You Are Not Alone

When I was a teenager... I used to feel ugly and demoralised whenever I had pimples. And when I was doing my O levels, the stress (plus hormones) gave me a really bad complexion.

As if THAT wasn't bad enough, I had some inconsiderate people coming up to me to say "What happened to your face?!"

And although I am no longer plagued by oily skin or acne... I know that many women (and men) out there are facing skin problems. And I'd just like to say that you are not alone.

The worse thing I remember about it... was that people assume you don't take care of your face... (like you are dirty). But in reality, having had troubled skin when I was young made me have extra clean habits which are with me until today. I do not have acne now, but most importantly, because I took care of my troubled skin (didn't squeeze any!), I don't have any scars.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my blog readers to write in to me if they had skin problems (particularly blemishes, acne scars and freckles). Thank you all for your honest responses. My heart goes out to you... I know how incredibly depressing and frustrating it must be to have problem skin. Good news is... all those blemishes will disappear... they just need a little time and help.

And I have chosen blog reader Jacqui to receive a full size bottle of ettusais Medicated Acne Whitening Essence (S$57).

This is her story:
I have bumps and blemishes due to teenage acne. I have tried scrub and creams but to no avail. I have very oily skin.

The scars are very noticeable under certain lights or in bright bathroom lights. It makes me feel so insecure and I refuse to go out without make up.

I've tried to:

1) keep hair off my face (using hairband)
2) avoid touching my face
3) get plenty of sleep
4) use shampoo as cleanser (i heard from my friend it works)
5) use oil-free makeup

I just hope to find something to cure my acne skin problems, though it seems bleak.
I'm sending Jacqui the ettusais Medicated Acne Whitening Essence because this product will give her skin enhanced clarity by controlling melanin production. It sends moisture deep into problem areas and it prevents pimples and lightens post acne scars, blotchiness and freckles. [Jacqui, I'll be emailing you shortly to arrange for the product to be sent to you. Please do update me and the blog readers on your progress. With pics if you can! *Hugs*]

If you too have uneven, blemished or problem skin, do check out this fab product, visit the ettusais webpage. (There's also a whitening sheet mask!)

Yummy Alert!

Girls, do you love Desserts? Comfort foods help me de-stress. When I was teaching in secondary school... I had to have Honey Milk bubble tea every day! In fact... STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS.
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  1. Anonymous12:11 pm

    this is a great post HJ.

    i respect that u try to share with ur readers and help them.

  2. girl with brown paper bag4:06 pm

    You know, Jacqui has really nice, full lips that I would kill for.

  3. Heyyy....does this whitening essence work for guys as well? and for whiteheads + pimples?

  4. :) yes it does. Plus ettusais also has a homme range for guys

    do go down to any ettusais counter to check it out

    or u can visit their website.

  5. princetonie giel10:42 am

    Any updates from Jacqui??? I'm interested to know :)

  6. Hey Holly, it's been a while. It's Khartini, one of your school mates in TPJC haha. The one with major skin problems.

    Just jumped onto the skincare and makeup bandwagon recently(after years of help, my skin has cleared up a bit but i have a long way to go so im cheating with makeup :p) and would love to catch up with you to learn more about it haha. :)

    Meanwhile, take care and enjoy life. :)

  7. Hi Khartini..

    it's beena while! tried clicking ur link but ur blog is thru invites only :(

  8. Anonymous4:38 pm

    hi, would like to purchase the whitening essence. do you mind telling me all the ingredients in it? thanks so much!

  9. hi hi.. sorry I don't know the ingredients in this prodt. Perhaps you can head down to any ettusais counter to check it out?

    The key ingredients are Vitamin c and AC Oil Control... :)


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