My Best Friend's Wedding

F got married last weekend.
She was a pretty bride in white... her make up was fab! Dramatic eyes (she has nice eyes, so that was the main feature). And everything else muted and toned down. Very elegant.I can't believe it's been 10 years since we were at school together! Time flies super fast... I don't know where any of my early or mid 20s went... oh wait... yes actually I do... it went to a string of bad relationships and paying off my study loan.

:) The food was good. Indonesian... very tasty and flavourful. YUMMM... Would it be bad if I had Japanese food at my wedding? Sashimi heaven.

And you know what? The groom got emotional towards the end of the ceremony (just before the lunch reception). So sweet... to see a man tear on his wedding day. But F didn't cry... haha... the heartless bitch. (KIDDING!) She's like me... I would rather stab a fork in my thigh than cry when everyone's looking... I've been pretty successful so far, always maintaining a stoic face, even when inside me everything's in turmoil. Don't think I can have a fork handy when it's my turn to walk down the aisle though... so I have to figure out some other diversion to keep the waterworks at bay.

They've already flown back to Indonesia. My best friend. Married. Officially a MRS. I'm so happy for her... though married life is tough, at least they have each other.

And since her husband is Balinese... there's another celebration in Bali! Whoohoo! Can't wait. It's been almost 2 years since I went to Bali.

I went in June with my last BF, Skye. Then, in September that year, we split up. They say that Bali is cursed. I heard this myth from friends. It is believed that unmarried couples will eventually break up when they come back from the trip - not immediately though. Yes i know it sounds ridiculous. But a few unmarried couples i know have broken up after their Bali holidays too. Though, to be fair, that relationship was destined for destruction anyway.
Have you heard anything about this curse?  (haha)


  1. Anonymous11:26 am

    About the curse thingy, one of my uni couple also broke up after visiting Bali..

    You are the second person i know that encountered the same thing..

    Holly, cld you do a make up your make up!!!

    Home maker

  2. a pity i couldn't attend the wedding. i'm sure it was one of the most beautiful days. she look damn gorgeous la.
    about the curse, believe it, it happened to me twice already!!! arrgh!

  3. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Let's see xiaxue will suffer the same fate or not... hope she can defy the curse

    Home maker

  4. Anonymous3:28 pm

    why did you say your last relationship was 'destined for destruction'? just curious about the tell-tale signs of a relationship that has no future =\

  5. Anonymous3:58 pm

    i heard about the curse and googled for it but there was little info about it. but i have seen many of my friends who went to bali while still in bf-gf stage and now are happily, blissfully married, for years. so, my deduction is this: if you're meant to be together, the bali holiday will actually 'improve' or cement the relationship further. but if you're not, over the next few months, it's just going to speed up the break. i hope this is the case.

  6. bali tourist office4:01 pm

    definite curse - I've had 2 relationships where we went to Bali and broke up short time later - there is a story about a princess who was abandoned by her prince on bali - can"t really remember it, think she was so distraught she put a curse on the island

  7. celestina4:33 pm

    aiyo... is it really tru about the curse?! its so scary & i dun tink i dare to take the chance.. its really demonic when come to think about it .... eerrr

    i knw from fren tat Indonesia has alot of black magic thingy..
    so people, dun take chance plss!

  8. Hols!
    My cousin actually shouted to me on MSN that his friend saw me on your blog. LOL! Nice to know you get grown men excited about your blog too.

    Another friend married (happy for her, though), we are fast becoming endangered species, unless you have something to share... :D

  9. Just wondering, do you want to marry Mark? I want to marry my bf too! He seems to really love me, but even moving in together seems like such a hurdle for him. How did u get Mark to live with you after such a short time????

  10. Sylvester told me about that too, before we went... I thought it was a load b*******! Didn't give it any consideration until I just read your last post!

  11. homemaker- noted (abt make up post) :)

    Su - yeah... was lookin forward to seeing u at the lunch!

    anon 3-28 - well.. i think i did posts on tht before.. it's in my archives under relationships. But generally, we were both selfish, immature and fighting all the time.

    Lee- yeah, agreed... if the r'ship were more stable.. maybe Bali wldnt have had an effect.

    Bali tourist office- haha. nice one. and yeah I was trying to google stuff abt the curse.. interesting reads I found.. mostly abt other curses on Bali (beloved king Bali being banished to the underworld... and once every year the hindus of the island light up (deepavali?) to show him that they were happy and ok.)

    celestina- yeah.. heard abt powerful black magic on the island!!

    Lauretta- no la.. I've got nothing to share with regards to tying the knot.. lol... unless I get my plan going. lol... kidding

    Jess- well.. I think it depends on the frame of mind... goals of both partners. we want the same thing (mark and I) so that has made it easier.. not such a tug of war type relationship. Also helps tht we are older.

    Skye- yeah.. :) but i wldnt read too much into the myth.

  12. Anonymous9:34 pm

    her dress is so gorgeous! hope to see pictures of u in ur wedding dress soon ya?

  13. Holly,

    hmm, BF's 33 and I'm 26... think we both want the same things, but he's cautious cos he's lived with gfs before and that didn't work out that well....

  14. brigo9:45 am

    So cool seeing tata and u together! and yes, F looks gorgeous! wow, time flies since we were all eating chicken in the canteen. or was it just me? lol...glad to see u're having the time of your life!

  15. Anonymous1:17 pm

    My mum told me about the Bali curse... I didn't believe..but now that u and others tell of your experience... I believe! Lol.

    @.@ What a pity. Bali's beautiful. It will be so romantic to marry at Conrad Bali's church like building!

  16. Anonymous12:03 pm

    well after Bali I really felt like breaking up with my b/f! To be fair i often feel that way, but Bali really seemed to emphasise our differences, and we had so much free time there to notice!

  17. Anonymous1:39 pm

    1. the wedding was so pretty! as was the bride!!

    2. omg you are effing right abt the curse... i knw smone else who broke up after bali... lol


  18. Gosh, now that you mentioned it.. my bf (now ex) and I did break up after a trip to Bali! And it wasn't the first time we travelled together either so it definitely wasn't 'cos of that. We even survived a long distance relationship before.. and were together for 4.5 years.

    But does it count if it wasn't our last trip tog before we broke up? It was our 2nd last, with 4 months time lapse in between.


  19. Hi Evon... sorry to hear tht.

    :S and yeah I had travelled with my ex before, and it wasn't like we had a bad trip to bali which made us sick of each other or anything.

    eeeks! all these stories readers have been sharing... is making me feel worried abt the bali trip at the end of the year!

  20. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Hi Holly,

    I was googling for the curse on Bali and stumbled upon your blog. As far as i know, the unmarried couples that I know (quite a few) who went to Bali ended up with the same

  21. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Hi Holly.
    I came across to your blog after googling for bali curse. Look like it's true.


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