S Factor Episode 7 - Was it a FIX ?!

Here are videos Part 1 to 4.

I haven't been saying much about the show because I'm contracted not to reveal anything about the episodes.

But it isn't in my contract not to have opinions about it. So here goes...

This episode just seemed very skewed... against Sherine.

She won the first round. But Max's big "Confession" wasn't just that the challenge was based on character and not timing... but that ALL the girls would go to the next challenge.

Just makes me feel like the first round was pretty redundant... and their points system?? It was so arbitrary... not based on a set of guidelines, like a real judging should. If you just give any old point to the girl (eg. 6.5 upon 10)... but it's based on a feeling rather than a set scale... then it's not fair really.

I don't particularly favour Sherine over the other two girls. But in all honesty, she did come out being the least sincere in the Kissing-Mother's-Ass challenge. But then again... the mothers would never have deemed her less sincere than the rest... without the incriminating videos that the producers showed the mothers(and viewers).

She was definitely at a disadvantage. The producers knew the question would be about children... Sherine is in reality sometimes saying she wants children (because her husband wants 2 kids) and sometimes saying she doesn't want any (eeks...childbirth!). And the producers show the mothers only the clip of her saying she didn't want kids. How does one wriggle out of that? It's not as if she's a less sincere person than the other two in reality... but just tht she had arse luck because the clips were very incriminating. While KayKay's and Sonia clips were mild in comparison.

Could the producers not come up with more incriminating clips of the other two girls? Perhaps one of Sonia's aggression towards Kris? Or Kaykay's teasing of Kris because she did not speak well? Of course they could. Maybe it was an oversight... maybe it was tactical. I don't know.

What do you all think??


  1. Anonymous4:02 pm

    not juz episode7. but i think all out in the show Kaykay was always put in safe position. I wun be surprised if in the end she win.

  2. Anonymous5:10 pm

    ya, the whole show is fixed for their 2 faves, kay kay and sonia. like in the "talent and personality challenge" episode, it was AMAZING how the two most inarticulate people (sonia and xuesha)were comveninently saved from the blind date challenge, which i'm sure would have absolutely RUINED them since one can't even string 5 words together and the other can't speak properly.

    in the talent section of that episode, judges picked sonia as the winner for what, being able to move her abs with some smiley face drawn on them (i know it's not easy but neither is tying knots in cherry stalks) and wiggling her eyebrows? bullshit! give me a break! and then conveniently she can pick someone else to save which would of course be one of her posse. definitely fixed la.

  3. Anonymous6:08 pm

    There were talks that Kaykay was in this to win. Afterall, she was on 2 other shows, Girl on Girl and Chick vs Dick, which are both done by the same production people. Its as if they knew Kaykay would eventually turned out to be a hot favourite. Which she did.

    Since the day Sonia came back in the wild card challenge, it was quite apparent to me she would be put into the finals. Every of the girls (as edited on tv) seems to view Sonia as their biggest threat (which I believe is why you, Holly, voted her out on episode 3 too).

    As for Sherine, it was obvious she was going home (even before the mother's challenge) when Max, who claimed whoever won the first challenge will earn immunity, yet denying it once Sherine turned out to be the winner.

    Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised the finals' fixed. It makes good television at the end of the day. The hot favourite vs the tough competitor. And I'm expecting Kaykay to win, though I would have personally pick Sonia. She definitely seems more genuine as a person.

    Also, I believe alot of editing was done to Kaykay's favour.

    Well Holly, do share more about the show with us once the last episode's aired!! You looked pissed at some point on the finals' interstitial!!

  4. Anonymous7:14 pm

    They cant show Sonia's agression/bitchiness as well as Kaykay's teasing towards kris because if they show it to the 2 mothers who are judging, Both of them, their image will totally be screwed, and CONFIRM the mother will NEVER want their son's wife to be like them kind? And this show is absolutely bias as they already like "pre-selected" their finalists to be Sonia and Kaykay, which is so unfair. Seriously, no doubt both girls are sexy and hot but character/personality wise, they dont have it at all, i cant imagine what kind of guy will fall head over heels on them? Are you sure Sonia and Kaykay really DESERVED to be the final 2 in the first place?

    U mean to say a person who could simply just dont like another girl like Kris for no-damn bloody reason,and use personal attacks during a debate (obviously this person is Sonia) really is considered one of the best finalist in the show????

    On the other hand, a person who is dishonest, not responsible for her actions and only denies it(the case where she throw the cream pie onto Jessica's eyes and kept denying she did so, like wth? jus own up to your actions and apologize and full stop! still got the cheek to "huh? what did i do? i dont rmb throwing onto her face...") SUCH A PERSON (obviously this person is KayKay) really deserves to be one of the best finalist as well????

    I'm really disappointed in how the show turns out to be. I dont hate the show at all. I just strongly feel that it fails to meet the show's objective of " in search for the ideal woman from a guy's point of view.." so Sonia & Kaykay are the IDEAL WOMAN we should look up to? -_-


  5. It's quite unfair. I can't believe that the last 2 remaining are Kay Kay and Sonia. I think there are other girls who deserve to be in the finals but were eliminated stupidly such as wrestling??? THat is so *&%!!@%$ idiotic and stupid.

    Guys, do you find women who are able to wrestle sexy, smart and cool?
    Dumb, isn't it?

    Yes, as you can see...I think you were eliminated wrongly and I think you deserve to be in the finals, Holly.

  6. Anonymous11:48 pm

    take about corruption here(wheres the coffee money!!!)...think the producer of s-factor and the fhm team are in it together..all these for viewership.

  7. Anonymous1:06 am

    hey holly,

    thanks for writing about it! that was literally the first thing that came to mind when the first challenge didn't turn out to be immunity. the producers were obviously pretty bias here!

    anyway, your blog is really interesting! and i'm starting to visit it on a daily basis!

    btw, i'm in UK and i hope you're enjoying your time in europe as well! xx

  8. Anonymous1:13 am

    Kris is hot, she's in the latest FHM. What is "S" in S factor supposed to stand for? With every week it becomes clearer that its becoming either silly, stupid, slutty with all the bitching, demeaning contests, or slanted episodes. Now this is stuff Aware should come out to comment on- protrayal of women on TV

  9. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Yes I think Kay Kay would win in the end too because this show is to make her be well-known to the public, and who knows, 1-2 years later she might alrdy be acting in Channel 5's TV shows, as a lead.

  10. Ashtanga12:16 pm

    well guys... life's a bitch.

  11. so obvious lah..FIXED..when i the host says all go through the 2nd challenge..WTF? can anyhow change rules meh..

    no quality at all la this show..cheap entertainment..producer/director nothing better to do haha

    i do enjoy the shows though hahaha..

  12. Anonymous1:55 pm

    it's all about connection, you know people, you win the game. so i think we all know who is going to win.

  13. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Yes it is so fixed

  14. YES Sherine was put at such a disadvantage!

    I was wondering what they were gg to do to bring her out of the show (cause its so obvious she's not the 1 the producers wanted to keep) since she's nicer and would surely win the heart challenge. Thought i heard wrongly about gaining immunity from the 1st challenge. Oh well.

    Love that u blogged about this! (:

  15. Yeah babe, same sentiments..wrote the same on my bloggie too.. anyone can see the 'obvious'.. but then it's never a fair world out there, isnt it?

    EnJoy yr trip and see U back here soon =)

  16. omg yes i also share the same sentiments.
    my sister and i was like omg why didnt they take other sort of videos. even for sonia... about her playful monkey acting behaviour? it doesnt really quite reflect badly on her i feel.

    i really feel these are all planned for. :|

  17. Anonymous10:06 am

    yes. agree. Sherine's nicer than Sonia in terms of personality. She isn't mean like her.And I think Sherine's prettier.
    Anyway, all reality shows and pageants seem unfair. Not surprising the producers are biased.
    Sherine's married????

  18. Anonymous11:52 am

    Yep i certainly agree with you. This show was fixed from the start.
    Why bring in Sonia halfway thru? They purposely made her pit against the weakest girl so she could win the match easily.

    Secondly, yes this challenge was the give away. Sherine shd haf gotten immunity but she didn't.

    Its very obvious who they wanted in the finals- Sonia n Kay kay for very obvious reasons that they do not have full time jobs and can help model for FHM.

  19. Anonymous6:03 pm


  20. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Its reality TV. there MUST be someone who will be portrayed badly... in this case it is sherine. but that doesnt explain why she closed her blog before the show was aired.

  21. Anonymous9:14 pm

    what's sherine's blog? I kinda like her. I used to like KK cos of her eloquence and looks and when she was on Girl on Girl. On S factor she just looks nothing more than a bitch, bringing others down.

  22. Anonymous12:56 am

    I think Sherine closes her blog because of occupational reason. I am from her company and we are not allowed to blog supposedly.

  23. mm..she juz re-open her blog.. http://scaklicious.blogspot.com/ actually working in govt boards or orgns doent mean u are not allowed to have personal blogs so long as u knw draw the line betwn wat's official and personal.. i juz read her blog and she seems like a nice person.. perhaps being on TV at times meant putting on another persona...

  24. Lesbian Gal12:31 pm

    the show was very much geared towards/ biased/ protective of SONIA.

    can very much see that its SONIA who would win.

    lets have a bet shall we?

  25. Yes, this is all very weird... Personally, I feel sorry for Sherine, I do too, sometimes say I want kids, and then out of fear of pain, say I wouldn't want any.
    It's normal isn't it!!!

    IT'S FIXED. most likely, FHM wanted sonia/kaykay to be the model, so they had to gear it towards that direction...

  26. Anonymous12:48 am

    from episode 4: wildcard onwards, i've already guessed how this show will end.

    watch how conveniently they brought sonia back into game after you booted her out! that episode alone makes the other previous 3 totally redundant. jessica and the other girl are just extras brought back into the game to make it seems less obvious.

    but we viewers are not fools. obviously fixed.

  27. Anonymous4:04 am

    Holly, please tell us more about the last episode of S Factor!! Out of the whole bunch, you seem like the most SANE one!


  28. Anonymous12:03 pm

    I wish you stayed longer Holly! It'd have made a much better (less one sided) show.
    I agree with you that KK is quite like the queen bee (a position i originally thought sonia occupied) and honestly, even though we can justly find that kk does fare better than sonia in of the many aspects compared in this competition, I absolutely hated it when she won!! It's like mean girls all over again! Only that nobody got hit over by a bus...

  29. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Holly, I thought you did well in the show.

    The last episode of S Factor was appalling. Kay Kay was all out to defend herself - having made nasty comments on most of the girls. K gives an impression that she's a precocious(or so she thinks) brat, who gives no qualms about her opinions of others. Well, Kudos to Sherine for getting back at the nasty Queen Bee.

    Here's to Kay Kay -
    Learn not to shit where you eat. Welcome to the real world. You can't always get your way, K! Quit being opinionated...all the time. Having been from RJ...I'm utterly disappointed. And, if someone else doesn't find your joke funny...live with it.

    And K, lose the fake eye lashes and show your beady eyes. The raw shots on the mediacorp site, clearly shows that, your cover looks is not el natural...

  30. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Dear All,

    The Media plays a huge role in changing the public's perception on the people they feature. The producers of S Factor - also the producers of Chick vs. Dick - had not done their part to ensure impartiality.

    Though I wish to remain anonymous, just a quick note, I had no involvements in the production of the show. But, I plea, for all, to view the blogs of Sherine and Holly. Understand that the Media does play favourites, where certain scenes were omitted to demean the girls.

    Sherine's blog:http://scaklicious.blogspot.com/

    http://www.holly jean.blogspot.com/

    The show's rig. Kindly view the clip on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3c7U3Pzj18), fast forward the time bar to 1.19 -1.23 secs. Max mentioned that whoever won the challenge (with the kids) would secure immunity. And, guess what...it never happened. Here's the awful truth. It was an unfair advantage to Sherine. We need Michael Moore to sniff this out.

  31. Anonymous12:57 pm

    MCS was obviously biased against Sherine and wanted the ah qua sonia and bitchy kay kay in the final! Sherine won Ep 7 1st round but she did not get the immunity as mentioned by the host twice.

    Still, I'm glad bitchy kay kay won the competition instead of that ah qua.

  32. Hey Holly,

    Thanks for your comments on this and it's most interesting that people actually think that the show is rigged. Am pretty sure everyone would say that just because I'm a producer of the show and I'm just defending our integrity on it, but honestly, the public gives us too much credit in situations like this.

    Each episode has been pre-planned weeks ahead of production because our team has to plan the challenges, the mechanics of the show, the script for Max, the props, the filming schedule, etc. On set, we're usually busy setting up, filming, getting interviews, running around, hence, we most certainly don't have the time to plan for major tactical changes on the fly! :)

    As much as conspiracy theories are so much more fun to believe, reality shows are not rigged. Yes, we plan for activities to encourage action, but we aren't god and we can't decide on the winner.

    Just fyi though, the videos showed to the mums are much longer than the clips you saw in the final episode but we can't show that in the edit because of the time constraints. All three videos of the girls alone would have made up an entire episode on its own! LOL!

    Anyway, have a great holiday. :) And thanks for sharing about this. It's been quite interesting to hear what the public has to say.

  33. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Oh come on, for the last 2 episodes, it was totally up to the production team to decide who won. What's the point of letting the other girls vote in the last episode when the 3 judges could easily overturn the decision with their 75% weightage.

    S factor claims to be searching for the perfect girl. I think I'm speaking for the general public when I say that Kaykay is far from that. The show has revealed her ugliest side and I guess for that she probably deserves the $10k.

  34. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Hi Sherine,

    I've been rooting for Sonia and is quite disgusted that kk emerged the winner even though Sonia's answer is better and more genuine.

    What are the show trying to say? Aiming for fame and recognition while backstabbing your friends is better than treating your mum well and being loyal to friends?

    What kind of stupid judging is that?

    And producers, if you want to edit show to favour certain people. I think you succeeded in favouring Sonia while ruining KK's popularity in one episode. Perhaps that's the aim, if so, brilliant work!

  35. Anonymous11:26 pm

    i wonder why that idiot said hi to sherine, anyway...holly u look hotter on your blog than on tv. It is actually obvious that the show is rigged, like most competitions, the one with the biggest profile will always win. Think about it, if they do not win, the modelling or talent agencies will not send them for future competitions.

  36. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Hi Joan,

    公道自在人心. N dat explains y most of us think producers have a part in E outcome. Do try to explain Y KK has the printscreens ready in hand before the show. We r at all ears.

  37. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Or r the printscreens Props as well my dear producer?

  38. Anonymous12:57 am

    Thanks for all your interest in the show. Since you all seem to have so many questions for the producers, could you post them at http://www.clicknetwork.tv/forum/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=20

    I'll be glad to answer them there so ask me anything! Sorry I don't have an account here...

    -Gillian, Director of 'S Factor'

  39. Anonymous3:32 am

    heh Dont have an account here still post? best, even post also contradicts. Wat can one expect from the show? It is ok la, we all talk here, more pple reading here. That website leave for you all producers to talk ba. hahaha.

  40. Anonymous3:10 am

    IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!!!!! SHERLINE LIED ABOUT HER PLASTIC SURGERY AND EVERYTHING. IT DOESNT MATTER SHE COULD HAVE SAID " The truth is.... i dont really want to have children..." So you just admitted that the producers already knows she is a liar so they played that clips. Winners shouldnt be liars in the first place.

  41. Anonymous3:23 am

    Then like that YanKayKay also cannot win lah! She herself lied to the blind dates judges what.


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