See You This Sunday!

Hi all!

It's time to dunk the bloggers into a tank cold cold water (!!!)

Don't forget to head down to the Nissan Summer Car Wash this weekend! I'll be at the dunk tank at the Nissan (Ubi) Showroom (19 Ubi Road 4) from 3 to 4 pm. Come say hi... or fork out $2 for 3 tries to dunk me... it's all for charity.

Proceeds will go to the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund which gives pocket money to school going kids who are financially less fortunate. :)

For more info about the event and how you can get your Car Washed for 10 cents!!- click here
To read about it on asiaone - Click here

Gah! I should have put a note on my blog asking for a bikini and shorts sponsor or chose something suitable from my sponsors annyee's bikini collection. But I didn't think of it! Now I got to wear something old. Oh well.

Meanwhile, I'm please to say that annyee has more accessories (bags and belts and shoes) now.. and a cosplay and costume range too.Here's my French Maid costume. Ooh sir... can I polish your rod, sir?
... and my fire-engine-red bag.

I've been so spoilt by annyee, ettusais and many blogshops because they have such fab stuff! (Thank you)

Best part is - they're affordable so you can have it all too! Of course, I'll do my best to get rewards/discounts/prizes for my readers.

And if I endorse it, it has my approval because I truly think it's fab.

Can a girl really ever have too much stuff?!


P/S- ever since I got rid of my straight across bangs, my hair has been look blah. I'm going to get the back trimmed since swimming has given me split ends!!!! So I might as well cut the front as well.

I'm thinking of short fringe, but not straight across the forehead like I had before. If you have any pics/examples of what might suit me, pls do leave a URL in the comments section so I can go see..... it's time for something different (not mad radical), but I need ideas/inspiration. Help me k!


  1. Anonymous12:46 am

    Is yours long enough to make like this ?

  2. Anonymous3:40 am

    haha I'm not funny I know

  3. haha.Freaking LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE her nail colour though!

    anon12.46- yes like tht kinda fringe- but mine not long enough for tht exact style.

    the back I'm only trimming, not cropping

  4. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Hey Holly,

    Ever since you've introduced Annyee on your blog, I've been very interested in their stuff. The only issue is, everything's in Chinese. How do you get stuff from their page?

  5. Yeah I don't read chinese too.

    will let them know - maybe they can have english transations. Though would be tough since they have thousands of items to update.

    I just click around, and I see the pics instead of reading. size wise, I always click the first one, since it's the smallest.

    U can email them if you need clarifications on the item, colours, etc.


  6. hey holly!
    i'm a huge fan of green so i was wondering where you got that lovely green checkered skirt from?
    thank you :)

  7. gwEnzilla - it's a dress, from far east plaza, basement. can't remember which shop. was $35 though.. bit overpriced for a cotton dres from Far east. But nice and comfy :)

  8. Anonymous1:20 am

    I actually bought stuffs off from annyee due to your recommendation, but my gosh, they took 2 months to process my order, and all my items were mixed up. it's really really frustrating.
    Is there any way you can feedback to them about this? Moreover, they take ages to reply to my emails.

  9. I do love many of their stuff but I think they're overwhelmed with their orders.. cos their range is so wide.

    They are no longer my wardrobe sponsor...(4 or 5 months already).. am actually getting a new main wardrobe sponsor for next year, and will make sure it's one where range is good and service is good and speedy too.


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