The Worst Women To Date

I've done men you should not date... now, women you should avoid dating

Little Miss Nazi Ball Breaker

She thinks she is of the superior sex and lives to bring men down. She takes pride in belittling you in public. Nothing you say or do is ever good enough and she will constantly remind you how inferior you are. Some men thrive on being told what to do, how to dress, how to act (it's something to do with wanting a Mummy figure)... but word of caution - You will have to learn to jump through hoops on command.

Little Miss Witch Disguised As a Woman She is a rude bitch who doesn't treat other people with respect. The woman who is always looking for a fight. She will take things out of context to become some sort of insult or some reason to wage war. Word of caution- she's the kind that will throw rocks at puppies.

Little Miss Handcuffs But Not The Bedroom Kind She is super jealous, super possessive and super paranoid. Where did you go? Why didn't you answer your mobile after the very first ring? Questions everything you say and do. You have to account for your every move. Word of caution- get used to the cuffs because you are a man, and all men are pigs. (pinch of salt please... I jest).

Little Miss FluffThis girl is all pink fluff. She must shop all the time, indulges in meaningless gossip and has girly chats for hours on the phone. She rarely has any other activities or interests. Word of caution -be prepared for a woman who talks a lot yet says nothing.

Little Miss Your Life Is My Life She adopts your interests, calls 15 times a day, relies on you to entertain her because she basically has no life of her own. She drops all her friends and hobbies and makes her life revolve around you. Word of caution- Sounds great at first... but will soon be smothering and suffocating.

Little Miss Slut She validates herself by attention from men. She doesn't keep her legs closed. You can't trust her. Word of caution - the sex will probably be great and might affect your will power to dump her.

Little Miss Too Independent She has her own life (work, hobbies, social circle)... but just doesn't have space for anything else, including you. Word of caution- she doesn't need a man for anything.

Little Miss My Boyfriend's an ATM Machine She expects expensive gifts and treats in exchange for affection. When you allow someone to use you, they're not looking at you as a "nice guy." They're looking at you like you're an ATM machine. If you have money and have no qualms about lavishing her in a lap of luxury... then ok. It's your money, your choice. But a word of caution - beer guys should avoid dating champagne girls.

So there you have it... my list of women you should not date! (Though many will find that every woman is a bit of everything up there)... That's including ME.

(p/s- I am starting to like Blythe Dolls...)


  1. the dolls r sooo cute!

  2. Hello Hollyjean, I discover your blog on and I totally enjoyed your posts! Gonna put you on my blogroll :)

  3. i think my boyfriend's mother could be categorized as "Little Miss Witch Disguised As a Woman"...always trying to find fault with me..fuck you bitch..

  4. kdee- YES! bloody expensive though.. not sure if I'll get one.. afraid it'll start a new obsession!

    Heyzanie- thank you :)

    Farahliza- oh... then look all sweet and nice on the outside, but keep your guard up, and strike her when she's down!!

  5. girl in the mini bomber jacket4:20 pm

    I COMPLETELY agree with your post, but damn those Blythe dolls scare me! I've always been afraid of dolls like!

  6. Anonymous4:26 pm which little miss are you??

  7. Anonymous4:49 pm

    I was Miss Too boyfriend fell in love with me because of that..and after we got together, I was so tired of being independent all the time, I totally relied on him and became Miss Your Life is My Life..we broke up after that. He said couldn't take my 'stickiness'.

    Hah, the irony.


  8. Oh Jen! yes bloody ironic. But I had a friend in a similar situation.. at first he was independant, and the girl was clingy.. as time went by, he learnt to be less SOLO.. and like let her in more, and became more dependant on her. Then SHE LEFT HIM because she said he was too clingy. lol

    anon4.26- to be honest...I am a combi of fluff, handcuffs and mylife is your life. But not enough of each to be a basket case. haha

  9. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Haha! i love this post! and how apt the blythe pictures fit your description.

  10. Anonymous8:20 am

    "get used to the cuffs because you are a man, and all men are pigs" - omg! i loved this phrase!! haha. good one there.

  11. Anonymous12:47 am

    Dear Holly, I so agree with your on this post. But men don't date any of these girls, they may need to date other men. lol! if all men are pigs, then all women are at least one of type that you just mentioned, no women are perfect, not in the real world at least.

  12. amazing the dolls though.


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