Easy DIY Nail Art Steps

ettusais Vacance Nail - Ice Cream Paradise 2009

15 delicious ice-cream shades available - Click here to View Shades
They come in cute mini-sized bottles. Great for the summer holidays because they're so compact you can bring all your favourite shades along with you. And at only $4 each.. you can experiment with MORE colours.

The colours are bright, vibrant and quick drying. Great for nail art!

Here are 3 of my fool-proof easy designs for beginners:

I shall call this design -The Stardust
Glitter is so easy to use! For the base- I used one coat of Frozen Yoghurt (no.3). Then I painted a light coat of glitter Argent(no.15) over it. After about a minute, I used Argent again but this time I only painted on the outer right corner of the nail. This gives a gradation effect.

And this design is - Candy JazzI used one coat of Frozen Yoghurt (no.3) for the base. Then I painted top-left corner and bottom right corner of the nail with Strawberry Milk (no.4), leaving a strip of the Frozen Yoghurt showing. And on that middle stripe, I jazzed it up with a diagonal stroke of Argent(no.15).

The easiest but most fun- More Sprinkles PleaseFrozen Yoghurt as the base, and then colours of your choice as sprinkles! All you need to do is dot them on (i use the back of a paintbrush, but anything with a point on it will do). I used Blue hawaii (9), wild cherry (11) and Rich Banana (8).

If you're clueless about nail art or want to learn a new trick or two... check these out:


I'm flying off this evening... but I'll post on SFactor before I leave...(sorry.. have not had the time yet....will probably write it at the airport while waiting).


  1. hihi first!!

    awaiting for your sfactor post wahaha!!

  2. errr... the first and second nails are pretty

    but the sprinkles one CMI. so ugly lah!

    Thnx for the info on the nails workshop.. I need to learn how to do.

  3. yap looking forward to ur S factor post. btw those "ice-cream" look so yummy lol!

  4. Hi Holly
    I first watched S Factor 2 wks back on Youtube and I liked u immediately (compared to the rest of the contestants). Haha. Thought u were the wisest and most decent out of the rest. Anyway those are pretty nails (last 1 looked funny though, with the sprinkles).



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