S Factor

Don't forget to catch S Factor (Episode 2) tonight. This is the one with the FHM photoshoot challenge.

10 PM Channel 5.


  1. desiree10:21 pm

    I just caught the first half of it! I think you're one helluva BEAUTIFUL lady, LOVE the way you were not easily influenced by those brainless bitches. HAhah love it when you said to Sonia " Since when was i saying to her butt?"

    U've the brains beauty and heart!!!

  2. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Just watched epidsode 2. I must confess I like you even more. Love the fact that you did not join them in bitching about one of the contestants.... thumbs up to you for being yourself cos it's easy to lose oneself when u r in a new group.

  3. Anonymous10:39 pm

    I completely agreed with the two comments above. Hate it when the girls bitched as if they were so perfect. You did the right thing!

  4. Yes i just finished watching epi2. Yes indeed i like you more for not joining the bitchy conversation . Wooo good one babe!

  5. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Hey Holly...
    Double thumbs up to you! I suppose someone doesn't really know how to pronounce your name properly either. In fact can't blame the girls when the producers put all 12 together and what do you get? A bitch-fest.

  6. U kept it real... and thats the only reason why i bothered watching

  7. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Little wonder you didn't win gal...and no i don't mean it in a nasty way...

  8. OMG I just missed it again! Did you happen to record it?

  9. Anonymous10:03 am

    Hi... Poor thing when they make fun of your name...
    So unfriendly of them....

  10. man... u r tanned.. i like...
    kidding... :P



  11. hey Holly Jean u r looking good :)
    and the ur is nice~!

  12. Faith1:04 pm

    You go, girl! You have my support. You impressed me in Ep 2 last night, by being true to yourself and not bitching with the rest of the bitches for the sake of bitching. At least it shows you are not a bimbo. And you have class!

    I hate how these bitches made fun of your names. Guess they can't even know how to pronunce your name. Well, what can we expect from these bitches, ya?!

    Keep it up!!

  13. Anonymous9:47 pm

    sonia is such a bimbo. she cant even speak well herself yet she still dares to bitch on others. i watched her Glammed Up video. she was saying Moderrrrr instead of Model. hah!..oops sorry for bitching.

  14. Hi Holly... Hmm... after watching both episodes of S Factor, I think I like u. I hope its your real self, and not a persona you portray on TV.

    I must agree with the rest that you were great in not joining the herd in bitching about that poor girl's english and pronunciation. I think it was very shallow of them because this show S Factor is not about speaking Queen's English, but rather charisma and character.

    Keep it up, and hope you will get far in this contest!

  15. HI Marc,

    I'm no angel myself... The first minute was amusing... and then it just stopped being funny to me when it was clear that they were "targeting" her becos they just didn't like her.

    I used to be a teacher, and this seemed to me like classic school girl type bullying. Singling out one girl, and like a herd mentality, everyone will hate and slag off that girl.. in order to stay in the "IN" group.

    So, I wasn't going to join in just to be part of the group. I guess they consider me snobbish... but I stand by my own principles.


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