Blog Theft

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I say it's Theft.

Sadly, it has been brought to my attention (by a loyal blog reader) that another blogger in the running for the Singapore Blog Awards has an extremely coincidental string of similarities to my blog.

Although she is not in the lifestyle blog category like I am, I still think it sucks to have my hard work and ideas just borrowed off me (without due credit as well!).

Every post I do on sex or love will soon be followed a few days later on her blog. Whether it's about the way men smell, or blowjobs or even a social cause... It's the exact same ideas, same style, similar bloody chronology.

If I were to stoop to her level, I would name and shame her here. Of course I am not like that (yet). But get your own Ideas girlfriend! If you don't mean to steal but are subconsciously doing it, then just don't read my blog.

You're starting to piss me off.


  1. Anonymous11:18 pm

    oooh drama :p wonder who it is..

  2. Anonymous11:42 pm

    It's Yu-Kym

  3. Anonymous7:51 am

    you're right -i jus looked - that sucks - how come the judges dun see it ?

  4. Anonymous8:40 am

    Just got a look at her Facebook profile. Seems that she's also trying to dress like you...

  5. too bad...poor Holly

  6. anti fakes9:13 am

    8.40= yuck! looks nothing like HOLLY. in some of the pics she's eating banana suggestively! And pretend to be undressing her flabby body. gosh! if this is ur competition, u seriously have nothing to worry about holly!

  7. found out her blog & Facebook profile just now n i think she's sucks.i hate the way she fake!n those pics makes me wanna puke.yuks!

  8. Anonymous9:50 am

    Good that you raise this up now.
    Anyway, as u quoted "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", so take this positively! :)

  9. peacemaker1:18 pm

    its the price you pay for being the leader holly , guess maybe she doesn"t mean to copy and she doesn"t copy verbatim , but she certainly seems to get her inspiration from the subjects that you write about - i wouldn"t worry , there's room for everyone -and after all you are much prettier and much higher profile - after all you on tv and in Miss sing - at least she can"t copy you in doing that too !!!

  10. Anonymous2:01 pm

    She disgusts me quite frankly.
    It's obvious she's trying to imitate you, right to your hairstyle (bangs).
    And she seems to get a kick out of receiving lewd comments for the skanky pictures she posted on her facebook.
    I won't mind if she's at least attractive but she's not (such a humongous nose) and she's chubby too.

  11. omg saw her fb photos given above and she look like some auntie trying to idk what word to use but major eeewww-ness!

  12. Jaden Diaz5:28 pm

    ...don't worry Jean...
    to me, you are a 9.8/10.0 and the imitator lady is just barely a 2.9/10.0...
    Mark is one lucky dude...hahaha...please tell him that...

  13. Celestina5:53 pm

    Sharks!! I cant access FB in office! can some 1 give me her blog address pls? : )

    Continue to monitor her blog.. we as yr faithful readers will support u !!

  14. Anonymous6:02 pm

    i nearly puked my lunch out looking at her facebook photos.


  15. OMG... you guys!!!!

    I did say I didnt want to NAME AND SHAME whoever it is. (yet)

    !!! some of u are super sleuths!!! Even digging up her facebook pics!

    Makes me smile to know tht I have ur support.

    I don't want to name the person. But yep will just be monitoring the blog in future and will see how things go.

    Hugs to all of you :)

  16. kylle7:31 pm

    she doesnt have the face, body. her blog is boring.

    don worry babe! clever readers would know who to support. (:

  17. Don't worry Holly Jean... i will support you 4ever

  18. Her blog really SUX

  19. she's got such a super boring blog! no face, no bod, no nothing! artistic shots? more like soft porn! goodness gracious! some people have no shame!

  20. Anonymous11:50 pm

    She is not attractive at all.

  21. Anonymous12:35 am

    Why u all bitching abt others? I enjoy both blogs. Sorry i am not gonna side any1 here. It could be pure coincidence that blog topics are similiar like how girls can have similiar periods. Even then, how many things can bloggers from Singapore talk about in a given period. Even on the same topics, there's always different views and different write ups. Think you'all are in a bitching mood :)

  22. I Spy1:18 am

    Bet U are her!

  23. Anonymous2:27 am

    i saw the blog but i didn't find the style very similar lei? but then it was very wordy i oso lazy to read la. but HJ less wordy rite? that's y i thot their style wasn't too similar. and she wrote a lot of stuff that HJ didn't. can someone please put links to very similar posts? :)

    anyway her facebook album is like wtf???????????????

  24. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Holly , are you really bothered , or just stirring up a bit of controversy - you surely aren"t in the least bit perturbed by the other blog -anyway there's nothing you can do - there's no monopoly on ideas! i think you're just being mischievous lol - love a girly catfight - why not meet her for some wrestling- i saw you like that sport !!! H ah

  25. Anonymous5:10 pm

    We are not bitching about her, we are just turned off by her, period.
    Her facebook pictures are like a meat parade, and who will take pictures with a banana if not meant to titillate?
    Her pictures are not sexy, they are skanky and pornographic.
    Insightful? I should start writing about sex and what it means to me blah blah blah and there, I am insightful too...pfff

  26. Anonymous1:45 pm

    holly rules \m/
    support u always babe..XD

  27. Jason1:49 pm

    i so do leave comments!

    u got a stalker!
    it is creepy...

  28. Anonymous11:38 am

    I read through her blog and while her style does have some significant similarities to yours I certainly wouldn't say with such certainty as with yourself that her blog has "the exact same ideas, style and chronology" and that she's a "thief".

  29. I haven't said who it was. And raised the matter, for readers to make their own judgments.

    :) I hear you.

  30. My response to your accusation:

    Btw, the plural for judgment is judgment, not judgments.

  31. Hello...
    In the first place, there are 100 bloggers in the running for the sgblogawards.

    Whatever moral highground you are accusing me of standing on... fact of the matter is - I did not name You nor accuse You. The comment naming you was not made by me. If you're able to check IP addresses etc to verify, do go ahead.

    And I did not say you were copying my hairstyle or clothes, or that you were fat etc either. Those were comments by other people, not instigated by myself.

    I commend your choice of entertainment, your "happy living" type attitude and your ability to be unfazed by such criticism.

    And the plural is judgments.

  32. Anonymous9:41 pm

    well, is it not yu-kym? pretty unfair to keep people believing it is if it's not...

  33. Anonymous12:16 am

    Draw your own conclusions lah!

    She already said many times she's not going to name right.

    stop lurking around here!


  34. i say both of you get a chill pill.

    take it this way. whether there's any truth to it, only yu kym knows. for the benefit of the doubt, just treat this as some readers reading too much into yu kym's blog. it could really be sheer coincidence.

    we're all mature adults. don't drown yourselves in unnecessary arguments.

    to both, it's the WWW. even if there're plagiarism, it's difficult to control.

  35. In one comment at HJ's blog, I was already named so there's no need for HJ to pretend to take the higher ground by not naming me. If HJ really wanted to do the right thing, she would have contacted me directly to settle it. HJ assumes that I read her blog but I don't - I am only here because someone left a accusation at my blog that I'm copying her ideas. How did I copy her ideas without reading her blog? Gosh, I must be telepathatic! But if I can really read people's minds, I'd rather spend my time at the casino!

    Notice that nobody who left comments here managed to pinpoint exactly what I allegedly "stole" or "borrowed" from HJ. In fact, a few people did not agree that I copied HJ's content and someone asked for links to similar posts.

    All that the other people posted were insults about how I look because they have nothing to say to substantiate the accusation. One man's meat is another's poison; some people might find HJ attractive and not me, and vice versa. There's no shame in being chubby or fat if you think I am. I'm sure some of you readers are chubby! I'm particularly amused by comments that I'm trying to dress like HJ or get HJ's hairstyle! LOL! Is she the only person who is allowed to sport bangs? As I wrote in my previous post [5 rules for happy living], I see no point in comparing myself to anyone else so any comments about who is prettier or has a higher profile cannot faze me.

    Tell me exactly what I "stole" then we can start discussing. But before that, Google the topic and see how many hundreds and thousands of results you get.

  36. Hi HJ, the fact that you did not delete the comment about who the blogger is but instead responded not once but twice to those comments shows your approval that the blogger whom you are accusing is me. Your elaborate explanatio9n also says something. What's the big deal about naming the person unless you're afraid of being sued for making groundless accusations? If it's not me just say so, and we can stop this immediately.
    My earlier response was to all who posted comments at your blog. I used the word "her" instead of "you", meaning I was not talking directly to you.

  37. round 1:FIGHT!

  38. Anonymous1:55 am

    Hi HJ, the fact that you did not delete the comment about who the blogger is but instead responded not once but twice to those comments shows your approval that the blogger whom you are accusing is me. - as much as I don't like you Yu-kym, I have to agree with you on this.

  39. Anonymous3:02 am

    Haiz, this is beginning to turn into another Xiaxue vs Dawn saga.

    Whats the point???

  40. Anonymous3:49 am

    New epidemic. Bitch Flu.
    Now i feel that HJ instigated and allowed it to flow. YK is just reacting naturally.
    Should we stand ring side and watch them claw 1 another? I'd say live and let live. Next entry pls..

  41. Anonymous10:30 am

    its not doing HJ much harm - and puts the spotlight on YK now to try to be more original - plus blog awards and advertisers love it - all publicity is good - who knows , maybe they cooked it up together :-)

  42. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Hi Both,

    Does it makes a single sense to complain here or even cat fight? Got the feeling that someone is trying to use the news to play up their blog and trying to gain some pity vote and agreement. If as per HJ that she does not want to sloop to the low lvl as Yim, then she will not even mention the topic here (Intention unclear). The best way is to better equip oneself is to write better blog (To reward your fan) and not trying to cook up news.
    Lastly, i want to remind all that, it will be very lowly of one if she try to play down other instead of producing good result. By the way, critizing the other person photo is also consider as very low unless you can prove that you are super chio or yandao. By the way, i am in no way related or fan of Yim, it is just that i realize that this is getting more and more childish that i decide to post my 2 cents

    ========Blog definition ========
    A blog (a contraction of the term "weblog")[1] is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.


  43. Anonymous5:05 pm

    omg... she just copied your dirty dick post! !!! very brave

  44. Anonymous5:37 pm

    HJ probably do not edit her comments thats why when the reader said it was YK, she didnt delete it. duhhhh

    to YK, if you wanted to correct HJ's usage of grammar, do have the brains to do some research before trying to correct others. There is such a thing called judgements with the S. Now you are looking ugly. i meant uglier. LOL :)

  45. Anonymous11:22 pm

    "critizing the other person photo is also consider as very low"

    How can honest comments be criticism?
    I think her photos look ugly...that's my prerogative regardless I am good looking or not.

  46. Anonymous11:55 pm

    HJ has no rights to accuse anybody of blog theft without any kind of evidence to the alleged copying.
    Now, that's low.

  47. Anonymous6:20 am

    haha and if you go on her blog and comment something about this shit, she'll just delete it :p

  48. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Hi Holly,

    I think she is ugly. I just checked out her pics. She doesn't know how to pose to capture her best angels and her waistline has no indentations to the sides which make her waistline seems very thick. All she was good at was to thrust her boobs out so much. God!!! What a loser.

  49. maxfusion8:16 pm

    Hi Holly

    you look much better than "her".
    i think she is a attention grabber by showing her bare back body to the media because she doesnt have the looks to be famous. think about it, if someone is pretty, would you need to post such photos.

  50. so the point of YK posting here is to? definitely not defensive at all.

    just go about posting what you're posting then, if you're not following HJ. are your actions now really clearing your name or whatever?

    better to let everyone think you're a fool, than to open your mouth and confirm it.

    this does make for good drama though.

  51. Anonymous1:32 am

    Omg why are so many anon commenting on whatever she looks n post. bloody shallow, retarded and offending posts. no objectivity or partiality. U ppl are subjects of observation by 2 women who might just be in cahoots to see reactions from a stir.

  52. Anonymous8:31 pm

    aiya YK just shut up la if you are posting as anonymous, defending ur looks.

  53. Anonymous11:59 pm

    aiya Anonymous shut up la i hope ur wives and descendants get the same treatment and retribution

  54. Anonymous6:53 pm

    always support HJ....

  55. Rebecca8:24 pm

    Omg YuKym is so fucking disgusting with her saggy boobs , no figure please ? Call her go fuck the wall , talk about sex and stuffs which is obviously copying you. & bet she can't even get laid with that pathetic figure. OMG i really can't stand it but laugh at the fact to complete HJ with you. for media sake? laughs

  56. Anonymous6:25 am

    Singapore Men are more HIGH CLASS!

    Because we always stay very COOL!

    Be a COOL MAN or COOL GIRL ok?

  57. Anonymous6:51 am

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  58. anon6.25- erm.. ok I'll be cool lol

    anon6.51- yes.. tht's me

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