... and you don't have to learn that in University.

Even though I have had the privilege of having higher education... the most important lessons in life... I learnt from life itself.

And one of of those lessons is that - sex sells. And of course, for the benefit of those who like to jump to conclusions, I should clarify that by sex.. I mean sexuality, and not the act of sexual intercourse itself (although I'm sure, that sells just as well).
Which brings me to my point of contention today- This Article written on March 29 (Can Local Programming Get Any Worse?) . Writer Jian rants about Mediacorp producing shit programmes and that -"Ideally, they should be producing television shows that are compelling, meaningful, have universal appeal and help Singaporeans and global audiences alike make sense of life in the ever-changing world."

My response to Jian, who claims not to understand why Mediacorp is producing yet another programme like this (after Grid Girls, and Eye for a Guy, etc) is that it sells. Sex has been employed in media and advertising since the beginning. If it continues to be a driver for many TV programmes, then it must be working!

I'm not against having "television shows that are compelling, meaningful, have universal appeal". But the key is having variety.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having programmes which set out simply to entertain. If everything on TV had to have a snooty higher order purpose ... we'd all be bored shitless.


He then goes on to talk about 'the male gaze' and objectifying women.

Where do I even start with that?! (I do want to go to bed soon).

Well, the crux of it for me would be... that women are not victims. The 'male gaze' is just some feminist ideology which puts forth the victim-oriented premise of a woman's status as a passive object.

I am not a victim. I am not a passive object. I know exactly what I am doing.

If a woman chooses to show some skin or exert her sexuality (on screen or in real life), and has the choice and ability to feed the needs of the male ego... who is at whose mercy ? Who has the real power here?

And then a couple of paragraphs later, he goes on to say that he hasn't got an issue with the portrayal of women sexually "That’s not to say I’m deeply offended by the level of indecency. Actually, I’m not."

"What I’m offended by is the level of sheer stupidity."

Well, to that, I say that you've only watched a one minute trailer. You obviously don't know what really went on. Just because there were a few stupid moments in the show does not mean that the whole show is like that.

Even if we (falsely) protrayed every woman as intelligent and free from any flaws... does that make it a reality? No. There are all sorts of women out there and that is what the show reflects.

And also, it doesn't take a genius to understand that if you want the competition to be entertaining, you have to have a whole mix of characters, the reason why the stupid moments have been picked up and shown in the trailers is because people love watching moments like that.

It's mass entertainment. That is how the industry works.
Every programme has to be judged based on its own merits. Of course you cannot compare S-factor on the same grounds as you would the evening news.

Bottom line is.. sex sells... and so does controversy. And people reacting the way Jian has, helps create an even bigger hype and stirs up interest (even before the programme airs!). So on behalf of Mediacorp, I thank you Jian for being part of the marketing master plan. :)

And... here are two more trailers for the show :) Enjoy!


  1. Hi babe, dun bother (i knw u wont :) by wat these comments by ppl like Jian or the rest of those myopic-ones for all along such topics are always controversial but well, i definitely root for U :-)

  2. Anonymous9:19 am

    you seriously think that a woman parading around in a bikini and being judged by men as to whether she is sexier or has better boobs than the next girl is asserting her "real power" ? are you real ?

  3. Anonymous9:41 am

    anon...welcome to the third wave of post-feminism. Essentialist feminism such as the one you have portrayed here serves for the entrapment of women. Just because one wears a turtleneck top to cover her boobs does not mean she has "real power." Reacting perversely to male domination, ie anti-sexuality is a sign of oppression. Female empowerment requires a women to really be free of all judgement, as Holly has referred to earlier. Empowerment means wearing a bikini because you feel like it, because you feel good, as much as wearing a turtleneck makes you feel good, WITHOUT CARING WHAT MEN (AND OTHER OPPRESSIVE WOMEN) THINK.

    -- nn

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Whoops... left the comment above in my bro's name instead (cos it was logged in to his google account).

    but here's what I wanted to say to anon 9.19am-- yes. one may think that the power belongs to the men because they are the ones "judging".

    but the women who "parade" themselves in front of these men weren't force to do so. And didn't do it because they needed to be validated by what these men thought of them.

    come on.

    It was harmless fun... all part of the drama of reality tv. I personally don't peg my self-worth based on what these men thought about me. I choose to do it because I know my confidence/self image isn't going to wobble just because some man passes judgement. haha.

    oh and p/s- it's actually inaccurate to say tht what you saw on the trailer was the girls being judged on the physical. the judging was for the personality and social skills of the girls in mingling round. But of course we'd like to make it seem on the trailer as girls being judged on tits and ass, because it sells... particularly to men. So that's the bait. and they're biting.

    Yes "real power". I am real.

  6. Anonymous11:23 am

    What if you were not good looking... would you still say the same thing and feel the same way?

  7. Anonymous11:49 am

    so you think holly is good-looking and you're not?? wahaha. if you have an insecurity complex you should go for the robinson lectures or just hop down to yun nam/ny skin solutions/london weight management. or you can have plastic surgery like joanne peh. whatever makes you feel good from the outside in to the inside out.

  8. anon 11.32am - I don't think it has anything to do with looks. Doesn't mean someone who is not "good looking" can't be as happy/confident/powerful etc.

    Like NN said - empowerment is feeling good abt yourself "WITHOUT CARING WHAT MEN (AND OTHER OPPRESSIVE WOMEN) THINK "

    Do what you like, live as you please. And yes people will judge you, but that judgement does not become you. Roll your eyes, laugh, giggle, or even be appalled by some of the things people will say about you, but ultimately, know that it all doesn't matter.

  9. bimbo chick lover2:20 pm

    very funny listening to you ladies trying to justify dressing up for and being judged by men as some form of third phase empowerment -and pretending you don"t care what men think and you aren't competing with each other for male attention - how delightfully naive - giggle giggle . Guess all the chicks in their tiny skirts and high heels strutting around clarke quay are 3rd phase too , because they don"t care what men think and don"t need validating by men - well they do a great job in hiding it ho ho ho

  10. Anonymous3:55 pm

    why everything have to connect with woman power or "real power"? it's just a reality show, and i think sex sells, but i am not sure about this show, haha! sorry!!!!

  11. Anonymous9:22 pm

    this is kinda funny. holly jean, u said WHO has the real power? damn...girls have to dress up like that to get attention, to feel attracted, or in what girls always like to "put it", feel's pathetic...girls wear mini skirt to feel confident is the end they have to be so aware by the way they sit and with us guys peeping, it's so's a pity many girls still wear.
    and with the way fashion or media are posting girls as. always at big events, there will girls dresssing like sluts and posing with the camera and all. like sex objects.
    so who has the real power? if girls "want" that power at the sacrifice of their modesty and getting bedded, then sad case.

  12. Anonymous9:29 pm

    "feeling confident" is just a total excuse...
    girls who are not careful go on dressing like that will want day get raped and yeah, good luck on that...

    isn't is sad to wear loose tops and when bending down having to hold on to it...or be careful of guys peeping into it. it's so bloody inconvenient and other words, displaying urself for sex. it's like you're wearing a sign saying "sex" and guys come around and get u.
    girls might say "hey i don't care what men think, i feel confident and as long as i'm confident i'll wear them" pathetic. girls like that gives one thing on our minds "sex" and if u call that real power by telling the guy to do what u want, then you're looking at it the wrong way.

  13. autumn S factor9:34 pm

    hey holly, haven been seen you for a long time and i have been reading your blog recently about the s factor posts.
    I have also readed the essay written by jian about the show and i dont really quite understand what he says actually or some of the replies by various contestants. You were saying about the third wave of post-feminism and although this question really dumb but is there a first wave of post-feminism? and is he trying to mean that women are being objectified in the show even though now is like the new age where women and men are of the same status? sorry for asking so much questions but you really can explain well. Once a teacher always a teacher:)

  14. Anonymous9:41 pm

    owh totally...girls being objectified..
    i came across a video where it's a for fun kinda show with games and audiences and all. and this girl wore a mini skirt, and the guy carried her upside down spreaded her legs wide open and exposed her pussy to the what the hell?

    and if u watch there are those italians or french(can't remember) shows with audiences and all, and the girl sitting in the middle of the stage talking with a guy on some shit, wore a mini dress and it was so difficult for her to sit without covering those parts especially when in front of the audiences. not just in 1 show but all the shows, girls have to dress like that. sad case.

  15. Singapore's media comapny can come up with better media products, but sadly. The majority of Singaporeans don't have the mental ability to accept and appreciate quality products. Thus, there is no need for it.

    It is evident from the fact that some narrow minded Singaporean still stereotypes females in minis as whore/sluts. Its the 21st century, it is about time that these pathetic people know how outdated their thoughts are.

  16. Anonymous12:39 am

    there are better looking "whores/sluts" in somewhere else of the world. haha! just sad for sg.

  17. I was crafting a long response to this and I got bored.

    I notice you're being quite defensive about the show. Which is perfectly understandable - you're part of it after all. Thing is, I would really love to be supportive but I can kind see where that Jian guy is coming from. I can't imagine how this show could serve any other purpose than to satisfy my or others' 'male gaze'. I'm not gonna learn anything new about the world from the show. Going by other Mediacorp productions, I sincerely doubt I'm gonna be even mildly entertained. And while we're on the subject of the girls being humans with personalities and stuff, I'm definitely not gonna find out who they really are behind those skimpy bikinis after watching the show, even the whole season? Hell no. Not from the telly. I'm much better off reading their twitter updates, blogs, facebook accounts, myspace accounts, etc. BUT am I gonna have fodder for a bit of self-indulgence immediately after the show? Yes, and some. I'm watching a tv show with half-dressed nubile girls spanking each other silly with their inadequacies because, well, it's a bunch of half-dressed nubile girls. Nubile girls doing nubile things. And in the comfort of my living room. Why are they even talking? Anyway, I'm more than happy to surrender 100% of my power. I know I can always recharge. All I have to do is to hit a bunch of glowing cylinders.

    If I wanna feel good about myself for not objectifying women, I'll watch the Golden Girls. Them, I will listen to.

    Anyway, to summarise, I believe you when you say you're doing this for the fun of it, because I know you. And I do genuinely believe that you honestly don't care what judgement people, particularly men, make of you watching the show. But I honestly don't think we can say the same for the rest of the girls. We've seen some of them in pageants that glorify little other than their bodies, which makes me wonder if there really is anything more than attention and affirmation they're after. Insecurity is a powerless man-bitch, and I know for a fact that attractive people are just as prone to insecurity as the ugly ones. It's strange but I've seen too many examples not to subscribe to it. Anyway, the good news for some of the S-Factor girls is, it's primetime channel 5 so they'll probably get a whole load of it.

    Fuck. I ended crafting a long response anyway.

  18. Anonymous5:21 am

    the comments are really much better than the article itself. haha!

  19. Celestina8:46 am

    Totally agreed!! the comments are indeed much entertaining than te article or perhaps the show ! Especially from Saiful. very objective & opinionated : )

    So, much said & heard, but i guess one man's meat, is another's poision.

  20. I think we're in danger of over intellectualising here... and it will get us no where.

    WIth regards to the show- Girls go on it because they want to improve their exposure... have fun... maybe earn more money (for those who model). Isn't that abt empowerment? Isn't that about choice?


    I can see why feminism has taken so long to be accepted here, esp when I see people leaving comments here which blatantly state that "girls like that gives one thing on our minds "sex" and if u call that real power by telling the guy to do what u want..." WHAT? I thought we have moved beyond this by now... just because a girl chooses to dress a certain way does not mean she's inviting rape. god.

    The programme is what it says on the wrapper. Light entertainment, mildly titilating, some bits funny. It doesn't pretend to be an opinion changing documentary so... my advice would be loosen up ...(and enjoy the tits and ass?) haha

  21. Anonymous12:52 pm

    I'm a female and I totally agree with what Saiful had wrote. Sorry but I can't see how the girls in the show are being empowered by parading around in bikinis and being judged by men but that's just me.
    Yes, I will watch the show (looking forward to it actually) but to me, it's just trash entertainment (no offense meant)

  22. Anonymous1:43 pm

    EwWWWWWW! You r so ugly n gross ( no curve at all? Ms. Plasma body). It help me understand how "ugly" singaporean woman is. Jesus needs bless more for you, hix hix I really feel bad for you. It seem like all singaporean woman would like to post in blog that they r hot even they r not at all. come on bitch. Open ur eyes. If U wanna see pretty woman, let me send some for you. Take a look at them n learn how to shut up. Deepshit

  23. Holly dear, you can't blame your readers for over-intellectualising the issue when you referenced a pretty intellectual article in the first place. Give us a catalyst and some of us will combust with the fury of a magnesium ribbon soaked in err.. hydrochloric acid? Sorry, F for chemistry, but you get the point. Anyway, you responded to his article with a coherent, intellectual argument, which really deserved equally coherent, intellectual responses and that's what some of us tried to give, even if we don't share the same view as you (or aren't as coherent). :)

    But yes, I will definitely enjoy the visual treats. Saiful 0 semi-naked girls 13,267! :)

  24. Err.. Anon 1:43, she really doesn't deserve that. Millions of other blogs to check out. Please just move it along.

    (And yes, yes, you have every right to state your opinion on a public blog, but please, do it with the grace and decency that Jesus will want you to have. Make the man proud.)

  25. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Holly jean, you said girls who dress like that are not inviting rape..duh! who would want that? but i'm saying that rape will come to u if girls continue to dress like that and not being extremely extremely careful.

    girls won't want it, but they make it come to them. sad.

  26. Dear Deepshit... we are not all blessed with such good looks as I'm sure you are. Some of us just have to make the best of what God (or Jesus as you say) gave us. I'm sorry if it's not good enough for you. :)

    Anon 3:34- are you a registered sex offender with the police? is tht the defence you gave in court?

  27. The rapist accusing the victim of inviting the assault...Really Impressive how pathetic males with no self-control come up with such 'qualified' excu...ahem...reasons. :)

  28. for the show - let the girls have some fun with the exposue and trying new things. to be able to say 'hey this is me, and i'm enjoying it' is something we should all aspire everyday of our lives despite the social stereotypes.

    all the criticism arises because alot of women trapped in their kitchens and petty this-milk-powder-is-cheaper talk find it too impossible to accept that other women lead a fuller life. and men with small goals and disappointing achievements know they can never be part of something this exciting - hence calling it stupid.

    seriously, local television is crap. with cheesy storylines (channel 8) and shitty acting (police and thief). the only good show on Channel 5 was CrimeWatch anyway.

    Holly, hope you had fun filming the show! i'm all for more flesh and good humour over dinner~

  29. Anonymous2:56 pm

    yea i agree. local tv is full of craps. e only interesting thing to see is news. lol.
    whatever it is, so as long as the girls have fun filming, why bother rite?
    it's not always they get to do such things.
    and no one is ugly in this world. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  30. I thought the news reported are... 'tabloids' kind of low quality news lol.

  31. Anonymous10:19 pm

    holly jean holly ass.

    whatever the court crap and all, there's another story..i'm talking on the spot i guess u wanna get raped and then charge that rapist in court after being raped? prevention is better cure girl..and with the way u continue dressing, don't be surprise one day u have to charge someone like u said, that is after something has happened to u.

    advice- stop dressing like a slut. be decent girl and respect urself.

  32. Anonymous10:20 pm

    tell me girl, why do u have to dress like that? just give me a few reasons other than the lame 'be confident, feel confident" shit. girls can dress decently yet feel confident..

  33. anon 10:19,

    dude seriously you gotta give the girl a break. she's confident and beautiful and able to flaunt it.

    just cuz u can't get a girl of that calibre - quit being a bitch. when a girl dresses poorly, you'd label her "obedient and dull" and lust for someone else. when a girl dresses well, you call her a slut.

    i believe we men have evolved to a state where we can contain our lust and give women the liberty they deserve. they use looks to tempt us, we use charm and assets to lure them. it's a game, and each party has their ruse.

    of course it's misleading for a guy who sees a woman who dresses provacatively - whether she's 'easy' or not. but that we have to find out in a way that doesn't compromise her comfort. (in addition to our legal liabilities)

    all that talk about rape is bullshit. a man who rapes a woman just hasn't evolved. even lion's can't rape a lioness lest he gets a fatal wound.

    btw, a guy like you spoke bout my girlfriend. just so happens he didnt know i was within earshot. he walks with a limp now.

  34. Anonymous4:24 am

    the S factor show =
    - Ego trip/exposure for the girls themselves.
    - Higher ratings for mediacorp because despite being better educated, plenty of people lack substance.
    - Guys who are just bored over the weekend it just another entertainment outlet besides porn.
    - Silly would be the word. Don't over thinking the whole Feminism, too much skin, another no substance production by mediacorp, blah blah blah..

    While it might not be apparent to the gals in S factor, nor most commenters on the show like Jian, the media is just manipulating you. More heated arguements, love/hate for the show ultimately serves to benefit the exposure gained by the show.

    Seriously, be honest with yourselves and see the big pictures mates, gals on the show aint that hot, their choice of choosing the S factor as a means to gain exposure serves to show they are cheap/desperate for attention. Get off the pedestal. Its near pitiful that you people overthink substandard gals on a show and making so much of a fuss over matters that do not really matter. Its sad.

    Pardon the harsh words, am just using them to drive my points home. Its issues like this show, discussions, blogs, forums that I wonder whats the point to all these years people spend growing older physically and learning many things in life and doing many things, but still lack the ability to 'truely mature'.

  35. Yes... wonderfully put.

    Not the slightest hint of bitterness or sour grapes in your answer at all.

    Great way to "drive" your points home too, yes, slagging other people off always works and gives real substance to your opinions.... mate!

  36. Anonymous1:50 pm do u know if i cant get a girl of that calibre..if u know nothing then don't say anything.. man plp like u seriously think u know u like seeing chicks dress like that huh? whatever happens to them after that for no reason i don't think u care.

    yeah girls who have should flaunt it, go ahead then why are so many plp saying that girls who flaunt it that way are wrong? i'm a guy and i admit i'd like to chicks wearing revealing clothes like holly jean does. but i don't think about just guys side, i care on the girls side as well.

    if it is inconvenient then why wear it? just b'coz u wanna feel confident and flaunt u have to be aware of guys peeping and all. it's so sad for them. that pic where holly jean wears a mini skirt, she said "too short?" even she knows it that it is short and only wants to "feel confident?" puhllleassee...girls can flaunt it with style not slutty way. so pls get it. if u wan to a girl who has been fucked whole lot of times then nicely her pussy would be dirty...

    holly jean, i was talking about the power women have over girls where u said it. c'mon girl, if u have it then show it the decent way. i read some comments and even they say u look like hooker. i'm not the only one..

  37. Anonymous1:59 pm

    talk about rape is bullshit??
    hahaha...for once i'm stuck without a punchline..

    a girl who dresses like a slut indirectly has a sign saying "fuck me" but she doesn't want it. wait till her hole's been filled by many guys at once then she'll change her mind on slutty dressing.

    talk on rape is bullshit is totally out. everyone is talking about rape cases and how they want to avoid it. and u are saying it's bullshit and man not evolving? why don't u go live in a planet full of girls dressing like that and a world of men with super nice atittude looking at women dressing slutty.

    coz right now, u're living on Earth, and there are guys out there who would love to bang a girl like that.whether they're evolved anot is fucking bullshit.if u're so evolved and advanced, go live on another planet. i'm on the neutral side.

  38. Anonymous2:05 pm

    if u had a sister who wears micro mini skirt and 50% transparent loose tops and loves to go out to parties b'coz she likes it. now i'm not saying slutty dressing at all. say u have a sister like that and she loves to flaunt what she has..nothing wrong right like u said..of coz no problem at all, she has it, flaunt it.
    she gets drugged at parties and gets gang bang. wakes up, cries,regrets and is depressed. how would u feel? owh no problem at all, she should continue dressing the way she likes it coz she has it and should flaunt it...the drugging is 100% without any influence 200% on the banger's continue sis, flaunt it if u have it and enjoy life.

  39. The Prodigal7:29 pm

    Annon you make your point , and we do all get it - repeating it with more examples doesn"t make it any more right - we understand that you believe that women who dress provocatively invite male attention which can get out of hand with immature or sexually frustrated men - and could lead to sexual assault -

    Ok you're right , but sexual assault can come to a woman walking home alone at night however dressed ,being a schoolgirl and wearing uniform or wearing a bikini on the beach , or (in case you didn"t know )getting married - most rapes occur in marriage .
    So what do we do , cover women up - no short skirts , no open blouses , no bikinis - where do we stop in the name of protecting women from the male enemy ?
    The reality is in a mature secular society women should be able to dress how they please within the boundaries of decency and if we move away from that principle then we are heading towards a situation where the perpetrator is able to blame the victim for the crime - " he shouldn"t buy an expensive car if he doesn"t want it stolen !
    We have to rely on the law , common sense and the police to maintain these freedoms - but we do get your point .

  40. 21st century... I don't see news about people getting raped on nude beaches. Sadly, some Singaporeans are still stuck with that pathetic outdated mindset. If you get horny looking at girls in bikinis, keep it to urself. If u get so horny that u wanna rape them, keep ur hands to urself. Is it really that hard to practice self discipline? What did NS do to you? Deprive you men? Immature men, ain't surprised you don't get hot girls.

  41. Anonymous9:08 pm

    The prodigal - good that u got my point and it's true what u said.. but it does reduce the risks right. say 2 girls standing alone, one wear so revealing and one decent. temptation? easy to pick isnt it. girls have to smarter than that.

    Jav - u're another ass man.. how do u even know what i can do or cannot do? i can't get hot girls? u know nothing so don't say anything that doesn't make sense.. damn sad for ur kind...

  42. Anonymous9:08 pm

    *girls have to be smarter than that.

  43. Of all I said, you only saw/rebut the "you don't get hot girls" part. Says a lot about your intellect. Instead of 'girls have to be smarter than that', who don't you be smarter? Brilliant singaporeans these days.

    @ ur poorly supported point, thats where NS comes in, doesn't it? To instill a sense of discipline. I guess NS should also have instilled some extra mental faculty in you :)

  44. Anonymous12:13 pm

    NS? sad case wei u. u think programs like that 100% help? u think the law 100% helps? reli damn damn damn damn sad wei u...nobody can change u if u don't change and think for urself..and i am not a singaporean. again proving that u think u know everything. sad case man u...seriously...i think u need to knock urself some sense.

    "thats where NS comes in?" pathetic...u depend on shit like that to help? none of these shit can help till any girl thinks deeply for her modesty. unless of course something's happened to her hard. sad wei u.

  45. First post from you that displayed critical thinking. I am impressed.

    Precisely, if something as gruelling as NS doesnt discipline you, then I don't really see how dressing styles would help. You are either born intellectual enough to restrain ur own carnal desires or u r born a horny dog who blames its victims for raping them. Oh and btw, for ur point, do u think we should implement a law to stop women from wearing revealing clothes? if so, congrats.

  46. Arcticbear3:28 pm

    Sometimes, i am not sure if we "analyze till paralyzed". I have my own comments about the S Factor show, but eventually, i accept that the higher order purpose for the show is not about promoting female emancipation or empowerment, but really on the simple purpose of entertainment. I hesitate to couple anything we have on TV to some lofty ideals; if that were the case, then TV would be akin to 24hrs of news and documentary. Lets accept that sometimes, there may not be a tangible value in entertainment programs other than the instant gratification of humour and pleasure etc. If you watched the show and had a good laugh, it has served its purpose; if you watched the show and it got you thinking of issues, then perhaps it has also served its purpose. Why not comment on how foolish people are on SURVIVOR? Why not say that the people on FEAR FACTOR are superficial, eating maggots and worms just for fame and a quick buck? Do i think that shows like the S Factor corrupt our people and destroy the social fabric that we have? My answer is " let's not flatter them". Entertainment shows and all it portrays, in my opinion, are indications of society at large and the prevailing tolerance and preferences it adheres to. We say the show is "Cheap" and that sex sells, but frankly, isn't that our preoccupations anyway, with or without the show coming on? Long ago, a French kiss on Channel 8 was the talking point; now, no one bats an eyelid. There is a spectrum in entertainment, from the toilet-humour type to the more upper class versions, from the slapstick to the witty. Some like Mr Bean, while others go for Yes Prime Minister. Somewhere along the spectrum, the audience find their comfort level and preference. Not everything needs to be parliamentary debate.

  47. holly jean, why do you even bother replying to some of these idiots' comments? they indulge in their overintellectualising, let them continue and hopefully after having multiple orgasms in their intellectual masturbations they will finally stop and give you free time to do better things.

    i think stupid people should be, if not encouraged, left alone to be stupid. i feel happy knowing there are so many idiots around. it only makes me look smarter.

    fuck you stupid faggots about this feminism bullshit. i won't bother addressing the argument, only because i think you do not deserve to be enlightened. God bless you.

    ps. forgive me, i forget holly is a teacher.



  49. Anonymous10:32 pm

    It's like female porn stars who say they feel empowered..but in fact they are just objectified. The women in such shows are always objectified..maybe it makes them feel good so they feel empowered.

    I just feel channel 5 should have more shows catered for the female gaze, i'm glad they came out wtih polo boys. It's time to balance the scales, it's not like women don't like looking at half naked men.


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