Club Couture Hits Singapore

ClubCouture is an international online fashion label. Bold summer outfits or dainty florals. Whatever your style, you'll find something at ClubCouture. Their clothes are chic, fashionable and affordable. And.... whoohoo!..... the brand has recently entered the Singapore market.
A couple of days ago.... my ClubCouture package arrived! (Delivery was super duper fast) 4 dresses all wrapped up.... just waiting to be worn.
Sunshine Floral Dress (SG$29.90) My favourite dress because I feel all sweet and girly when I wear it. Must be the pretty little blossoms which fall throughout the dress.
Esmee Floral Dress (SG$29.90) I love wearing little floral skirts now with a tank top tucked in and belted. And this dress is great because it's got a soft lycra-cotton (for hugging fit) white top and the bottom is a floral pattern. A bit of contrast makes an outfit more interesting.
Splatter Tunic (oops...sold out already) I like the mod looking collar, and it's got pink splatter!
Jane Eyelet Dress (SG$46). Love this one because it's feminine and conservative looking... yet a little risque and flirty with the eyelets (little holes).

My blog readers will be entitled to a 15% discount (storewide). Simply use offer code HOLLYJ15 in your shopping bag. (make sure it is in uppercase/capitals) They have just launched their Summer collection and all items priced at S$29.90 only!
You have to be quick though, designs are manufactured in limited quantity.

Click -> to start shopping!


Anonymous said…
hi tried to use the discount code u gave for club couture and get an error message to say that it is not valid
Holly Jean said…
ok.. will check and update here asap :)
tracy (: said…
ive tried the discount code and it works! just make sure it is in uppercase.

thanks for introducing the site hollY! im gonna get a dress! :)
Anonymous said…
too skinny
CK said…
Sunshine Flora Dress is nice for you.
Looks elegance
dancingdory said…
Oh I love floral tops and dresses, they've got really nice stuff indeed. Thanks for introducing the site, Holly! :)
Anonymous said…
hi Holly, what's your height and weight? what kind of exercises do you do? I noticed that some of the dresses look quite short, hence am wondering whether to get them.
Holly Jean said…
1.65m, weight hovers between 48 to 50 kgs.

I swim (getting less frequent though. at least once a week now), gym (twice a week). and a random yoga lesson (like every month!?) That's about it for now. No time.... I'm the same weight as before I started exercising this year, but more toned.

the dresses aren't tht short actaully, except for maybe the splatter tunic.
Anonymous said…
thanks Holly, what kind of exercises do u do at the gym? i tried looking for the short cut to the gym entry but couldn't find it.
Holly Jean said…
not sure which post you are referring to ... but all my post with the word GYM in it - here -

if not there.. then maybe it wasn't me! lol :)

as for the kind of exercises.. i keep changing, but usually, it's 20 mins cardio (never threadmill though, hate running) usually on the stepper tht moves like a ski. And then stretching. Then assisted pull ups, then work the thighs on a machine, then dumbbells, and squats on the weighted machine, and lastly is floor exercises (abs). Usually takes 1 and half hours... or a bit less.
Anonymous said…
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Holly Jean said…
even with gloves on trannys hands are still larger... don't know why you want to move to Siberia thinking you can conceal that. hahahahaaa so funny.

ANyway, yeah yeah call me an Ugly looking man or whatever. I don't care. I do know that I have very sharp,feminine features which has given me so many modelling opportunities in the past even though I'm not big enough to be a model (I'm not as tall as I look in photos, it's just good posture).

any hoo.. that How to spot a tranny article was written years ago.. and the only people digging it up and commenting (angrily) are the trannies themselves.