S factor Ep 5 Videos

No real drama in this episode... apart from Sonia acting like a monkey (literally) after a couple of drinks. But honestly... we all have moments like this! Maybe my animal of choice might not have been an ape.... and I probably would not have done it in front of a hidden camera that I detected.

She may have been out of line in previous episode with her personal attacks on Kris. But this episode... I have no gripes with, it was harmless and it certainly looked like she had fun! :)


  1. Anonymous12:50 am

    hi holly

    what do u think of kay kay?

  2. I think she's a smart and sexy girl.

    I over analyse most things so .. not sure if tht's what you're asking.

    but delving a bit deeper- would she be the kind of girl I were drawn to as a friend? probably not. different personalities, and very different lifestyles i guess. not saying tht hers are wrong or mine are. just different..

    but in general - on the show, she was never nasty (in person) or rude to me.

    I don't know abt gossip behind my back.. but am not really bothered by tht anyway. I have always not been a "clique-ish" person since I was a child...

  3. Anonymous2:57 pm

    hi holly, im a lesbian myself.
    are there any lesbians in the show..
    and if there is.. that girl must have felt really horny and aroused with you sexy girls around.

    kay kay turns me on, how i wish i can touch her breasts..

  4. Anonymous3:03 pm

    U dun kaysiao. u not lesbian. If ur a female you wld have notice her breasts are implants lor! can't u see the shape. same as sonia

  5. Anonymous7:51 pm

    wad i kaysiao? do you think a person could know whether another girl's breasts are real or fake?

    lol... do u think one would lie about being a lesbian?

    im not do BO LIAO. if im a guy better, i can get girls legally and upright.

    lesbians are not easy to open up and find a girlfriend then a guy does.


    if i can contact u, can u PLEASE tell me how to see whether girl's boobs are real or fake?!?!?!

  6. Anonymous7:52 pm

    how to know whether girls' boobs are real or fake??


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