S Factor Episode 6

Here are the clips to episode 6.

- Thanks for all the well wishes... we'll fly to Spain on Thursday. Day 2 at Eastbourne now (it's about 1.30pm in Singapore now, but 6.30 am here in England. I'm so hungry waiting for breakfast now when my Made-in-Singapore body is telling me it's already Lunch time!!! Hungry!!!)


Anonymous said…
Four days in England? Is that enough?
Anonymous said…
hi. I'm an avid reader of your blog and enjoy your posts. I was wondering, do you take part in online sprees? If you do, you should write about them and how we can take part in these online mass orders. Cos i have absolutely no idea how i go about it.
Holly Jean said…
nope i don't do online sprees... will write if I find anything of interest. :)

4 days in eastbourne and brighton ish. then spain. then London.