Want a Free Dress?

As promised, I've arranged with my clothes sponsors Annyee.com to dress one of my readers for free!

This is the dress I've picked out for you. In PINK! As the majority of my female readers are also pink lovers like me!

So let's get started.

What do you have to do?
Simply email me (hollyjean69@hotmail.com) with:

1. Your Name (or nickname)
2. Confession: Your worst fashion mistake (in less than 50 words please). Can be bad choice of clothes... or hair style... etc
3. Optional: If you have a picture of your fashion mistake, do share it! (I can black out your face if you want). If you don't have pics, it's ok... just keep those entries coming!
4. Your dress size (UK6, UK8, UK10 or UK12 only). [Dress size is not going to be published, I'll need it when arranging for the dress to be delivered to the winner].

Only one entry per person. Closing date is midnight (Singapore time) on June 10th.
On June 11th, I will pick the Top 5 (or maybe 10) entries and put them all in a blog post.
It will look something like this: (Don't laugh ah)

1) Holly Jean.

When I was a scrawny teenager, I thought it was cool to wear ultra crop tops. Wore them shopping, clubbing... everything! (Pic was taken around 1997, hence the disgustingly high waistline too!)


Bet you laughed at me. I think it's good to look back and laugh at our mistakes.

Anyway..... From June 11th to June 14th(Midnight), readers will get to vote who has the "best" fashion mistake. Winner will be officially announced on June 15th and will receive the dress (via local post only) within 1 week of the end of voting.
Boys are welcome to participate, maybe give the dress to your GF :)
If this works out well... and is good fun, I'm hoping to organise more give-aways and contests soon! :)


  1. Anonymous1:26 am

    lol.. I have worse fashion mistakes! I will see if I can dig out any old pics and send in my entry :DDDDDD


  2. Holly, that was the "in style" that time so it probably wasn't a mistake! :)

  3. Looking back at those times.. I feel disgusted with myself.

    I'm surprised I had GFs who didn't mind going clubbing with me and hanging out. Cos I think (now) if someone dresses like tht ... I'd avoid her.. or feel like slapping her.


  4. kingkon9:52 pm

    look like a drug addict..

  5. samantha1:12 pm

    OMg. so skinny. just bones. And SMALL bones too! U looked so fragile.

    I prefer your body now. Very fit.

  6. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Holly Jean, i remember when you were in LYS, you look skinny and dark, like a monkey.

    You have a very pimply face with deep scars and shamelessly try to date your "so-called handsome" men who looks half way into sleepy hollow.

    Your hair looks and feels oily, i also remember you want your foot into every pageants, prom queens, beauty contests, drag queen contests etc, are you still into that now at that ripe old age? have you even won any??

    You still have your specky and fat friend with you now or you dumped them because you perceive yourself as someone so gorgeous?

  7. Hi Anon 4.01- yep.. I haven't changed.. still dark like a "Monkey", only perhaps not as skinny as before (but getting there!).

    Dunnoe who the sleepy hollow guy is...

    yeah.. had my share of pimples.. like any teen... but no deep scars.. otherwise I'd still have them :S

    Wish my hair were oilier, but I actually tend to have dry hair.

    wow.. you must really hate me to be this way. wonder if I provoked you in any way.

    Jealousy is a sad disease.

    Get well soon.



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