scalp Lotion (100ml) S$ 52. Both give the scalp a cool and tingling sensation which gives additional relief and refreshment to the scalp given Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

3. Is it ok to wash my hair everyday?
Yes, it’s ok to wash your hair everyday. Please use a light shampoo (for daily wash) suitable for your scalp and hair condition and refrain from using too many styling products that might clog the scalp.

4. I use a wash off hair treatment instead of a conditioner almost everyday because I think a treatment is better than normal conditioner, is this ok?
It’s more costly but it does result in healthier, shinier and silkier hair. Do try to leave in on a few more minutes before rinsing it off immediately so that the treatment has a longer time to work on your hair and give better results.

If you girls (and guys) have any other hair related questions, do post it in the comments section. I'll compile them and get Horii to answer them for us.


  1. Just a suggestion - think you need to alternate your posts where you try to market something/ sell something (even if for charity or otherwise) with more personal posts about yourself.

    Don't know about other readers - but you're losing me a bit! Its too chock-ful of ads/ and subtle pushes to do something/ buy something.

    Also your personal posts have become less and less personal.

    Just a friendly suggestion

  2. there's gd and bad points i guess.. if too much of personal stuff, ppl out there might start those rumors thingy abt Jean. Well, i must start what u said kinda make sense too. :)

  3. I have some questions!

    1. I have natural frizzy hair. Any hair products or treatment can i use? So that my hair looks more straight? Loreal Anti frizzy hair doesn't work for me. ;p

    2. What temperature best recommend for hair striaghter?

    3. Where can i buy mini hair strighter?


  4. Hi, I'd like to know where can you purchase the Simply Zen stimulating shampoo, and a question: Is swimming bad for your hair, if it is, what can one do to protect your hair against the chlorine?

  5. Anonymous12:54 am

    I have a off track question.
    Do u know where I can do cornrows, aka braids, in SGP?
    And can I wash my hair if its done?

  6. ok will get you those answers soon.

    I'm not getting paid for this hair FAQs btw.. I just thought it might be interesting to readers. Cos i myself have hair related qns all the time.

  7. girl with a craving for chocolates3:20 pm

    Think you can get them from this salon at Far East's called It's Hairy or something..DOn't think you'll miss it. Hope it's still there though!

  8. Hi Jean,

    Where can i purchase the products?


  9. what product??

    u got to go to the komachi site itself. The link is in this post.

    But their salon in at clark quay

  10. Anonymous1:25 am

    Hi jean,
    Its been 6 months since i cut my hair myself and it looks great and healthy but i noticed its not growing at all.I've researched on it and they said there might be breakage or split ends but i found none.What is the reason of this?

    1. 6 months is not long. I'm sure it's growing but not obviously. Like my hair now, I cut short a few months ago and it is growing but still looks short. Because it's lighter now that it's shorter.. so when it grows, it bounces up slightly instead of dragging down like the weight of long hair.. if you know what I mean. Kind of like how curly hair looks shorter than it actually is.


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