Wardrobe is Cleared!

Finally! I just finished sorting my wardrobe out.

(but not doing bags and shoes.... am sick of sorting)

Dumped a lot of stuff (which no doubt I'll start needing and missing shortly).

And saved some stuff to give my blog shop a trial run! :)
This bag below has 43 items which I picked for sale.
Most of my stuff have never been worn, or worn once, and then burried under the clothes mountain. Plus I get a lot of sponsored stuff now, so I barely have the occasion to wear any of my own clothes. [Out of principle, I will not be selling any sponsored items]

So do look out for my BlogShop sale in a day or two! I'm not sure how tedious snapping pics and uploading will be... so if you see much less than 43 items on sale.. it means I got tired of it!

If I enjoy doing this, and sales are good... I'll source overseas and open up a blogshop for good (undecided about what to sell though) :)


  1. Anonymous10:01 am

    OK will wait for your shop to open :)


  2. wow! cant wait to be open!

  3. Anonymous10:29 am

    Hey, put it on Ebay! :)


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