The S Factor Episode 3

Did you watch S factor last night?

It was the Smart episode.

Because I won immunity through the first round, I wasn't part of the debate round.

So, what's my take on it?
Is intelligence more important than attractiveness?

No, it is not.

Now, before you jump the gun and stone me... hear me out.

Intelligence? Is it enough to get you through life?

Intelligence is bloody over-rated. I've met some (I said SOME. So I'm not generalising here) of the most academically inclined people of my life in university, some were snobs, a few were just too self-involved, while others were simply socially inapt. And because of this, to me they were very unattractive people. In life, it's really not enough to just be intelligent.

What is attractiveness in the first place? Is it solely physical beauty?

Of course not. It is amazing how many have this delusion that only physical beauty can make one attractive.

This probably got entrenched in us as kids. You know, the Ugly Witch with crooked nose is evil. The pretty Snow White is flawlessly pure and good.

The real world is not like that. Physically flawless people can be most definitely be unattractive individuals too.

So... being only uber intelligent or only stunningly good looking isn't important. Being attractive means having a combination of things which draws or pulls people to you (simple straightforward meaning of the word "attract"). These "things" are a combination of intelligence, social skills, EQ, charm, sense of humour, money, power and yes good looks as well. But it has to be a combination of these things that will make you attractive, not just one or the other.

Doesn't mean that if you're intelligent, you can't be good looking or vice versa either(hence the mistaken belief that all good lookers are stupid?)

While it is true that they're going to choose the good looking one for the FHM cover instead of the intelligent one (this point was raised during the debate, can't remember who raised it though), they're really having such a microscopic view of the topic at hand.

The debate is not about which is more important for the FHM cover (!!!)... it's about which is more important in Life! I don't want to come across as patronising, but there's really no other way of putting it except to say - there's a much bigger world out there than the cover of a magazine, girls.

Beauty is only Skin Deep, But Ugly Goes Right To The Bone

I don't have anything against Sonia personally (not as if i eliminated her because i don't like her face or anything silly like that), I actually voted her out because of the 3 girls I had to choose from, she put forth the least convincing argument during the debate.

What most appalled me about Sonia's reasoning was the fact that because she is physically good looking... she thinks that alone is enough to make her attractive. [And she even went on to say that Kay Kay and XueSha are attractive that's why they are models, and Kris is not attractive so she isn't a model].

Maybe she just hates Kris or perhaps she really thinks that being attractive only entails physical good looks (hence her need for fake tits?) or she just didn't think14 before she spoke (so it was purely unintentional?). I don't know.

But what I do know is that - Attractiveness is definitely not just about looking good on the outside, but more importantly being attractive as a person (good on the inside).

A bit off topic- but laughing at and singling out Kris while in the comfort and security of a clique is not attractive either.

Next week... is the Sports episode. And if you've already seen the trailers, you would have noticed that Sheralynn, Jessica and Sonia are back on the show as Wild Cards.

You know what? It didn't actually matter who I chose to eliminate this week (when I won the science experiment challenge)... it was inconsequential because the producers knew they'd be pulling them right back on the following week as wild card if I voted off someone they wanted to stay on the show.

kwa kwa kwaaaa. Such is life, eh? Full of illusions and delusions :-)


  1. Anonymous4:49 pm

    I was watching the debate between the girls last night and Sonia really was appalling. ( In fact, the entire Opposition group was downright mean and horrible. ) Sonia puts herself so wayyy up there in the throne just because she thinks her physical appearance alone makes her so high and mighty but her attitude/character makes her overall image so so so UGLY. She may be gorgeous but what's the point of being so pretty when you look down on people around you? What Kris said "What class is that man? " is true. Sonia has no class whatsoever. Such girls are such a huge disgrace indeed. True, pretty girls are more likely to land yourself in a FHM cover shoot. But thats NOT there is to life at all. I believe, beauty is only skin deep. It is the heart that matters.

  2. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Urgh, I had a moment of joy when you chose to eliminate Sonia (hooray to that!!). And i lost that moment when I saw the trailer of the next episode, Sonia is there with her mean heart. Maybe the producer really liked her for making all the dramas for the show.

  3. Anonymous7:07 pm

    interesting that you chose attractiveness as more important than intelligence.

    i would argue that intelligence is more important as you need that in order to be attractive.

    yes, it's not all about looks. but with intelligence, you can MAKE yourself attractive.

    just by being attractive, you cannot MAKE yourself intelligent.


  4. hi -A

    In my post, I said tht attractiveness doesn't just mean physical beauty (looks).

    It's a combination of things (including intelligence). Solely intelligence on its own does not make a person attractive either. There needs to be other things (eg personality, EQ etc)

  5. whatever your decision is holly!
    I will always support you ...
    love the show eventhough i cant really catch it on time..
    thank god we have youtube nowadays...

  6. Anonymous8:17 pm

    hey Holly, thanks for voting Sonia out. lol! i just hate how she goes ON and ON abt how pretty she is. and u dont have to support me on this one cos i know ure a good person. =)

  7. Anonymous8:37 pm

    I was thinking what if you had voted Kris out...perhaps they won't start the wild cards thingy so soon...

    Just my thots..


  8. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Hi, Holly.

    You were fantastic with the Science Experiment, you knew exactly what needed to be done. The other 5 really makes it a funny show to watch, clueless of what needed to be done.
    I agree that attractiveness includes both physical appearance and intellegence, in fact it's the right balance that makes a person attractive. It's rather silly to debate which is more important.


  9. Sharon9:47 pm

    BOO SONIA, BOOOO! And to all the gals who kept laughing at Kris's pronunciation, what comes around, goes around.

  10. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Ya, no one should laugh at Kris's pronunciation. It's a problem for some people to pronounce certain phonetic sound if that sound is not a common sound in their mother tongue. The tongue isn't accustom to make that uncommon sound.


  11. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Kris can't be voted out because she's on the proposition and they won. Else, i think she will take the place of Sonia.

  12. Anonymous11:04 pm

    jeez lass could u look any happier when you won? :)

  13. I like this episode (at least some intellectual scenes) and oh men i still rem the horrible periodic table :P but i think u do great (at least u have proven =) and gOOd luck babe!.. sometimes, good looking girls can be good friends and need not bitch till like ugly and yes nothing puts one off than an ugly heart..

  14. Hi, Holly.

    I personally think that this show reveals the ugliness inside of a woman rather than bringing their best out of it. No offence here. But I do enjoy the show though. Among all girls I think both you and Jessica are the kind ones who dont go and be bitchy or laughing at others shortcomings. Human are just an imperfect beings. We are always short of something. Physical appearance will someday fade away. The only thing that making people worth living is what you have got inside yourself and not outside yourself. I guess some girls need to assess themselves before they comment about others. Condemning others without thinking their own imperfections will someday bite them back. I guess looking for an ideal women isnt really that easy anyway. Just some thoughts and no offence *wink*

  15. Anonymous1:46 am


  16. Teresa1:57 am

    I like how you placed intelligence under attractiveness. its a whole package :) you should have joined the debate, but then again, you already proved your intelligence hehe.

    Sonia can barely enunciate her words. funny how she claims Kris' comments on earned income are personal attacks, but doesn't have the self-reflexivity to realise that her barbs on Kris' looks started it. And... I didn't know she had fake tits lol. In the spirit of the 'ideal woman' contest, I think Sonia's the kind of girl guys want for one-night stands, but not for a relationship.

    also, I don't think the producers LIKE Sonia. they prob brought her back cos she makes good tv (more bitchiness, jucier content), and perhaps to test how she'll react to you (stage an all-out attack on you now?).

  17. I dont find sonia pretty at all. She looks like a tranny.

  18. omg i think sonia is such a proud person! great that holly jean voted her, OUT! :)

  19. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Teresa, you are right. Sonia is the kind of girl guys just wanna bang a time or two. Won't want to have a relationship with such an ugly and bitchy girl.

  20. Anonymous4:17 pm

    I think Sonia and michelle should not even have the rights to comment that Kris's statement about earn income to be rude. WHEN they don't realise Sonia was actually also seriously very rude when she compared Kris.

    I used to like Sonia, read her blog. Now I think she a very very mean person and very bitchy.

    Well Done Holly, you displays class in the show, hopefully it will still remain the same. :-)

  21. S factor rocks!4:18 pm

    if the proposition has lost, who will you vote out, Holly?

    Would it be keen because according to the most of the S factor girls, she is the most unworthy or would you vote out Kaykay as she is one of the strongest contender as well?

  22. S factor rocks!4:19 pm

    oops i meant:

    Would it be kris because according to the most of the S factor girls, she is the most unworthy or would you vote out Kaykay as she is one of the strongest contender as well?

  23. hmmm... nope wldn't be Kris. I don't actually find her uglier or unworthy etc. Maybe she rubbed some people the wrong way, but she has never stepped on my toes b4.

    In the prop team, XueSha did the worst. So I might eliminate her cos of tht.

    KK did ok in the debate, much better than Xuesha :) but i might have chosen her becos she's tough competition.

    But whoever I choose.. doesn't matter!! cos they'll be back next week on wild card anyway!

  24. Anonymous5:28 pm

    first of all, thanks for putting up the videos of the recent episode where you won immunity. so i Finally get to see how DUMB the other girls were especially SONIA. Looks alone are not enough and that particular episode really exemplifies how shallow 'those-who-think-they-are-attractive' are. it's really silly the way all of them 'debate'. and Sonia, being dumb and having nothing much to say, has to resort to a personal attack on Kris. What's up with Michelle being so hung up abt the comment Kris made on her income. At least even without her looks, Kris is smart enough to be earning much more than those 'modeers'. Literally LOL.

  25. The intelligence-as-part-of-attractiveness argument is a damn good answer, in fact, too damn good. How do you argue with that? (Read: it doesn't make for an interesting debate.)

    So I'm gonna pose a different question, one which would require you to commit to one side of the argument:
    if you could only choose one, intelligence OR good looks (assuming God wants to be fair for once and make them mutually exclusive), which would you rather have? Would you rather be...
    physically beautiful but stupid OR
    intelligent but butt ugly?

    (We both know which side of that scale Sonia is on.)

  26. Anonymous6:18 pm

    I actually find Michelle as equally annoying as Sonia.

  27. hi Saiful,

    I wasn't sitting on the fence... but I guess tht to tackle a statement like - is intelligence more important than attractiveness... "attractiveness" was open to interpretation.

    But if you take attractiveness out of the equation and pit Brains over Physical Beauty...

    you'd be looking at the exact question I was asked before I became Prom Queen in sec school.

    My answer back then was- Intelligence.

    Faced with the same question today, I'd say intelligence (again) because that's the standard beauty pageant contestant in me answering.

    But honestly, would I prefer to be

    1. Supremely Beautiful but so stupid that I can't look beyond to realise what I am lacking. And therefore I'm easily contented, and don't realise my shortcomings or things I miss out on because I'm dumb.


    2. Super Intelligent but hideously ugly. But discontented/frustrated because I see all the pretty women happily laughing their little pretty heads off, oblivious to what they're lacking? And I scream - it's not fair!!

    I really don't know which I'd pick (ok, now I'm sitting on the fence)... sometimes.. being dumb and ignorant can seem quite appealing because you would not have the capacity to know what you're missing or for things to actually matter.

  28. Anonymous8:11 pm

    very old chestnut - I ask all my g/f's this one - and all say attractive - guess its a reflection on society -maybe attractive women can do better for themselves -(ie find a rich guy ! ) Men on the other hand, equate intellect with a route to wealth and so generally they dun give a fuck about looks(if they have to choose) - cos if they have the dough they get the chicks anyway ! Ha Ha

  29. Anonymous8:57 pm

    aww holly! i do hope you'll pick intelligence over good looks some day. :) the most successful women in the world are usually short on looks but high on intelligence. (Think of the current US First Lady, for one. She's far from ugly but no great beauty for that matter. yet everyone finds her attractive.)

    Like you suggested, 'attractiveness' requires more than just pretty features. It needs charm and elegance, which are traits that can be learnt. one needs intelligence for that. remember there are no ugly women, only lazy ones! :)

    just an aside: i do think pretty girls with above-average brains have it worst - they constantly have to prove themselves, for the world's just waiting to label them bimbos.

    - joy.

  30. Anonymous12:31 pm

    in my opinion on the debate of attractive Vs intelligence, it have to depends on individual needs, as both are equally important. Intelligence helps alot in career and studies, whereas attractiveness makes u happier socially, and maybe a boost in career too(in some cases). But with intelligence, one can become attractive if they choose to, whereas, with attractiveness, one cannot become more intelligent. anyway, I dont think it is very nice of you to disclose SOnia having fake tits, you yourself is being mean too. Tho i have to admit Sonia having very low EQ, for being so mean in TV, or mayb she and Kris have some conflicts, but at least she is being straightfoward. but i too think its an interesting show, showing some true sides.:)

  31. In my post.. I actually said tht some of the least desirable ppl I've met are actually intelligent (academically)... I have to disagree tht JUST cos someone is intelligent, he has the intelligence to make him/herself attractive. Intelligence (book smart) alone can't really make one an attractive person... it does not necessarily entail one being able to have a good character, personality etc.. tht will make up attractivenes.

    Just the same as someone who is physically beautiful - tht alone does not make one attractive either.

    Of course in life, it doesn't have to just be only one or the other. Most people are a balance of both (the mental and physical).

    And being "straightforward" as you put it is not an excuse for someone to be rude, conceited and put down/bully another girl. There are a lot of people who manage to be straighforward and frank without being unreasonably insensitive or as some may put it, damn stupid.

    And... are you serious?? sonia's fake tits are common knowledge, it wasn't a disclosure... or some well kept secret I let out. I mentioned it to support my point that she (perhaps) thinks that solely the physical gives rise to one's attractiveness.
    Why else would someone get breasts implants--- To make them have a better personality?

  32. ching4:03 pm

    you know, every time the host makes comments like "the judges had a hard time choosing who shall remain in the show", i always think: duh, almost all are so bad they ought to be eliminated.

    you're the only one who stands out in the show by having both beauty and brains. a couple of them may be university graduates but their attitudes and behaviour undermines the idea that higher education actually imbues any worthy value.

    do continue to be yourself even if people say that's a lack of personality. on the contrary i think remaining aligned with your principles is a much better display of personality than those who succumb to unwarranted and hurtful comments just to try and have an edge over others;)

  33. Anonymous9:43 pm

    i agree with your reasoning.
    in life, i feel that all of us needs a good balance and an open mind towards the world. because if we are too self-indulge, we'll never get far.

    Sonia is a beauty, however, the way she portrayed herself since episode one isn't one bit attractive at all. then again, it takes one to really know her to make a conclusion.

    good luck with the competition btw.
    lets just hope that the cover girl they pick is of substance. :)

  34. Anonymous10:46 am

    err, i do not agree that intelligence, means booksmart only. intelligence = Adaptability to a new environment or to changes in the current environment, Capacity for knowledge and the ability to acquire it, for reasoning and abstract thought. The Ability to comprehend relationships and evaluate and judge. With intelligence, it is easier to become attractive with one wants to. But yet as you say, too many intelligent ppl you met, choose to be more arrogant, and full of themselves, making them unattractive. But with good balance, they will , and can become attractive too, if they want to choose to bcome a more socially happy person. Its a matter of choice as how they want to develop themselves. But as for attractiveness, yes, will be well liked, but they cant choose if they want to be more intelligent. eg, if you ask an attractive person to become a president or professor, maybe they wont be able to achieve it, yet a president or professor can become attractive if they choose to focus on developing their character, coz this can be done. What i am saying is, an intelligent person has more of a choice.

  35. Yes.. you got a point there...intelligence does give one more options in terms of choosing to be attractive and then taking measures to becoming attractive.

    But then tht person is no longer just intelligent, but a combi.. intelligent + attractive.

    if at the root of it... wld i want to have intelligence or attractiveness to begin with... I'd still say attractiveness... as mentioned in my post, attractivness is a combi of personality/character/intelligence/looks.

    I don't think everyone has to aspire to have IQs tht wld rival Einstein's. But you cannot be attractive without being intelligent. Yet you can be super intelligent and still be unattractive.


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