Make me the SONY VAIO W Ambassador!

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached to be one of the 6 Bloggers in the running for the position of Sony Vaio W Ambassador. Of course I said Yessss!

I just checked the Vaio W facebook site, and the voting for the Sony Vaio W ambassadors has already started. Someone has 40 plus votes already. :( I got some catching up to do.

I need your support! "Become a Fan" on the I Love The Vaio W! Facebook page. Now you can receive updates on promotions, contests, etc.... AND vote for me!!!

To vote for me, Click the photo album - Make Me The Vaio W Ambassador.

Then...Click on my pic.

And below my pic, click the LIKE button. DONE!
The winner is the one with the most accumulated Likes on the 11th of Sept.
I'll post my review of the VAIO W soon. :)

Free Voucher:

For my readers, who emailed asking if there were any special promos at ClearSK, you can print out this voucher for $50 off any product/services there. Terms and Conditions apply. My review here


  1. rachel5:53 pm

    Hi Holly I voted! The competition between the top 2 is so close!

    Jia You!

  2. holydean12:59 am

    voted for you (:


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