S FACTOR - I'm Out!

For those who watched last night, you'd know that I've been eliminated from S factor.

Everything was filmed last year, so obviously I know the results (it wasn't in real time). It was kind of rough for me this past week, answering emails which wished me "good luck" and hoping I'd win. It was SOOOO hard not to spill the beans.

But now you know :)
I thought the Sports challenge would be something to do with an obstacle course or to do with stamina. I was psyched out when I found out I had to wrestle Jessica, who was definitely one of the friends I made during the competition. Wrestling is not my thing.... I cannot get my head around using physical aggression. It's just not me.
Still... I may not have won, but I think I did ok... :)

And now I'm getting an influx of comments, facebook and email messages saying things like "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll bring you back on another wild card round."
Well... I have to tell you... it was already filmed last year, and I know the results, and no, there are no more wild cards. I still will continue watching the show though... It's entertaining!

There's something I'd like to share about Kris, even though she may have rubbed many viewers the wrong way because of stuff she said in her audition clip, she's actually a nice person. She never stood on anyone's toes. They just singled her out because she was an easy target. It's a shame isn't it, to treat people that way.

And now that Kris is eliminated you think the bitching will stop? You don't know jack.
And you ain't seen nothing yet in terms of Bitchiness. With Kris gone... someone else has to be the target of the clique's bullying... just watch.. Karma bites and you can never tell who your true friends are. When I was in Secondary school... I learnt that those who gossip with you will gossip about you. And it's so damn true.

Watch watch... I can't tell you more just yet, I'll only blog about it after that episode airs.
All 12 girls unite on the eighth (final) episode. 
Click to watch me lose at Jello Wrestling.. and get eliminated in Episode 4. :( But don't laugh ah.


  1. Anonymous10:06 am

    You did great in the show. Being out might be a blessing in disguise. That show is way too bitchy for you. Hope to see u back in the neighbourhood again =)

  2. Anonymous11:57 am

    i really wished Kris had won Sonia! Sonia is so mean and bitchy, i seriously don't understand why the other girls were rooting for her. i mean, i thought girls like KK, Mitchelle all mentioned that Sonia was a threat to them? Anyway, it's a pity you're gone but then again, i think you're nice and sincere but entertainment TV needs bitchy girls.

  3. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Actually you have won Holly...becos people get to know you better..in a positive way.

    Honestly, I thot you look really "atas" from your pictures, but after this show, you will definitely be someone I wan to make friend with. I love that you did not try to change yourself to be with the "in-group".

    I believe you will have more supporters and endorsement deals coming your way soon...


  4. Honestly, I think Kris IS beautiful. And she is just as attractive as every other contestant in the show. It will be so shallow to critic her attractiveness (or anyone else's) with stereotypical judgment. Anyway, the show itself is a joke, it was entertaining but cannot be taken seriously. Had fun watching you on TV though. You looked great Holly!

  5. Its ok Holly.

    U are already the "winner" in our heart (viewers point of view).

    U have a good personality tats what I like about u. Actually i was hoping that u win.

    But its ok. Its jus a show.
    & "Those mean girls are really mean" despite having nice face is no use at all.

    IN the public eye they jus no manners ill breed girls

  6. Anonymous2:41 pm

    I think u r out due to the fact that your side is weaker in terms of sports...

    The beach volley ball don't even looks like one...
    The rules r idiot enough...

    It will be 200% more entertaining if its the Wild Cards against the Red Team...
    Like to see how Sonia whack her own friends...

    Like to see Michelle use her full skills...
    Too bad don't have a chance...

    Siona is just so rough...
    She makes me feels like she wants to kill Kris...

    Poor Kirs. She is phyiscally smaller & weaker...

    What a 1 sided match...

  7. Anonymous3:10 pm

    it's sad that youre out but jessica's cute too!

  8. About your bitching comment, that's the character of girls.As long as you are a girl, you will say that this girl is great in front of her and say that she's a bitch behind her back, when actually the person saying it is the real bitch. That's the way of life.

  9. Anonymous3:37 pm


    You are the sort of girl I would bring home if I were a guy."Hey Mum, check out who I'm dating. She is pretty, smart and nice.What are the chances?!"

    Will be looking out for the singaporean accent in Spain!

  10. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Darn it, the only girl I was rooting for gets eliminated. Oh well, I'll still try to catch the S-Factor (the wife is a fan), if only to see how terrifying some of the girls are.
    Makes me worry how my own little girl will grow up in Singapore*!

    *not you Holly, you're fine ;)

  11. Anonymous6:02 pm

    i was so hoping you would win, holly. but as someone has already mentioned, perhaps its a blessing you didn't stay on for longer. the show is so bitchy and demeaning. really portrays the girls in such a bad light but i think you came out the best of everyone. i know one of the girls and it made me so sad to see her joining in the bitching with the other girls. she's actually a really cool person but she's easily peer-pressured. all the best with whatever you're doing. bless x

  12. Jessica8:42 pm

    Hey Holly! :D
    omg what is that photo! I don't have it!

  13. he ya Jess... was a pic i took with my phone during our shoot for the trailers. i just MMSed it to you.

  14. Anonymous11:44 pm

    was it a set up? I think from the off FHM wanted Sonia on the cover, and the producers' probably wanted Sonia, for, if anything, her TV value.

  15. Anonymous1:19 am

    of course it's a set up. every single plan is scripted la. reality shows are not really reality.

  16. A Byootafool Life9:30 am

    Holly, your outstanding personality already makes you a winner...all the best!!!!

  17. Anonymous9:34 am

    But of course! Sonia is being a royal b***h solely for TV.

    I'm sure that in real life, she's a really sweet person and volunteers her time on social services, teaching young girls how to achieve a healthy self-respecting body image and speaks out against the unhealthy influences of advertising and the media on female self-esteem...


  18. hey i hope u r ok even though u were kicked out. i guess it may be more fun to watch from the outside sometimes :)

  19. haha.. good one anon9.34 :) made me chuckle.

    and to everyone else... no worries... I am ok.. well aware it's just a tv show.... not my whole life :)

    I won't let something like tht get me down.. it'd be absurd! you know me.... :)

  20. Anonymous6:39 pm

    i know i know who they'll turn against! everyone there's a photo hint....

    sorry i like spoiling things for people. haha

  21. Anonymous8:17 pm

    You were way more articulate, dignified and graceful than anyone else on the show!

  22. anon 6.39 >>> Clever. Yes.. there's a photo hint in my post.. but are you looking at the right photo??? *wink*

    OK. Stop ASKING ME ok.. I am the sort tht can keep a secret to my grave.

    you won't see it in the next episode yet (not very apparent I think... i have to watch and see how the editing turned out). But def will see it 2 episodes from now onwards.

    It's damn interesting.. watching the social dynamics of girls :) just watch and see la... u'll see who they end up turning on!

    And the one they turned on... isn't THAT innocent.. she bad mouths the others in the group too... so it's even more Drama than what we already got on TV (with Kris).. cos Kris doesn't retaliate or bitch about them in return.

  23. hi holly! caught a few episodes (okay ALL episodes. haha) of S Factor, and darn you were the only one who i was rooting for. You got it all babe!! Anyways, it'll be quite amusing if they turn onto Kaykay or maybe Michelle, cause they're both sucha strong characters that WOAH. hahah. -i'm crossing my fingers. :) take care holly! (i really love your name too. :))

  24. Anonymous8:46 pm

    hey Holly,
    Thanks for your opinion about Kris. From the first 4 episodes, she seemed to be really nice (of course, and you were definitely nice too). So it wasn't just me who thought that way

  25. Anonymous10:31 pm

    hey holly, how often+how long per session do you work out in order to maintain your body? seems like a lot of work to me >_<

  26. not a lot of work... but some weeks I'm more enthusiastic than others!

    on average, 2x a week.. about 1 and half hrs each time (but I take small water breaks and spend some time bouncing arnd the gym deciding what I feel like workin on)

    I used to do laps (i just learnt how to swim this year).. but it was too much hard work ( hard to motivate myself to get tortured). However... if you can swim, and it's convenient... I highly recommend it... my body was most toned when I was in the habit of swimming. too bad for me it only lasted a couple of months.

  27. Anonymous12:51 pm

    hello there. im a girl, and im a lesbian.
    i loved watching this incredibly sexy show about you sexy girls.
    it very sexy and you girls are damn fucking sexy!!!

    gorgeous and beautiful.
    i noticed something.. YAN KAY KAY IS MISSING FROM ALL UR PHOTOS.

    i love kaykay!
    why is she missing?
    i bet she's the winner rite!!??

  28. I don't actually have many pics with the girls from Sfactor. just jess, kris, shereen. So it's not JUST kk tht is missing.

    but if ur talkin abt the one Group Shot pic I have... KK is missing cos she had a row with one of the girls. Watch and u'll figure out who later on.

  29. Anonymous8:38 pm

    I'm guessing Shereen ?

  30. Anonymous12:38 am

    hey holly, im the lesbian gal over here.
    kaykay is amazingly sexy... awwww.
    im having a crush on her. :x

    will continue being ur regular blog rdr.
    cos you're hot as well.

    this show, you and kaykay are the hottest.
    you're so kind and friendly.

    i dun like fake girls, like sonia. puh-lease.
    fake boobs and face. shit la.

  31. Anonymous12:41 am

    those girls are gonna turn against kaykay?
    like someone said above?
    A PHOTO HINT??!?!

    awww, if its kaykay, i pity her.


  32. Wow, the non disclosure part must have been awful, and did I hear you wrong that it was filmed last year? So you had to keep it from all your friends and family for such a long time!

    Anyway don't lose heart for being eliminated, well at least you got yourself some exposure.

  33. Hi Marc,

    no.. of course i told my BF and my immediate family. but they could not tell anyone. and I cldn't broadcast on my blog until it was aired.

  34. Anonymous4:13 am

    it's soo obvious that the next girl who's gonna be the target of all the bullying is Sherine

  35. Anonymous12:58 pm

    the girl they're turning against are is KAY KAY.

    holly said it will only be very much bitchy and more hilarious cat fights, until next 2 episodes.

    most likely kaykay will stay for LOOOONNGGGGG.

    cos she's the sexiest in there.
    and sherine isnt THAT pretty actually.
    she's not in their clique also.
    its xuesha, kaykay, sonia, michelle.
    they are those in a clique

  36. Anonymous11:03 pm

    can't wait to see da bitches turn on Sherine! Not that I have anything against Sherine, I don't. I do however, enjoy being entertained :p

  37. Anonymous6:07 pm

    So i was right. Actually if you guys went through the behind-the-scene videos, its very apparent that KK had a row with Sherine.

    Its the first video.

  38. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Holly, why did u delete the comment u posted earlier on regarding sherine and kay kay's cat fight???

  39. anon 6.397:24 pm

    hey! i was anon 6.39 :D

    yeah i already know which girl, so i know which photo to point out to people. i'm not going to be so mean and tell everyone which to look at, don't worry :P

    i wish you stayed! now kay kay is the only articulate one. sigh. boring...

  40. Anonymous2:02 am

    Sherine is pretty articulate and surprisingly scheming and smart (only realised this after yesterday's episode!) too actually. No wonder she and Kay Kay ended up cat fighting!

  41. Anonymous8:12 am

    Jessica and you seems to be the only two REAL contestants on that show, and by that I mean you two didn't do all the back-stabbing and bitching, and seem pretty nice people.I was rooting for you actually to go all the way. Nice of you to be firm about not bitching about Kris. Wish you all the best in ur future endeavours!


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