Say No To Rape

Blog Readers,

In Singapore, forced penile-vaginal sex by a husband on his wife is not considered rape except in extremely limited scenarios.

Please sign our petition urging the Prime Minister to abolish these horrible laws: add your full name (you can appear anonymous) to the online petition, and spread the word around to your friends and family.

A strong call for repeal will show that Singapore's "public opinion" is ahead of our lawmakers, and the eventual repeal will lend towards protecting more women from the worst sort of spousal violence.

I just signed the petition, and I'm only signature 729! OMG. In a country of over 4 million?! Do lend your support, it only takes a minute click this logo to sign the petition No To Rape


  1. Please, not everything petitions lah!

    I guess most people haven't given much thought to it and I think there are good reasons for it. One thing is that it is very difficult to prove.

    Even if thousands sign it, it doesn't mean they are right. Surely you don't think our lawmakers are stupid.

  2. Anonymous9:49 pm

    @qa (09.10pm, 13 Jul)

    "Difficult to prove" doesn't mean must be scotfree right? Problem is simple: most crimes are difficult to prove, but we don't make explicit law say particular people should get away with it. (Theft got higher frequency and even harder to enforce, maybe we make law say theft is ok.)

    If is not husband but say fuck buddy/ bf/ anybody la also hard to prove, but don't have immunity le. The website also say anal or oral rape for everyone, including husband&wife also no immunity le.

    Which means what "good reason"? That the woman's vajayjay should be more available to her husband than her mouth or ass? Her V is the official sex channel? Because her V must produce babies? Because her role as wife is sex/ reproduction machine?

    BU KE YI LA! WO KANG YI!!! o_0

    I don't think Holly or anyone thinks Gahmen is stupid la, but maybe they think we are stupid and unaware le?

    Holly - Thanks for putting this up. I didn't even realise this exists--rape by husband cannot charge!? WTF!?Everyone should go see and sign! Tell Gahmen we do not support the repeal!

    - ah-di

  3. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Hmmm .. another petition? Law is made after long careful considerations. The circumstances now have not changed from the past, so I think changing the law will cause more harm than good, more problems for families.


  4. Anonymous10:43 pm

    yes, i'm sure women's bodily ownership is such a chore for families and society!

    goodness me.


  5. Anonymous11:14 pm

    btw, i just read from that "Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, and more recently Thailand" have all criminalised spousal rape. how is it possible that those countries can change their laws without their societies collapsing (which I guess is why they haven't reintroduced the immunity?), yet we can say things like our changing our laws will "cause more harm than good, more problems for families"?

    "first world" arguments from "first world" countrymen of a "first world" country indeed.

    holly - i've signed :)


  6. I've signed too. Thanks for link.

  7. Anonymous5:35 am


    You seem to be content to stand back and let Singapore's lawmakers do what they want. On the basis that you trust they are competent.

    How lazy and ill-considered of you.

    Surely this current topic is the perfect illustration of how current policy may not be correct, and that public engagement is needed to encourage the relevant public bodies to consider potential change.

    Unfortunately, just because Singapore works pretty well currently (for the majority), it seems that virtually all Singaporeans have become numb and dis-engaged from politics.

    Bear in mind that it takes more than shiney office buildings and fancy new shopping malls to indicate when a country has become truly 'developed'..

  8. Thank you for posting this, I'm so shocked by this, I can't believe there's so called immunity. I'm 816. Rock on. I posted this on my facebook too.

  9. hi holly jean,

    thanks for dropping by my new blog :) i said NO to rape!

  10. its for a justifiable cause and ive written an entry about this matter on my blog as well. thanks for the info; i really didnt know. ive mentioned your blog in the entry too; i hope you dont mind...

  11. before we include this spousal rape law, i think we should first allow pre-nuptial agreements and abolish the Woman's Charter in Singapore.

    gender equality is prevalent, however the media has focused on the frailty of women so much, that the gender equality movement is now biased against men.

    quit being the victim.

    holly jean, this is by no means against your opinion, i adore your blog - but feel strongly against portraying men as evil heartless creatures. we need to be protected as well in a society that has allowed women to be viewed as equals.

  12. Anonymous2:57 am

    Well said literale_, couldn't have put it down anymore clearer.

  13. Hi,
    I think this is not neccessary cause it does not serve any purpose. If the wife felt that she is abuse.(rape).
    For goddness sake. leave the man la..rite. She still can divorce.
    Oh by way. some man also get abuse by women.. it just that they dont want to say out.

  14. "Law is made after long careful considerations. The circumstances now have not changed from the past"

    No, it was made by Victorian Britons (with a Stone Age moral sense), and inherited by Singapore, which could not even outrun other former British colonies like India in shaking it off. As for "circumstances", that can be used to counter any instance of moral evolution, including prohibition of slavery and bride capture traditions.

    "If the wife felt that she is abuse.(rape). For goddness sake. leave the man la..rite. She still can divorce."

    Divorce does not erase rape, nor deter rapists. If an assault is committed, relationship status is irrelevant before the law. One may file for divorce or not, but criminals must be punished nonetheless.

    So what about non-penile-vaginal acts? What about battery and other non-sexual assaults? Can she also just "divorce them away"? Why not grant immunity for those too?

    If a man feels his marriage rests on whether he gets nookie on demand, let HIM file for divorce and find a more compliant and willing sex slave. Until then, he should know that in the civilized secular world, marriage does not transfer ownership of the vagina or any part of the body, and that he has no sacred right to it.

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