The S Factor Episode1

S Factor finally aired last night. What struck me about the first episode was how incredibly condensed it was.

We filmed the whole afternoon at the beach. It was so blasting hot and we were out in the sun practically the whole time. I get a tan in just 15 minutes usually, so you can imagine how brown I got just filming that day. Took this pic at KM8 just after filming. I went home a totally different colour from when I arrived that morning! And boy did it hurt!

The condensed version lost a lot of the tension and social dynamics that went on that day but I guess that's normal when you need to fit a whole afternoon's footage into half an hour.

I would have liked to have seen more of the audition footage... because honestly, it's damn entertaining. But after some thought, I think it was very cruel.

Imagine if one of those girls in the audition which people laughed at was your daughter, or girlfriend, or sister .... or you. How would that feel? :(

Does anyone deserve that sort of treatment (no matter how deluded or excessively confident they are) ?

Then again... it's inevitable, if it's entertaining... it'll make the cut on Tv. Just like on American Idol... I love watching the audition rounds because of the laughs I get from the bad auditions. *lowers head in shame*
Another thing that's inevitable is criticism. The girls are putting themselves up for public scrutiny.

This I fully understand, we have to after all be responsible for what we say and what we do. But I do wish people had more substance to their criticism rather than all out lashing and petty stabs.

It really makes my eyes roll when I hear/read people commenting on very nitpicky and trivial things like - Holly opens her eyes too big !

WTF? I'm not purposely forcing them to open wide, and when I talk, my face tends to be animated. It's just who I am, and it's not like I'm doing it on purpose to act cute or whatever you stupid cunts!

On the flip side to that, there are many who are supportive and have sent such kind messages and emails to me. Thank you all :)
I do think however... that I should have worn more make up. Face looked rather washed out without eyeshadow, lip colour and eyeliner etc.

We actually filmed the whole series in Aug/Sep last year. Now that I'm an ettusais brand ambassador (this year), I've actually become so much more make-up savvy and a bit more vain than I was last year. Not excessively though, but I definitely would have plastered on more colour on my face... rather than opt for au naturel look ... not flattering on Tv. :(

Oh well... it's all done. And not as if I looked hideous or what. (I hope. haha)
P/S- if any of my readers are able to upload the episode on youtube, do let me know as I'd like to link to it on my blog.


  1. Ouch! that looks painful.

  2. Anonymous8:52 am

    yeah girl i thought u looked very tanned than when I saw you before.

  3. celestina10:08 am

    Frankly, I felt you look ok. Natural. If u would hv put on more make up as wat u wantd, then u are no different wif te rest of te gals in te shows who had so much 'paint' on their face!!

    Natural beauty is impt. I do realise u wore less make up in te show & i was like 'wow, she is really diff frm te rest' .. one need to be different in order to stand out, putting aside te personality of course. though i hv to agreed nowadays u do wear more make up than b4: )

    jus my 2 cents tots.

  4. i enjoyed your "gloves are off" attitude. makes the show all the more lively =)

  5. "I would have liked to have seen more of the audition footage... because honestly, it's damn entertaining. But after some thought, I think it was very cruel.."

    that's nice of you. but not everyone thinks like that. :)



  6. I've been trying to search for that "sunblock" extract on youtube - can't find!

  7. HI Dee- none of episode 1 is on Youtube yet.

    Bern- Bad! Bad boy!

    Celestina- thank you. And yes, you're right abt me wearing more make up now than before.

  8. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Of all the girls, i find you most appealing.

  9. Actually.. when i watched e episode, i found it more appealing that you had less makeup on... if you read the forums, you'll see alot of comments on how great you looked without makeup/light makeup...

  10. Anonymous11:06 am

    I watched Episode 1....
    U got quite a lot of sences on the 2nd half of the show...
    And theres quite a lot od politics going around...

  11. soongteng1:04 pm

    oh man can you do up a post about what really happened in the episode. i mean, like you said it was very condensed. i prefer the word short actually. lol anyway i'm interested to hear about all the social politics and all that going on!:)

  12. That's the problem with (achieving) fame, i suppose- you open yourself up to ridiculous /undue cirticisms from time to time, but yet to take it with grace . A hard path, if you ask me.

  13. Anonymous12:13 am

    Thou' i did not watch S-Factor, but personally, i know you put in lots of effort in whatever you do.. don't let a small small opinion sways you to curse and swear.. leading you at the level with them. Keep up good work Holly! You go gal :)

  14. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Waolao, you're a teacher right? Then your students can study or not? lols

  15. ??

    you must be new to my blog :)

    I resigned a while ago. So no need to worry abt me affecting young minds. lol

    Anyway.. a blog has a greater outreach than any classroom :)

  16. Anonymous2:38 am

    People have eyes to see and brains to discern. When some make silly petty critiques, people can see them for what they are. Why stoop to a vulgar crude outburst that put you at the same level as them? It's no credit to you.

    Anyway, when you put yourself out there, be prepared for criticism or bitching, well thought or not. As seen from your blog, you are no stranger to bitching too. Just a reminder : karma bites.


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