Home Made Sex Toys

The MyFatPocket site is all about stretching your dollar. To me, that's living a great life without having to spend a lot of money.
So for my first sex article on the site, I shared with readers my top 10 homemade sex toys.
Click here to read it on the MFP site.
It's such a fun playful piece. The editor did a fab job with the pics.

So you have any? Add to the list! Share!


  1. Anonymous9:20 pm

    use handphone vibrator!

  2. Pretty neat post! Nice list you have there......I am tempted to add more but don't want start tainting your blog!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Heh. Now we know why a certain type of toothbrush should be at the top of the list of gifts for you, yes?


  4. Do you know there was a girl used a lobster to masturbate and found dead in the bath room?

  5. Why would anyone even think of using a lobster as a sex toy?

  6. Haha.. lobster! must be just an urban legend??


    kinda like when i was in secondary school.. the urban legend was - this girl used a boiling tube (like test tube) from the science lab to masturbate... and it broke in her. lol. Bet YOUR school also had this girl.

  7. My favourite one is the vibrating toothbrush - 5 STAR! Thanks for the list.

  8. compare the price of homemade sextoys with ready-made sextoys from sextoysingapore.com

    i agree baby oil is a good replacment.


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