Pop Eyeshadow Colours!

Colours evolve each and every season. And a myriad of stronger and brighter colours will be seen in Summer trends this year. So, where can you use this summer's trendy colors on your face without looking like a fright???

The EYES, of course.

Bright colours are attention grabbers and a great way to add fun to any boring make up routine.

How to use bright eyeshadow?

Depending on your outfit and how daring you are with your makeup, pop eyeshadow colours can be subtle or bold.

TIP: If you’re wearing bright colors on your eyes, keep the rest of your makeup neutral. When using pop colours, I like to use just one colour but applied in gradation instead of using 2 or more different colours on the eyelids.

Step 1: Apply colour over lid.

There are 27 shades of ettusais colours to choose from! Click here to view all colours.
Sweep on colour starting from your lash line and blending upwards to create a gradation.

Step 2: Line eyes with a black eyeliner... or I like to use ettusais' pencil eye glitter ($23) for nights out. It gives that extra sparkle. Click here for more info on that.Optional Step 3: Using a damp liner brush (any flat brush), dip into yeyshadow, place close to lower lash line and blend.

Optional step 4: Illuminate just under the eyebrow area with this highlighter.

I've just experimented with 2 different summer pop eyeshadow colours... but not sure which looks better on me. The Green or Orange?

Green: I used GR2 for the eyelid. Then I lined the bottom lash line black eye pencil.
Orange : I used OR1 for the eyelid. And gold pencil eye glitter to line both top and bottom lash lines.
Thanks in advance and.... Enjoy a colourful Summer!


  1. Definitely the green!

  2. Definitely the green!

  3. i envy girls who can wear bright coloured eyeshadow and not look like a transvestite or some lost 12 yr old girl, because I personally just cant!!!

  4. thnx Traveller.. I do like the freshness of the green.

    Sara... I used to think just like you. Because I'm tanned so I thought I should not wear too bright colours. But these colours glide on so easily, makes blending effortless. And if ur afraid of looking overdone... just start with a little colour and add on as you go along. Just can pop to any ettusais counter and try these babies out... see if it suits you.

  5. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Ooh wow, Great entry :)


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