Get Your Glow

The latest issue of GLOW has arrived!In this issue look out for the chance to win the cover model's makeup collection. So you can recreate that natural Glow Look for yourself. And there are also fabulous GLOW discounts and deals on page 82.

The Drab to Fab Hair section will show you tips and diy solutions to help correct problems such as hair loss. Plus a Health Report which gives you an insight on the appropriate health checks you should do for your age group.

Want to look good & feel great?
Check out the Glow Workshop on page 80.
It's on 15 August 2009 at Hotel Intercontinental

(Registration fee: $25 - inclusive of goodie bag and light refreshments!)

And this issue also comes with a pretty freebie pouch!

Here are the 3 different designs:

My favourite is the one with cute birdies.It's multi-purpose... can hold anything and everything....Cosmetics... tampons... money... I'm going to use my pouch to hold tiny undies so they don't get lost in my luggage when travelling.

Go get yours....

Out in all Watsons Stores Now!
Price: Still the same S$2 but packed with more information and your freebie!

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  1. Anonymous2:48 pm

    just got a copy today. I wanted the birdie bag too... but the outlet I went to only had the flowers patterns.

    will look in other outlets. only $2.. cheeeeepppp!

  2. I got both the birdie and flower patterned bag!
    It's so cute!
    Thanks Ms Holly(:


  3. Great :) I love the birdie one.

    and it's a good mag as well! good info and tips inside.

  4. holly!! i got the birdie one too at the first Watson's i popped by! (:

    might get the pink flower one too!

  5. :) it's a great freebie


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