More Clips From S Factor

Here's the trailer for Episode 3 next week.

For behind the scenes footage and Spy Cams on S Factor - Click Here.
This is Episode 2 of S factor: The FHM challenge

(It's split into 3 parts, but labelled wrongly as episode 1 by the youtube user)

And yeah the previous s-factor clip (the funny one) I embedded last week has been taken off youtube (probably copyright issues)... so not sure if the ep2 clips above will be taken off in a few days too or not...

Enjoy it while you can.


Anonymous said…
Hello! hmmm... is it just me or what? I find xuesha looking very different on her blog and s-factor... :P

and all the best! you are doing great!
Holly Jean said…
hmmm.. you're not the only one who has said that. I've not been to her blog... so can't really comment on it :)
Anonymous said…
Hello! Watched S Factor on Sunday and think only Kay Kay and you have brains and beauty but realized you were not in episode 3 trailer. Being eliminated already? What a waste! I like you! =)
(PS: I'm a girl btw)
hollyjean said…
Hi Anon 9.47am,

coincidentally.. ep3 is the brain challenge one.

:) nope... not eliminated yet.
Anonymous said…
hmmm... it's ok... save all comments to yourself anyway :) Press on babe!!! :)
Anonymous said…
hey holly,

being a loyal reader, i say great job for staying out of bitch fest!

and yeah, xuesha does look dramatically or perhaps radically different from what was portrayed in her blog. (its quite shocking, ahem but i shan't pass any judgment here though but i think many would get what i mean)

are you ever going to meet some of your readers out there someday? haha~

vonnie :)
hollyjean said…
like what?? throw a big party? :)
Anonymous said…
YEA! I think you were awesome for not taking part in their demeaning bitchings. Their character sucks!
Anonymous said…
haha! a big party..hmm...

maybe a luncheon or something? but i am not sure if it will be too awkward for you! haha!

vonnie :)
homme said…
in my opinion u're the most intellectual woman in the competition. i hope you win.
Anonymous said…
like everyone else,


you're the smartest one and the only girl who hasn't made a complete fool of herself on national TV!

there's just one other contestant who is remotely smart, but unfortunately not smart enough to play nice and sweet :)
Anonymous said…
How was kicking sonia out of the competition feels like?

I bet its like a dream comes true. ha
hollyjean said…
i was surprised when I found out tht i had to choose one to be eliminated. but it was a pretty easy choice for me.

i think even if it wasn't up to me, the judges wld have eliminated her too.
Anonymous said…
Hi Holly,

care to elaborate why ?
hollyjean said…
hi anon4.28pm.

Why I was surprised? Because I didn't see it coming. I thought I just had immunity, didn't realise I'd have to kick one girl out.

Why I think the judges would have voted Sonia out too?
Did you watch the episode? In the debate she was the worst. Her team lost .. so between, the 3 members of the opposition... Sherine did the best, her points were in order and she did try to have some structure to her argument. Michelle, although sprinkled with a few explatives here and there, had reasonable points put across. And sonia only dealt low blows and personal attacks. no oratorical merit.

I'm quite surprised u wonder why I say the judges would have chosen her too... go watch the clip on ep 3, it's actually very apparent.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, i guess you are right. I kind of overlooked it. Was actually paying more attention to what the girls have to say off the scene.

The judges probably won't think it is appropriate for Sonia to use Kris as an example to illustrate her point.
Lezz said…
So... U're saying
Sonia's the stupidest of the 3?

i reckon so..