Quick Update of Wedding Shoes and Holes

This is my best friend, F. Think I've mentioned before that she works in Indonesia and has been doing so for the last 3 years.
We went to pick out her wedding shoes. Though there wasn't much PICKING going on... this was the first pair of shoes she tried on and she wanted them. They're elegant and pretty :) I'm going to wear a long dress to her wedding next month... so I thought I better dig out the only 2 long dresses I have in my wardrobe... to try on. And guess what?
Bailey bit holes in BOTH dresses!!! One of his favourite spots to play around is at the back of my clothes rails.... particularly behind my long dresses. I always thought it was because it was comfy there. I myself loved to dive in and out of clothes racks when I went shopping with my mom (when I was a child).

So my options now are- Get a new Dress? Cut these dresses shorter and hem them up? or Stitch the holes up? I think I'll stitch them up... because the holes are very low, around the ankle/lower calf area... and I don't think anyone will notice them. :( We'll see.
This is the culprit who had a chewing good time at my expense. Maybe Bailey's just trying to get back at me for putting bows in his hair and making him a girl rabbit. :)
I've been giving this- Sex. How Soon Is Too Soon? Or Too Late - thing some thought and I'll give my view on it later tonight. By the way... I'm cooking fish for dinner tonight! I haven't tried fish in a long while because the last couple of times I tried cooking fish, it smelled, looked and tasted horrible (any tips?)
Update you later.
Oh.. and a big thank you to those who have been voting for me daily and even left positive comments about my blog on the voting site. :) I apreciate it very much. Don't froget to vote today as well!


curious cat said…
Bailey is so cute!!!!!!!!!!

And ur fren made the right choice of shoes... every elegant.
Anonymous said…
Whats happened to the pet dog you had? Did it move across with you to the condo?
Holly Jean said…
no... Cookie is at my friend's place, where she has a garden to run around. :)
Anonymous said…
Where did you go to buy the shoes? They're really nice!
Holly Jean said…
The shoes were from Vincci, Isetan Tampines.

Here's a fab pair tht AnnYee is sending to me too


(but i opted for the black ones to wear to the wedding even though the white pair is sooooooo sweet... (can't upstage the bride la..) so I'll wear black and not white.

Can't wait to see the outfit annyee will sponsor me for the event :)
Holly Jean said…

whoops wrong link previously
Enigmaysl said…
Cooking Fish?? Try seabass (just fillet), marinate with salt/ cayenne pepper and then soya sauce and... coat the skin with sesame before frying skin down first... serve with mash and rocket salad :)

No smell and its real yummy....
Holly Jean said…
you mean sesame OIL? or the seeds?

tht will make the skin crisp? cos i tried to do it tht night, and the skin didn't crisp up... ( i wanted it like the chinese restaurants fried seabass in soy sauce.)
Enigmaysl said…
Sesame seeds makes it real fragrant but
More western if paired with mash and rocketm
Try coating the seabass fillet with cornflour before frying it.
Heat up soya sauce, sesame oil and shred some spring onion before pouring it over the fried fish :)