Did you get Spammed By NUFFNANG too?

Just got spammed by nuffnang. Like 50 plus emails from nuffnang jammed in my box at one shot.


Did you get it too? Or just me. Strange.


Meanwhile.. here's Bailey using his pink potty. Clever boy!
Click here for video of the dunking I had last week.

Oh... just read that the blog awards results will be out on the 20th of this month.


  1. isit me or? bailey grew so fast! o.o!

    err nope i didn't recieved any mails from nuffnang holly. isit impt stuffs? if not can just classified under junk? =x

  2. Anonymous6:56 am

    Holly how did you train Bailey to "prek prek" in is pink potty..?

  3. qf- no.. not impt stuff, esp since I'm not with them anymore... but like 50 plus emails within a minute is absurd...spamming.

    Anon 6.56 - "prek prek"????? haha.. is tht wat u tell your bunny?

    Well. firstly, bailey already peed in that same spot a few times. (apart from his own cage). So I just transfered this pink pee tray to the same spot. Soaked up his pee (from tht spot) with tissue, and chucked the tissue into the pee tray. so he got the scent.After tht he has the habit of using it.

    BUT it only works when he's in this room/ or close by. If he's in the kitchen ... he has another fav spot!!!! Which I haven't got a pee tray for. But it's easier to clean tiles than parquet.

  4. -.- 50+ in a min? .... junk it?! so it wont appeared in ur inbox. haha~ no offends~ =P


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