Oh Blonde!

This is a proud moment for me. My babies have grown up!
When i first started teaching 4 years ago... there was a pretty young girl with porcelain fair skin and fair hair in one of my literature classes.

Talented, wonderful personality and a very driven spirit. And now, after graduating ( makes me feel old!)... she runs OH BLONDE! A blogshop with quirkey little pieces.

Love this colour block toga dress... but sold out already!!! You got to be fast as everything gets snapped up.
There's something for every girl... from the Floral Princess to the Mod Babe to the Vintage Junkie.
From now until 31st Aug, my readers get 15% off their purchases at Oh Blonde! (code: HJLOB)My Favs from the latest collection:
Little Miss Nerd. I seldom wear t-shirts but this one is so adorable... love it.
Half Body Biker Jacket. A cool piece that adds a touch of rebel to any outfit.

Have a ditzy shopping experience... at OH BLONDE! :)

If any of my former students are reading this... look at what determination and dreams can get you. If you want something, you got to go get it.
Next post - 10 Things I've Learnt About Men.


  1. shopQN9:41 am

    I like the biker jacket. It's so cute!

    Saw a few at far east selling at 40plus. How much is this one at Simply Blonde?

  2. I popped over to the site check the price, it's 26. but sold out now.

    there's similar one in the latest collection 17. also $26.

  3. Anonymous6:32 am

    hi HJ, ur shoes in nerdy t shirt are nice. where did u get them? =)

  4. oh... those are Rubi Shoes.

    There's a shop at the new ion mall. but i got those red checked ones frm cotton on ages ago.

  5. Anonymous11:47 am

    Thanks HJ abt the shoes. May I know why you dress up and put on makeup even though u look gd even without makeup?

    Do you find it a hassle to have to remove makeup afterwards?

    I've heard many comments that not putting makeup can make you age slower as it allows your skin to breathe. What's your take on it?

  6. Anonymous11:48 am

    oh ya, is ur hair rebonded?

  7. I dress up and use make up cos it makes me look better lah! haha.

    though i dont use make up everyday (like for swimming/gym/supermaket/etc), only when I go out to dinner or party. it's not a hassel... its just like brushing teeth or washing face every day.. basic bathroom habit i guess.

    and no. make up wont age your skin. in fact most brands now, including ettusais, have skin care ingredients in their cosmetics.

    yes. rebonded.


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