The Quest For Feminine Flawlessness

On Monday, I had the privilege of reviewing Clear SK's newest outlet in Tampines.

Unlike most aesthetic clinics in Singapore which are run by "technicians" or "beauty therapists"... treatments at Clear SK are carried out by Doctors.
The Owner and Medical Director of ClearSK™ Aesthetic Centres, 40-year-old Dr. Shiau Ee Leng graduated from the National University of Singapore’s Medical faculty in 1993. She is a senior family physician trained by the College of Family Physicians. Dr. Shiau is a certified Laser Physician and performs a full range of aesthetic procedures such as laser, botox, chemical peelers, fillers, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) medical procedures and non-surgical facelifts. She leads a team of competent lady doctors.

The reassuring thing about ClearSk is that it is equipped and staffed like a medical facility, but the decor and soothing ambiance gives it a luxurious spa atmosphere.
Staff at the centre are friendly, well-informed and able to give professional advice about the various services available.
The list of services they had available was extensive and tempting. I chose to undergo Super Hair Removal (SHR) on my forearms. Since that's an area that I never can be bothered to shave or wax, and yet there is visible hair there. SHR technology is still new (developed in the US a couple of years ago) compared to IPL, which has been around for 20 years. I don't know of any other centre here in Singapore that has this technology yet.
Normally, people use IPL to remove hair permanently, however, it doesn't work if you have fair Caucasian skin or very dark skin. Furthermore, Dr Shiau likened IPL to a "Bomb" which shoots an intense pulse onto one area. That's why, when not administered by a medical professional, it can burn some people. At best, it will feel like many pricking needles! SHR, is more like a tiny machine gun which shoots tiny pulses but over a greater frequency. The result? The same hairlessness! Yet with no pain, no heat or discomfort.
And on top of that... SHR rejuvenates the skin and causes it to lighten. I was just amazed at how soft my arms were immediately after treatment. And no more hair!!! I have sensitive skin... but this treatment did not have any side effects at all. No rash, no tightness or pain. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants permanent hair removal.
Their treatments are available to both Men and Women. Clear SK Aesthetic has 4 centres in the heartlands (Toa Payoh, Novena, Tampines and Orchard Central) which means they bring the same aesthetic treatments (such as slimming, botox and IPL) much closer to you and at lower prices.

More info on SHR and other treatments available, visit:


  1. beauty junkie8:24 pm

    wow Holly your arm does look much more smooth!

  2. kingkong9:53 pm

    did u ask for free treatment for this write up or do they have to pay u?

  3. They invited me to try out any treatment I wanted so I can review it on my blog.


  4. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Selling blog space for hair removal? Geez...

  5. Hey anonymous,

    Can't you read her comment directly before yours?
    She wasn't paid to do the review she was invited to try a treatment and do a review.

    She reviews restaurants, movies, etc etc... anything that's part of her life.

    wats ur problem? (are u secretly YK huh ?? anonymous!)

  6. Anonymous1:38 am

    hey WD, i agree with you.

    holly has the freedom to review whatever she likes.

  7. Anonymous8:39 am

    Hey WD

    some of us like to know WHY someone is reviewing something, and WHO is paying

    payment-in-kind is payment of sorts

    just my view, yeah, but do you really think sponsor-financed reviews are as independent as they otherwise might be?

  8. Hi Anon 8.39

    Yes, as WD pointed out, I wasn't paid to do this review.

    Yes, I agree payment-in-kind is a payment. But if you want to look at it that way... then I'm paying for it too.. cos I'm using up my blogspace to give them a review when I could have charged someone cash to review their blogshop or something.

    Why would I hanker over a free hair removal service... when I have a sponsor for my waxes anyway. Just so I can pull the wool over my readers eyes? No way, doesn't make sense. I stand to lose alot if I lie in my review and lie to my readers.

    I just thought this aesthetics review would be a nice change since I've never done anything like this before. And I'm sure many of my readers are interested in it, I have girlfriends who have had IPL and said it hurt a lot... so this was painless. So I'd recommed it to anyone who wants permanent hair removal.

  9. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Fair enough

    I guess I just think you're on shakey ground with this whole review theme to the blog... reviews are a tricky thing to get right at the best of times, and are made even trickier when you're receiving payment (in cash, in kind, or value-swap).

    It's easy for you to say that these reviews are a one off, or you did it for this or that reason. But at the end of the day, you are reviewing someone's business, and therefore livelihood. It matters. Which is why reviews in the wider media are such a sensitive area of journalism.

    Again, just a viewpoint.

  10. Anonymous12:46 pm

    I did IPL on my underarms before (won't mention where.. but is a big chain in SG).. and it HURT! like F*#K! I bought 3 sessions, but I only went the first time and never went back.

    Will check out the SHR thingy cos my armpits still need to be done but I have very low pain tolerance.

  11. Anonymous3:07 pm

    if you think reviews of restaurants, services etc you read in the newspapers, magazines etc are wholly objective I suggest you take a look at who the advertisers are in the periodical - Why not try out the hair removal yourself and post your comments , then we can decide for ourselves -lol !!

  12. Holly jean,
    After the treatment, ladies will surely look more beautiful than before. This is the good news for ladies.
    Happy blogging, have the great day.

  13. Anonymous1:01 pm

    hi holly, i wanted to try this for the longest time and after this entry im definitely going! btw do u have to go back for further treatments?Did the doc say how many treatments are required in your case?thx!

  14. I don't think I'll be needing a follow up. as i have very fine hair in the first place.

    But from what I gather, it can take abt 3 sessions normally.

  15. Anonymous2:41 pm

    oh this entry saved my life

  16. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Hi Holly

    Whats the cost like? And are there treatments for marks or discolouration for the skin?

  17. Anonymous1:39 am


    Usually before IPL we are required to grow our hair but this SHR on the contrary requires us to shave before the treatment. is it true?

  18. yes... thts what they did for me. but it hasn't grown back. for coarser or thicker hair areas, i think it will grow back and u need a couple more treatments.

  19. Seraphina4:10 pm

    hi holly jean,
    am new to ur blog, so i went down to ClearSK and gaf a try at their SHR. reli! it doesn't hurt at all, i did IPL at other aesthetic clinic at orchard once, it HURTS! thank u for ur review, am goin to ask my "girlfrens" to go with me for next session! :) oh, now they are having a promo, $99 for 1st trial.

  20. Very informative, Holly!

    Hey, I was doing a search & i found that is very popular with forums for this SHR.

  21. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

  22. Anonymous10:16 am

    Awesome site, I hadn't come across previously in my searches!
    Continue the good work!

  23. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


  24. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Have you considered the fact that this might work another way? I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
    similar in the past? Let me know your thoughts...


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