S factor Episode 4 Videos

Ok as promised, videos to Episode 4

And for Behind the scenes clips- Click here


  1. Anonymous10:01 pm

    the 3 girls in red lucky never need to fight. All look like will lose the "wesling".

    I think u did well. sad to see you kick out.

  2. Anonymous11:16 pm

    yeah i have to agree with the commenter above. my boyfriend and i were pretty upset at you being kicked out, haha! have fun on your spain trip! :)

  3. Anonymous3:44 am

    The first time posting here, after i watched ep4. I loved you on the show. Was really hoping that you'd stay on. The shows' really creating more tension and drama by making 2 friends fight and 2 enemies do the same.

    Some honest words,
    I won't say that you're the most sexually appealing person on the show, but I really thought that hey, there's a girl that tells me there's hope.

    I'm really curious as to why you entered the competition and was interested in appearing on fhm. Will continue reading your blog :) One of the most coherent out of the other girls.

  4. Anonymous3:45 am

    Sorry, I meant the s factor girls who have available blogs. just in case someone slams my incoherence.

  5. well jean..dont gv up..keep trying agn..its abt hw u get up agn tt matters..:)

  6. Anonymous8:37 pm

    u look a little like cheryl fox.

  7. haha.. yeah I've heard tht b4 :)

  8. hey anon3.44 - forgot to answer your qn - "why you entered the competition and was interested in appearing on fhm."

    well..actually,The prize money $10k is not bad. But I still would have done it even if there were no FHM cover prize or like less prize $. not actually interested in the FHM cover, I'm interested in the experience. Otherwise... life wld be so boring.

    Never been on a reality tv show. Now tht it's over.. i got to find another new experience to add to my list... :)

    Maybe Spain will keep me occupied in May.. but am on the lookout for something new to try after tht !

  9. Anonymous8:56 am

    It's great to see you out of the show. You're the most boring contestant.

  10. :)

    Thank you for bothering to come all the way here to tell me that. I'm amused.

  11. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Hello Holly Jean,

    You are the sweetest, smartest, amongst them all.

    Sonia is nothing, but a shallow STARFISH!



  12. Le Jacquie4:42 pm

    Oh man...sucks to see you out like that. The show just got a lot dumber. Good luck in your next adventure yo.

    BTW, I always wondered what would happened if you were on the debate the previous episode. *thinks of a balance tilted waaaaay on one side*


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