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Here's a shit ugly photo of me in FHM this month (May issue)....
Don't forget to catch us on Sfactor tonight at 10pm :)


  1. Anonymous5:35 pm

    it's not your best pic. but not shit ugly lah

  2. Anonymous9:23 pm

    gawd! sonia has a very nice tattoo!!

  3. was hoping to see u in the debate! i think you will make a very good debator. but well is better to know you are spare from elimination! :D

  4. Anonymous10:50 pm

    It's too bad Sonia got eliminated, she was definitely one of the better ones, in fact i thought either Sonia or Kay Kay will win.

  5. Anonymous10:50 pm

    WHERE IS THAT SONIA'S BLOG, REALLY WANT TO TELL HER SHE'S A FARKING DUMBASS. Oh my god, bad enough she keeps harping on Kris' pronunciation/looks when she's all "I'm a moderr" and shit ARGH and to quote her friend who said "being a good looking girl, people tend to hate you"... PEOPLE HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE A BRAINLESS BITCH FROM HELL, MORON. NOT COS YOU'RE GOOD LOOKING... which as they say... beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... i think maybe from 50 m away she's not bad, but her foul mouth must stink. i don't know what she needs more urgently, enunciation lessons or a freaking bitchslap back to ahlian-ville.

  6. Anonymous10:55 pm

    I agree... I can't believe how bitchy Sonia is. She deserves to be eliminated.

  7. Anonymous10:58 pm

    hi holly! i just wanted to drop a note to say hi. :)

    i read your blog occasionally... however, after watching s factor, i must say, i am really rooting for you. cos you seem really nice and level headed. some of the girls on that show are waaaay bitchy - goodness, did that sonia really think that her looks can get her anywhere? and that she'd get away with being such a bitch?? and geez, making fun of the girl with the bangs when she can't even pronounce her words properly!! "i'm a moderrrr" someone should really tell her that people can't stand her not cos she's beautiful but because she is just NASSSTY. delusional like hell.

    i'm aware of all the flak the show gets for showing too much flesh, etc etc. and i think it's possible to choose to be on the show and STILL hold yourself up to certain standards and stick by your principles. and i was very impressed that you have more or less been able to do that (esp. when you refrained from making fun of the girl with the bangs last week). i think if you have a certain class it will come through eventually, even though you're prancing around in a bikini. anyway, sorry for being such a random stranger. :) take care! and good luck with the new apartment!

    xx, Nadia.

  8. Anonymous11:01 pm

    stunning tattoo u've got. :)



  9. undermyarms12:30 am

    yeah my school teacher you will win i vote for you really smart and cool. tats a right choice and choosing tat bitch sonia really think herself tat really pretty kiss my ass ahaha cheers my winner :D i really find you really plain but the more i look at you the more you are charming me to you ahaha ok enjoy your challenge :D

  10. Anonymous12:45 am

    i just watched the S factor today and i'm rooting for you cos you seem like the smartest girl.

    the rest of them were just bad. "i think attractive is very important". wtf??

    oh and i thought sonia was funny. "did she forget to look in the mirror?" HAHA.

  11. Anonymous1:14 am

    i can practically hear sonia saying out her quote in the photo: "i have a habeet of chiu-weeng my pen whenever i write. it's not at orr strange bert i bet you dern ting ees normer". if she thinks kris (sorry "krees" as they say it) needs to look in the mirror, she needs to listen to her self speak. nails on a chalkboard.

    sorry holly, i know u probably think this kind of making fun is just as low as the bitching they do on the show but trust me, some of these dimwits won't comprehend insults on a more cerebral level. need to put it across in a way they'd understand.

  12. Anonymous1:40 am

    anon1.14AM - PWN!

    ups to you. Totally agree!

  13. Anonymous2:00 am

    I totally AGREE with the above ANONS' comments on Sonia.

    And duh, Ch 5 should have gotten 10 of Holly(s) & KayKay(s) to participate in this Show. Arent looks & brains what they are looking for?

    The rest just don't cut it.

    Holly, I really really hope you won this challenge. How was the winner determined? By voting or panel of judges?

  14. yes she won it. not by voting, just by brains.. lol~

  15. i hope sonia reads my comment because we have to let her know that shes aint pretty at all. shes a eurasian and the way she speaks is so ah lian. she deserved to be eliminated. at least KRIS boobs is for real.. really cant accept a MODEER to have her boobs plastic and claims to look pretty. kaykay and holly def will win so either one of them la huh.

    sonia, get out of singapore pls. ugly girl with huge teeth.

  16. Kay kay's boobs are fake too. Ane her hair is extensions, eyelash and nails too! So like. she's even more artificial than sonia lor, please.

    IMO At least Sonia admitted her bobs she spent a lot of $$ on them.

  17. celestina8:42 am

    Are you people sure that kay kay's boobs are fake?! oh my... i personally find her v sexy & attractive.. Sonia's also fake huh??! Sigh.. tis world really full of fakes!

    Anyway tis show really exposed the ugly sights of human. One indeed need to compose oneself(fake again????) when on national tv...

    Nevertheless, I'm enjoying watchg tis 'fake' show : )

  18. to celestina,yupz. ask any girl who has done event/model with her and saw her changing. There are the scars under her armpits.

  19. Anonymous10:16 am

    I catched last night's episode...
    Seems like most of the gals don't like Chemistry & cannot folloe instructions....

    and whats the the dressing of them???
    They r in a competion & they can dress down...
    Holly is the only lady who bother to dress up....

    And the debate is so evil...
    siona's personal attack on Kris shows a really bad side of her...

    Xue Sha is a damn cute gal...
    although she clueless what to do at the Chemistry test but at least she don't scold "f###" or whatever....
    She looks just so innocent & cute...

    And I find Holly getting more attractive as each episode goes by....
    now Holly really stands a good chance wining this competion...
    All the way babe....

    Want to watch the next episode where Sonia will wretla with Kris...

  20. Anonymous11:03 am

    but she didn't win, and neither did xue sha.

  21. celestina11:31 am

    So who won?? Kay Kay?
    Putting aside te fake boobs, she does look stunning. The rest really cant make it

    I personally feel tat Kris is better Xue Sha, not so much in looks, but overall. Esp the debate yest, really a disaster for Xue Sha

    oh yes.. cant wait to watch next wk's episode. Pay back time : p

  22. Anonymous12:13 pm

    just can't image girls can be that stupid. haha! no offense!.

  23. Anonymous12:20 pm

    OMG I can't believe many suck at the science test, for god's sake, are they acting or really cannot do the simple test? I really dislike Sonia, she's the one who's rude to Kris. I guess the judges can see with their eyes that Sonia is not even presenting good debate. What Sonia said were personal attacks. IMO Kris is not ugly. Sonia is just a brainless bitch. Hope she get her retributions.

  24. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Why is Sonia attacking Kris? Helloooooooo... Don't people agree that Kris is much better than Xue Sha? XS can't seem to do sports, cannot even speaks her English well, fail at science subject, and is certainly not pretty on tv!

  25. Anonymous12:30 pm

    actually i feel that holly should be out of the competition, she doesn't have to go down to that kind of level.

    most of my friends were saying S-Factor the S = sleazy, sluts. So Holly you don't fit in there.

    anyway it is good that there have this episode, which amplified the bimboness, bitchiness, brainless and how shallow are the rest of the girls.

  26. to anon12.24pm: hmmm.. i don't think Sonia would attack XS because they're from the same clique (even before the show). Kris is the outsider. (so am I by the way).. not part of the clique.

    but i think Kris was just an easier target for them. but I do think Kris handled it well enough, given the position she was put in. Not sure if I wld have been as nonchalant about it.

    to anon12.20pm- nope they were not acting.

  27. Anonymous9:45 pm

    the more i watch,the more i wanna slap that sonia.at first i though she's a nice lady but really dissapointing that she's so rude and bitchy.kris must have a hard time while flimming the whole series..poor ger

  28. Anonymous1:50 am

    i think the lady with i love paris shirt is hot...whats her name?

  29. Anonymous2:26 am

    Her name is KayKay

  30. Anonymous11:44 am

    actually when we were in school, her real name is Qi Hua. But now changed to KK?

  31. Anonymous2:27 am

    I thought Sonia was hot, until she made those personal attacks. She is proof that intelligence is more important than attractiveness. If she had more intelligence, she will not choose to slime others so openly and putting herself in such a bad light, resulting in her being eliminated. As for Kris, she started off looking average to me but from how she didn't lower herself to Sonia's level, her attractivenss to me is increasing.


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