Singapore Blog Awards! Vote For ME!

(Update: The Links work now)

To many... this may be no big deal... but to me, it is a milestone in my blogging life.

I'm a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards this year! In the Best Lifestyle Blog category.

It's the very first time I'm in the running for such an award...
I'm so pleased because I remember that when I started blogging a couple of years ago.. I was practically just blogging to myself. I'm so proud that I didn't give up and my readership has grown.

But of course, I would never have made it this far if not for you.. Thank you so much :)

The winner of the award will be determined by a panel of judges as well as Votes.

I definitely need your help. You can go to and register (just basic details needed like name and email etc)... then click on "View and vote for finalists!". Click Best lifestyle Blog category and vote for me by clicking on the word "VOTE" in my thumbnail. You can only vote once per day... I appreciate every bit of support you can give me :)
Voters stand a chance to win prizes too.

Thank you all so much :D
I'll keep you updated.


  1. Anonymous1:54 pm


  2. All the best Holly.....i will try to vote for you every day....just hope that i got the time...or even remember to do so...will appreciate if you could 'remind' us daily in ur blog, since i read ur blog everyday. all the best, all the best!!!!!

  3. Anonymous7:37 pm

    eh.. is it me or what. i clicked on the link and it says no server found. tried a few times.

  4. Anonymous10:42 pm

    i cnt seem to open the link. or is it just me?

  5. Voted for ya! :) Good luck!

  6. Anonymous2:30 pm

    good luck... i will do it every day...


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